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God’s Love

Bible verses that describe God’s love for us are some of my favorites. I hope you enjoy this list of inspirational quotes showing just how much God loves you.
Nothing can separate us from the Love of God
Romans 8:37-39 
But in all these things we overwhelmingly conquer through Him who loved us. For I am convinced that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor things present, nor things to come, nor powers, nor height, nor depth, nor any other created thing, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

If You Love Me, Obey My Commandments

John 14:15 “If you love Me, you will keep My commandments.”

At first glance, this doesn’t appear to be worthy of being on anyone’s top 10 list of Bible verses on love, but wait…let me explain why I chose this one.  We display our love for others when they ask us to do something and we do it willingly because we love them.  If we truly love Jesus, why wouldn’t we want to please Him by obeying what He has told us to do?  Obedience is preferred over sacrifice (1 Sam 15:22).  Samuel asks a rhetorical question in this verse:  “Has the Lord as great delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices, as in obeying the voice of the Lord?  Behold, to obey is better than sacrifice, and to listen than the fat of rams.” God would rather have a person obey Him than to offer many or costly sacrifices because obedience shows respect and love for the one to whom it is given.

Bible Verses About Love  for Marriage or Weddings

Second Coming of Jesus

"The sign that the Son of Man is coming will appear in the heavens, and there will be deep mourning among all the peoples of the earth. And they will see the Son of Man coming on the clouds of heaven with power and great glory." Matthew 24:29-31

A man and his 10-year-old daughter, both very good swimmers, entered the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean for an afternoon swim. When they were some distance from the shore they became separated. The father realized they were being carried out to sea by the riptide. He frantically called out to his daughter: "Stephanie, I am going to shore for help. If you get tired, turn on your back! You can float all day on your back. I'll come back for you. I promise!

Before long many searchers in boats were desperately scurrying over the surface of the water hunting for one small girl, while hundreds of people to whom the news had spread waited anxiously on shore. It was four long tedious hours before they finally found her, far from land. She was calmly floating on her back and not at all frightened. Cheers and tears of joy greeted the rescuers with their precious cargo as they came to land. The girl jumped out of the boat and ran into the waiting arms of her father and said, "I wasn't scared Daddy. You said you would come for me, and that I could float all day, so I just swam and floated as I waited for you to come get me."

Just like this little girl's Dad, Jesus will never disappoint you. He fulfills all the promises he has ever made. One of those promises is that he will return to earth and take those of us who believe in him to be forever in heaven.

1. Is the Second Coming of Jesus just a fairy tale?Remember the childhood stories of Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Peter Pan, Beauty & The Beast, and others? Did you ever imagine yourself as the heroine or hero in those stories? As children, it was fun to fantasize about being grown up in a world where people live "happily ever after".  Since our childhoods, the realities of life produced more unhappy endings than happy ones. The good news is there's a day coming when a fairy tale happy ending will be a reality for us. Jesus is our hero! Our Knight in Shining Armor! Our Bridegroom! He will return some day for us his bride and we will "live happily ever after" with the Lord.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Essence of God

WHO IS GOD? The Attributes Of God

Nature & Attributes of God Chart Sample

God is Chart Sample

The Nature & Attributes of God Chart displays 84 of God’s everlasting qualities.

Each of the eighty-four words on the chart represent an average of sixteen other divine qualities. The Nature and Attributes of God Book includes more than a thousand alternates to choose from. All of the words on the Chart are the same size since all of God’s qualities are balanced in perfect harmony, something only He could achieve. We may have difficulty seeing Him as Mysterious and also Approachable, as both Transcendent andIntimate, but when we grow to know Him better we can glimpse a bit of these possibilities.  His Oneness is even able to meld such all-encompassing attributes as OmnipotenceOmnipresence, and Omniscience with an invitingly loving nature.
Most humans believe in God. And we can agree on most of these qualities as appropriate descriptors of God’s Nature and Attributes. But your relationship with God is unique and how you perceive this Profound Being is molded by your personal experiences and insightful faith.

God's Attributes Observable in Nature

Theme: The doctrine of Natural Revelation teaches that much of what can be known about God, though incomplete without Special Revelation (Christ incarnate and the Word of God) can be observed through nature and conscience.  The classic text on this subject is Romans 1:20: “For since the creation of the world, His invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead, so that they are without excuse.”.  But there are actually many references demonstrating that essentially all of God’s attributes can be discerned in creation.  Take a look!

    Attributes of God “clearly seen” in creation (Rom 1:20):
  • Self-existence:  Rom. 1:19-20, Acts 17:23-29, Heb. 11:3
  • Self-sufficiency:  Isa. 66:1-2, Acts 17:24-25
  • Omniscience and omnipresence:  Job 38-42, Psalm 139
  • Omnipotence, power: Psalm 145:10-13, Romans 1:19-20
  • Sovereignty (free will):  Psalm 46, 74, 104, 135, Job 38-42, Isa. 55:10-11
  • Authority (ruler, lawgiver):  Job 38:31-33, Psalm 33:6-9, Psalm 135, 147
  • Knowledge:  Psalm 19:2, Isa. 40:12-26, 55:9
  • Holiness:  Exo. 15:11, Job 22:12-16, 25:4-6
  • Majesty:  Psalm 8:1-4, 111:1-4, Psalm 113, Neh. 9:6, Rev. 14:7
  • Faithfulness:  Psalm 36:5-6, 89:8-12, 119:90
  • Patience:  Matt 5:45, II Pet. 3:5-9
  • Justice:  Gen. 3:17-19, Job 9, Ps 96
  • Righteousness:  Psalm 50:6, 85:11-13; Psalm 97, 111
  • Truth:  Psalm 57:9-11, 85:10-13, Psalm 108:4
  • Wisdom:  Psalm 104, esp. v24, Prov. 3:19-20, ch. 8
  • Goodness:  Acts 14:15-17, Psalm 65, 67, 85, 103, 104
  • Glory:  Psalm 19, Isaiah 6:3
  • Eternality and Immutability:  Psalm 90:1-6, Psalm 102:25-27, Prov. 8:22-31
  • Wrath:  Gen. 6-9, II Pet. 3:3-6
  • Mercy:  Psalm 145:8-9, Psalm 113
  • Grace:  Gen. 9:8-17, Psalm 121, Matt. 6:25-34
  • Lovingkindness:  Psalm 33:5, 107, 119:64, Psalm 136
  • Trinity:  Prov. 30:4, Heb. 1:1-3

Monday, September 23, 2013


Discover God’s Attributes

Many Reformed theologians distinguish between the communicable attributes (those that human beings can also have) and the incommunicable attributes (those that belong to God alone). Many of these attributes only say what God is not - for example, saying he is immutable is saying that he does not change. The attributes of God may be classified under two main categories:
1.    His infinite powers.
2.    His personality attributes, like holiness and love.
Because God is a personal Spirit…
I will seek intimate fellowship with Him.
“I reach out for You. I thirst for You as parched land thirsts for rain.” (Psalm 143.6)

Because God is all-powerful…

He can help me with anything.
“O Sovereign LORD! You have made the heavens and earth by Your great power. Nothing is too hard for You!” (Jeremiah 32:17)
  • God has the power to create anything from nothing (Ps. 33:6-9)
  • God has power to deliver (Exod. 13:3)
  • God’s creative power is beyond our comprehension (Job 38:1-11)
  • God speaks and things happen (Ps. 29:3-9)
  • His resurrection power is immeasurably great (Eph. 1:19-20)
  • His creation reflects His power (Ps. 19:1-4)
  • His powerful word sustains everything (Heb. 1:3)
  • He has power over death (Rev. 1:18)
  • No one can challenge what God does (Dan. 4:35)
  • Reveals Himself as the almighty God (Gen. 17:1)
  • Omnipotence
    The omnipotence of God refers to him being "all powerful". This is often conveyed with the phrase "Almighty", as in the Old Testament title "God Almighty" (the conventional translation of the Hebrew title El Shaddai) and the title "God the Father Almighty" in the Apostles' Creed.
    Jesus says in Matthew 19:26, "with God all things are possible". C. S. Lewis clarifies this concept: "His Omnipotence means power to do all that is intrinsically possible, not to do the intrinsically impossible. You may attribute miracles to him, but not nonsense. This is no limit to his power."[31]

Because God is ever-present…

He is always with me.
“Where can I go from Your Spirit? Where can I flee from Your presence? If I go up to the heavens, You are there; if I make my bed in the depths, You are there. If I rise on the wings of the dawn, if I settle on the far side of the sea, even there Your hand will guide me, Your right hand will hold me fast. If I say, “Surely the darkness will hide me and the light become night around me,” even the darkness will not be dark to You; the night will shine like the day, for darkness is as light to You. , (Psalms 139:7-12)
  • all creation is dependent upon His presence (Col. 1:17)
  • God’s continual presence brings contentment (Heb. 13:5)
  • God is everywhere and no one can escape Him (Ps. 139:7-12)
  • no task is too large or too difficult for Him (Jer. 32:17, 27)
  • One cannot hide from God (Jer. 23:23-24)
  • Omnipresence
    The omnipresence of God refers to him being present everywhere. Berkhof distinguishes between God's immensity and his omnipresence, saying that the former "points to the fact that God transcends all space and is not subject to its limitations," emphasising his transcendence, while the latter denotes that God "fills every part of space with His entire Being," emphasising his immanence.[32] In Psalm 139David says, "If I go up to the heavens, you are there; if I make my bed in the depths, you are there" (Psalm 139:8NIV).

Because God knows everything…

I will go to Him with all my questions and concerns.
“He determines the course of world events; He removes kings and sets others on the throne. He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to the scholars.” (Daniel 2:21)
The omniscience of God refers to him being "all knowing". Berkhof regards the wisdom of God as a "particular aspect of his knowledge."[33] Romans 16:27 speaks about the "only wise God".

Because God is sovereign…

I will joyfully submit to His will.
“All the people of the earth are nothing compared to Him. He has the power to do as He pleases among the angels of heaven and with those who live on earth. No one can stop Him or challenge Him, saying, ‘What do You mean by doing these things?”‘ (Daniel 4:35)
  • God controls time and seasons (Dan. 2:21)
  • God powerfully delivered His people from Egypt (Exod. 12:29-32; 13:13-31)
  • God has dominion over the affairs of people (Job 12:13-25)
  • God controls nature for His purposes (Job 37:2-13)
  • God chose His people to become like Christ (Rom. 8:28-30)
  • God chose His people before He made the world (Eph. 1:4)
  • God’s eternal purpose is to make His wisdom known (Eph. 3:10-11)
  • He raises and removes rulers (Dan. 2:21)
  • He has a plan for His people and will carry it out (Eph. 1:5, 11)
  • He chose His people to save and purify them (2 Thess. 2:13)
  • He is the only Sovereign (1 Tim. 1:17; 6:15)
  • The Creator looks after His creation (Ps. 104:3-32)
  • The powerful Creator reduces human rulers to nothing (Isa. 40:21-26)
  • Relationship with God requires worship (John 4:24)
  • God has dominion over the affairs of people (Job 12.13-25)
  • God controls nature for His purposes (Job 37:2-13)
  • God chose His people to become like Christ (Rom. 8:28-30)
  • God chose His people before He made the world (Eph. 1:4)
  • God’s eternal purpose is to make His wisdom known (Eph. 3:10-11)
  • He raises and removes rulers (Dan. 2:21)
  • He has a plan for His people and will carry it out (Eph. 1:5, 11)
  • He chose His people to save and purify them (2 Thess. 2:13)
  • He is the only Sovereign (1 Tim. 1:17; 6:15)

Because God is holy…

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Shekhe Zaheed Ampokea Yesu Kristo

Zaheed alizaliwa kwenye familia ya Kiislamu. Baba yake na kaka zake wote walikuwa viongozi wa dini ya Kiislamu. Zaheed naye alifuata mkondo uleule.

Mara baada ya kuhitimu masomo ya dini na kukabidhiwa msikiti, chuki yake na kutokuwa na uvumilivu dhidi ya Wakristo kulianza kujionyesha waziwazi.

Zaheed anasema, “Nilikuwa nawakusanya vijana kwenye msikiti wangu na kuwachochea dhidi ya Wakristo. Niliwaambia kuwa Wakristo ni makafiri. Niliwaambia waende wakawapige Wakristo kwa fimbo na kwa nondo. Niliwaambia kuwa Allah anafurahi wakifanya hivyo. Tulikuwa tukichoma moto Biblia tunazozikusanya.”

Zaheed anaendelea kusema, “Lakini siku moja, nilijisikia tu nichukue Biblia moja niende nayo nyumbani. Nilikuwa naisoma ili niweze kutafuta mambo yanayotatanisha ili niweze kuyatumia dhidi ya imani ya Kikristo. Ghafla, nuru kubwa iliangaza kwenye chumba changu. Halafu nikasikia sauti ikiita jina langu. Nuru ile ilikuwa kali sana. Iliangaza chumba kizima. Ile sauti ikauliza, ‘Zaheed, kwa nini unanitesa?’ Niliogopa. Sikujua cha kufanya. Nilidhani ninaota. Kwa hiyo nikauliza, ‘Wewe ni nani?’ Kisha nikasikia, ‘Mimi ni njia, na kweli, na uzima.’”

Juhudi za Kupinga Ukristo za Mwanaharakati wa Kundi la Ahmadiah Kutoka Pakistani Zamfanya Aachane na Uislamu

Nusrat Aman alikuwa ni mwanaharakati wa kiislamu wa kundi la Ahmadiah kule Pakistani. Siku moja aliamua kuingia kanisani ili akamwulize mchungaji ni kwa nini hasa hataki kuwa mwislamu ilhali unabii wote umeshatimizwa ndani ya Muhammad? Nusrat aliishia kupata aibu, hasira na hatimaye wokovu …!

Je, ilikuwaje? Endelea kusoma ushuhuda wake wenye kichwa kisemacho "Kwa nini niliamua kuwa Mkristo?" ambao unafungua macho na mioyo kwa kuwa ni watu wengi walio katika kundi alimokuwa Nasrat hapo zamani.


Kwa nini niliamua kuwa Mkristo?

Na Nusrat Aman
Nilizaliwa katika familia halisi wa Kiislamu nchini Pakistani mwaka 1958. Nilisoma katika shule ya kimishenari ya Kiislamu na chuo kilichosimamiwa na Ahmadiah Movement in Islam, Pakistani. Wakati wa masomo yangu katika shule ya kimisionari na chuo cha Kiislamu vyenye mwamko mkubwa sana kuhusu Uislamu, nilijenga shauku kubwa ya kujifunza dini ya Kiislamu. Kwa hiyo, nilijiunga na Ahmadiah Movement, kundi ambalo lilitangazwa na Serikali ya Pakistani mwaka 1974 kuwa ni dini ya kizushi isiyo Kiislamu.

Mimi nilikuja kujua neno, "Kristo au Masihi" kwa mara ya kwanza katika maandiko ya Ahmadiah Movement yanayopinga Ukristo. Mwasisi wa harakati za Ahmadiah, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad alidai kuwa yeye ndiye "Masih Maud" (yaani Masihi aliyeahidiwa). Mimi nilikuwa na furaha sana na shauku ya kuhubiri mafundisho ya Ahmadiah Movement ambayo yalikuwa ni mapya na ya kuvutia sana kwangu. Nilikuwa nakumbuka aya zote kwenye Biblia zinazoongelea kuhusu ujio wa pili wa Kristo katika Biblia na Quran lakini bila kuwa na ufahamu wa kina kuhusiana na aya hizo.

Kosa nililofanya, likaniokoa

Ndoto Yamfanya Al-Haji Mohammed Ampokee Yesu

Al-Haji Mohammed Ahmed alikulia kwenye familia ya Kiislamu. Anaitwa al-Haji kwa sababu alishaenda Makka kuhiji.

Mohammed anasema:”Maishani mwangu mwote nilikuwa Mwislamu thabiti sana. Katika familia yangu, lengo letu kuu lilikuwa kujenga misikiti na kueneza Uislamu kila mahali.” 

Akiwa kiongozi kwenye msikiti, Mohammed alihamasiaha vikundi vya waumini vilivyoenda mitaani kusaka Wakristo waliokuwa wakienda kanisani. Kisha waliwapiga na kuchoma moto Biblia. Mohammed hata alimshambulia Mkristo mmoja kwa kisu. Hayo ndiyo yalikuwa maisha ya Mohammed.

Kisha usiku mmoja aliota ndoto ya ajabu. Mohammed anasema, “Wakati nikiwa nimelala, ilikuja sauti ya namna fulani kutoka mbinguni. Ikasema, ‘Mohammed, Mohammed, toka humo na unifuate.’”

Kwa Nini Niliacha Uislamu na Kumpokea Yesu?

Mutee'a Al-Fadi alikuwa ni Mwislamu mwenye msimamo mkali wa Wahabbi ambao alisomea kule Saudi Arabia. Lakini baada ya kukutana na upendo wa Yesu, moyo wake uligeuka kabisa na akaanza kuitafuta kweli iliko. Hatimaye alitambua kuwa Yesu ndiye Njia, Kweli na Uzima. Ufuatao ndio ushuhuda wake:


Mimi nilikuwa Muislamu wa Wahabbi ambaye nilizaliwa na kulelewa kama Mwislamu nchini Saudi Arabia. Katika maisha yangu yote nilikuwa mfuasi mwaminifu wa Kiislamu ambaye nilifuata na kuishi mafundisho ya Uislamu katika kila eneo la maisha yangu. Mafundisho haya yalikuwa ni pamoja na imani:

  • kwamba Uislamu ndio dini ya mwisho duniani; 
  • kwamba ndiyo dini pekee inayokubalika kwa Mungu; 
  • kwamba ndiyo njia ya kwenda Mbinguni; 
  • kwamba wale wasioukubali Uislamu wanakwenda jehanamu na kwamba matendo na ibada zao hazitawaokoa hadi watakapomkubali Allah kama Mungu wao na Muhammad kama mtume wake; 
  •  kwamba wokovu kwa Mwislamu ni kwa njia ya matendo mema na hauna uhakika isipokuwa kwa wale walio tayari kufa kwa jina la Allah; 
  • kwamba Waislamu ni watu bora kuliko wengine; 
  • kwamba watu wote wasio Waislamu ni makafiri, ikiwa ni pamoja na Wakristo; 
  • kwamba Kristo alikuwa ni mwanadamu tu na nabii aliyetumwa na Allah; 
  • kwamba yeye si Mungu au Mwana wa Mungu; 
  • kwamba hakuwahi kusulubiwa, kufa msalabani au kufufuka kutoka kwa wafu; 
  • kwamba Yesu alipaishwa Mbinguni ili kuokolewa dhidi ya waliotaka kumuua na 
  • kwamba Yesu atakuja tena siku za mwisho ili kuujenga upya Uislamu kama dini ya kweli ya Allah, kuharibu msalaba, kumuua mpinga-Kristo, na kuwafanya Wakristo wawe Waislamu.

Lakini jambo lenye nguvu zaidi ambalo nilijifunza katika makuzi yangu ni kuwa na CHUKI dhidi ya wale wote wasiomwabudu Allah; wasiomfuata Muhammad; wasioamini Uislamu – ikiwa ni pamoja na Wakristo na Wayahudi. Kwa lugha rahisi ni kwamba, nilikuwa adui wa Kristo.

Katika umri wa miaka 12, nilikuwa nimeshakariri nusu ya Qur’an. Lengo langu lilikuwa kukariri kitabu chote; maana huwa tunafundishwa kwamba kukariri Qur’an kunasaidia kufunika baadhi ya dhambi zako na kuboresha matendo yako mema Siku ya Hukumu; pia kunakupandisha daraja mbinguni.

Je, Muhammad Ametabiriwa Kwenye Biblia? - Sehemu ya I

 Marehemu Ahmed Deedat

Waislamu wanashikilia kwamba Muhammad alitabiriwa kwenye Biblia. Andiko lao kuu wanalotumia kutetea hoja hii ni Kumbukumbu la Torati 18:18. Andiko hilo linasema:

Mimi nitawaondokeshea nabii miongoni mwa ndugu zao mfano wako wewe, nami nitatia maneno yangu kinywani mwake, naye atawaambia yote nitakayomwamuru.

Haya ni maneno ambayo aliambiwa Musa na Yehova.

Mmojawapo wa watu ambao walijaribu sana kuonyesha kuwa andiko hili lilimhusu Muhammad, alikuwa ni mwanaharakati wa Kiislamu, marehemu Ahmed Deedat wa Afrika Kusini.

Unaposoma au kusikiliza sababu wanazotoa ili kuthibitisha madai yao hayo, kwa kweli ni sababu zenye nguvu sana (kwa mtu ambaye haelewi Biblia); ingawaje hazina uzito hata chembe ukijua Biblia inasema nini katika ujumla wake na ni nini makusudi na malengo ya Mungu kwa uzao mzima wa Adamu.

Siku moja Ahmed Deedat alimkaba mchungaji mmoja kwa maswali kuhusu mstari huu wa Kumbukumbu 18:18 kiasi kwamba, kwa maneno yake, Deedat anasema kuwa mchungaji yule alikosa cha kusema.

Deedat alimpomsomea mstari huo, alimwuliza, “Unabii huu unamhusu nani?”

“Unamhusu Yesu,” mchungaji alijibu.

“Unajua,” alisema Deedat, “Maneno ya msingi kabisa kwenye unabii huu ni ‘mfano wako’. Sasa, ni kwa vipi Yesu ni mfano wa Musa?”

“Musa alikuwa Myahudi na Yesu alikuwa Myahudi. Pili, Musa alikuwa nabii na Yesu alikuwa nabii,” alijibu mchungaji.

Deedat anaendelea kusema, “Kama hizi ndizo sababu mbili pekee zinazotuwezesha kumtambua mhusika wa unabii huu wa Kumbukumbu 18:18, basi unabii huu unaweza kumhusu yeyote kati ya wafuatao baada ya Musa: Sulemani, Isaya, Ezekieli, Danieli, Hosea, Yoeli, Malaki, Yohana Mbatizaji, n.k. maana hawa wote nao walikuwa Wayahudi na pia manabii. Kwa nini basi useme kuwa unabii huu unamhusu Yesu na si hawa wengine?”

Je, Muhammad Ametabiriwa Kwenye Biblia? – Sehemu ya II

Katika makala yaliyopita tuliona hoja za ndugu wa Kiislamu wanavyojaribu kwa juhudi nyingi kuonyesha kwamba Muhammad ametabiriwa kwenye Biblia.

Katika makala hayo niliahidi kuwa nitaeleza jinsi ambavyo hoja zao hazina ukweli wowote. Licha ya kwamba Mungu wanayemwamini amewahakikishia kwamba Muhammad ametajwa kwenye Biblia, ukweli ni kwamba hajatajwa hata kidogo!

Katika sehemu ya kwanza ya mfululizo huu, nilimalizia kwa kunukuu kile ambacho Yehova, Mungu wa Ibrahimu, Isaka na Yakobo, anasema juu ya Neno lake. Hebu tuangalie tena baadhi ya maneno hayo. Imeandikwa:

Lakini sisi hatukuipokea roho ya dunia, bali Roho atokaye kwa Mungu, makusudi tupate kuyajua tuliyokirimiwa na Mungu. Nayo twayanena, si kwa maneno yanayofundishwa kwa hekima ya kibinadamu, bali yanayofundishwa na Roho,tukiyafasiri mambo ya rohoni kwa maneno ya rohoni.

Basi mwanadamu wa tabia ya asili hayapokei mambo ya Roho wa Mungu; maana kwake huyo ni upuzi, wala hawezi kuyafahamu, kwa kuwa yatambulikana kwa jinsi ya rohoni. Lakini mtu wa rohoni huyatambua yote, wala yeye hatambuliwi na mtu. (1 Wakorintho 2:12-15).

Tatizo mojawapo kubwa ninaloliona mara nyingi kwenye Uislamu na Waislamu ni kutazama mambo kwa jinsi ya mwili. Hapo ndipo penye shida kubwa yanapokuja masuala ya rohoni.

Je, Mtume Muham-mad Yuko Wapi Hivi Leo?

Mungu hutufunulia mambo mbalimbali kupitia watumishi wake mbalimbali ili kutujulisha yale yaliyopo na hata yajayo; katika ulimwengu huu na pia ule ujao. Wapo watu wengi ambao Mungu amewatumia kutufahamisha juu ya mbingu na hata juu ya kuzimu.

Bo Ra Choi ni mchungaji kutoka Korea ya Kusini. Mchungaji huyu amekuwa akionyeshwa maono mbalimbali na Mungu kuhusu mambo ya ulimwengu wa roho. Mojawapo ya maono aliyoonyeshwa yanamhusu Muhammad, mtume wa Uislamu.

Je, Muhammad yuko wapi hivi leo? Katika video hii, mchungaji Bo Ra Choi anafikisha kwetu ujumbe kwa namna ambavyo alisikizishwa Muhammad akisema kule aliko sasa.

Kwa maana nyingine, ananukuu moja kwa moja maneno ya Muhammad ili kwamba iwe ni kama vile tunamsikia Muhammad akizungumza.

Tafadhali zikiliza kwa makini video hii, kisha utaupata ujumbe wa Mungu anaouleta kwetu kupitia mtumishi wake, Mchungaji Bo Ra Choi.

Toufik Alikuwa Mwislamu Lakini Alimwita Yesu, Leo Ameokolewa na Hajawahi Kujuta

Ufuatao ni ushuhuda wa Toufik, ambaye alikuwa ni Mwislamu lakini alikutana na injili ya Bwana Yesu na kubadili welekeo ambao hajaujutia; na hata anapoelezea neema hii ya wokovu wa Yesu aliyoipata, machozi yanamtoka. Pia machozi yanamtoka zaidi anapowafikiria ndugu zake Waislamu ambao wanapambana kwa jitihada nyingi wakijaribu kumpendeza Mungu kwa njia ya matendo yao ya kidini. Toufik analia anapotambua kuwa yote hiyo wanayofanya ni kazi bure kwa kuwa hawajagundua ziri ambayo na yeye, miaka mingi iliyopita, alikuwa hakuijua.


Nilikulia kwenye familia ya Kiislamu ambayo ilikuwa inatii imani ya Uislamu. Nilipokuwa na miaka mitano nilienda shuleni. Na wakati huohuo nilihudhuria msikitini na kufundishwa kuhusu Uislamu.

Nilipokuwa nikimtafakari Allah, sikumuona kama Mungu mzuri, Muumba anayependa viumbe wake. Nilimuona kama Mungu mkubwa sana ambaye wakati wowote alikuwa tayari kuniharibu.

Hata mimi mwenyewe sikujiona kama mtu anayekwenda mbinguni. Nilipotazama matendo yangu mazuri na yale mabaya, sikuona uwezekano wa mimi kupona.

Nilijiuliza maswali mengi: Hali yangu ya kiroho ikoje? Mungu yuko wapi sasa? Hivi mimi anaponiangalia ananionaje hasa? Anawaza nini juu yangu? Hivi ndio nimetengwa kabisa naye kutokana na dhambi zote nilizofanya? Je, kuna njia ya kumrejea? Nawezaje kurejea tena kwake?

Yesu Aongea na Binti wa Kiislamu; Binti Aokoka

Sharoni hakuwa Mkristo bali alikuwa ni binti wa Kiislamu. Na wala hakuwa amewahi kujifunza habari za Yesu na Ukristo. Lakini Bwana Yesu mwenyewe alimfuata na kujidhihirisha kwake. Je, ilikuwaje, na nini kilitokea baada ya hapo? Tafadhali fuatilia ushuhuda huu wenye nguvu na unaodhihirisha upendo na uweza na uungu wa Bwana Yesu.


Jina langu ni Sharoni Sabina Natrajan. Kwa sehemu kubwa ya maisha yangu nilikulia Bombay. Familia yangu si Wakristo. Kwa hiyo sikuwahi kupata mafundisho yoyote ya Kikristo. Natokea kwenye familia ambayo inathamini sana elimu, na kila mtu ana elimu ya kutosha. Upande wa mama yangu, anatokea kwenye ukoo wa Zaminda. Na hata nyakati zile, wavulana na wasichana walikuwa na elimu kubwa.

Baba yangu ni injinia ambaye amesoma kwenye chuo kinachoheshimika sana, na anashikilia cheo kikubwa kwenye makampuni ya kimataifa hapo Bombay.

Sisi ni familia ndogo tu yenye mimi, dada yangu, baba na mama. Tangu nikiwa mdogo, nilikuwa ni mtu ninayependa masuala sanaa (creative arts). Nilisomea na kuhitimu katika sanaa za maonyesho na pia uchoraji. Kwa hiyo, maisha yangu yote ya utotoni yalikuwa yamejikita kwenye mambo haya.

Wazazi wangu walikuwa na upendo sana na nilipata kila nilichohitaji. Sikupungukiwa na chochote maishani mwangu.

Baba yangu alipenda sana nisomee uinjinia, licha ya kuwa wakati nikiwa sekondari ya juu nilikuwa tayari nikifanya sanaa za maonyesho kote nchini – kucheza ngoma, maigizo,n.k. Sasa, kwa kuwa alitaka niwe injinia, nilituma maombi na kupata nafasi kwenye chuo kizuri sana. Uinjinia haukuwahi kuwa jambo la moyoni mwangu, lakini nilifanya hivyo ili tu kuwafurahisha wazazi wangu. Kwa hiyo, nilienda Puna kusomea uinjinia lakini wakati huohuo nilikuwa nikifanya sanaa za maonyesho.

Mungu Amwonyesha Nabeel Njia ya Kweli Kati ya Uislamu na Ukristo - Sehemu ya 2

Katika sehemu ya kwanza ya ushuhuda huu wa Nabeel, aliyekuwa Mwislamu kisha akakutana na Bwana Yesu na kupokea wokovu, tuliona jinsi ambavyo alimwomba Mungu ampe maono yatakayomwonyesha imani ya kweli. Alionyeshwa misalaba kwenye maono lakini yeye akasema labda ni macho yake tu yamemchezea mchezo. Kwa hiyo, alimwomba tena Mungu kwamba, kama yale maono yalitoka kwake, basi ayathibitishe kwa ndoto. Je, Mungu alifanya nini? Tafadhali endelea kusoma sehemu hii ya pili.


Mungu alinipatia ndoto ile kwa uwazi sana kiasi kwamba sikuwa na ulazima wa kuitafsiri. Lakini ilikuwa wazi hata zaidi kuliko nilivyotarajia. Saa chache baadaye niliwasiliana na David na kumwambia kuwa nimeota hivi na hivi.

David aliniambia, “Sina ulazima wa kutoa maoni yangu juu ya hilo. Kila kitu kiko kwenye Biblia.”

Nikasema, “Unasemaje?”

Akasema, “Nenda kwenye Luka 13.”

Nilienda kwenye Luka 13 mstari wa 22 hadi 29. Niliposoma nikakuta kumeandikwa kuhusu kuingia kwenye Ufalme wa Mungu, na Kristo akasema kwamba, wengi watajaribu kuingia lakini hawataweza. Jitahidini kuingia kupitia mlango mwembamba. Na watu watakuwa wamesimama kwenye mlango huo wakibisha hodi.

Na hicho hasa ndicho kilichotokea kwenye ndoto yangu. Nilikuwa kwenye huo mlango ambao ulikuwa haujafungwa bado. Fursa ya mimi kuingia humo kwenye kushiriki sherehe ile ilikuwa bado ipo. Nilichotakiwa tu kufanya ni kukubali mwito.

Mungu Amwonyesha Nabeel Njia ya Kweli Kati ya Uislamu na Ukristo - Sehemu ya 1

Nabeel alizaliwa na kukulia kwenye familia na maisha ya kiislamu. Uislamu ulikuwa ni kila kitu kwake. Lakini wakati ulipofika wa yeye kujua jema na baya, alianza kujihoji kuhusu maisha yake, Mungu wake, na hatima yake ya milele. Hatimaye alimwomba Mungu amwonyeshe kweli. Je, nini kilitokea? Tafadhali fuatilia sehemu hii ya kwanza ya ushuhuda huu.


 Nilipokuwa mdogo, wazazi wangi walikuwa wacha Mungu sana. Mimi nami nilikuwa mcha Mungu sana kwa sababu yao. Wazazi wangu walinifundisha kumwomba Allah kila wakati. Niliswali sala tano kwa siku ambazo ni za lazima. Lakini pia niliswali swala zaidi ya hizo. Swala ilikuwa ni sehemu muhimu kabisa ya maisha yangu. Kila nilipoamka asubihi niliomba mara tu nilipofungua macho yangu. Kisha nilipoenda bafuni, nilikuwa nikiomba swala ya wakati wa kuosha mikono yangu. Pia niliomba swala kabla ya kusoma Quran na mara baada ya kusoma Quran, ambayo niliisoma karibu kila siku.

Uislamu ulikuwa ndani yangu kabisa. Hivyo, wazazi wangu walikuwa wananifurahia sana maana nilikuwa ni aina ya mtoto wa Kiislamu ambaye walikuwa wanajivunia kumlea. Nilitokea kwenye familia ya kimisionari. Allah na mtume Muhammad walikuwa wanaheshimiwa sana. Allah alikuwa anaabudiwa muda wote.

Uislamu kwetu haukuwa tu ni dini, bali ulikuwa ni maisha yetu kabisa. Halikuwa ni jambo tulilofuata tu, bali zaidi sana hivyo ndivyo tulivyokuwa sisi wenyewe. Kwa hiyo, Uislamu ulikuwa ndiyo sehemu kabisa ya utu wangu.

Monday, September 2, 2013


Adhama ambazo zina Yahweh pekee apatiwa Yesu Kristo:

1.   Yesu aliumba Ulimwengu:
Wakolosai 1: 16-17 Inasema: 16 Yeye ndiye aliyeumba vitu vyote mbinguni na duniani; vitu vinavyoonekana na visivyoonekana; kama ni viti vya enzi au nguvu, au watawala au milki na mamlaka: vyote viliumbwa na yeye kwa ajili yake. 17 Yeye alikuwapo kabla ya vitu vingine vyote na kwa uwezo wake vitu vyote vinahusiana kwa mpango.

Jambo hili lauumbaji lazima tuliwekee msisitizo kwasababu inafahamika kuwa ni Yahweh ndie aliye umba Ulimwengu, lakini katika kitabu hiki cha Wakolosai tunaona kuwa Yesu nayeye anapewa adhama hiyo ya uumbaji.

2.   Yesu anapewa adhama ya Umilele ambayo ni sifa pekee ya Mungu.
Yohana 8:58 Inasema:  58 Yesu akawa jibu, “Nawaambia wazi, kabla Abrahamu hajazaliwa, ‘Mimi nipo.’
Katika hiyo aya, Yesu anadai na kusema kuwa Kabla ya Ibrahimu kuwepo, yeye Yesu alikuwepo!!! Hii sifa ni ya Kimungu Pekee, kwani Mungu ndie pekee alikuwepo kabla ya uumbaji.
Na kwababu hiyo, Wayahudi wakashika Mawe ili wampige nayo Yesu.
Sasa tujiulize, je hawa Wayahudi wangetaka kumpiga Mawe Yesu kama haingekuwa ya kuwa alisikikika akikufuru kwa kusema yeye ni Mungu?

Ngoja tuongeze ushaidi zaidi wa Umilele kutoka Yohana 17: 5
Na sasa Baba nipe mbele yako ule utukufu niliokuwa nao pamoja na wewe hata kabla dunia haijaumbwa.
Katika hii aya, Yesu anadai kwamba aliishi na Baba kabla ya dunia kuumbwa. Haya maneno ni ushaidi tosha kuwa kumbe Yesu aliishi kabla ya dunia kuumbwa na alikuwepo wakati wa uumbaji wa dunia.

3.   Yesu anapewa sifa ya kuwa kila mahali: (Omnipresent)
Mathay0 18:20, na Mathayo 28:20 Inasema:
20 Kwa maana wanapokutana watu wawili au watatu katika jina langu, hapo mimi nipo pamoja nao.”
Sifa ya kuwa kila mahali kwa wakati mmoja ni ya Mungu pekee, lakini Yesu anasema yeye hiyo sifa ni yake na anayo.

4.   Yesu ana adhama ya kufahamu yote:
Mathayo 16:21
Yesu Anazungumza Juu Ya Mateso Yake
21 Tangu wakati huo Yesu alianza kuwaeleza wanafunzi wake kwamba hana budi kwenda Yerusalemu na kupata mateso mengi kutoka kwa wazee, makuhani wakuu na walimu wa sheria; na kwamba atauawa na siku ya tatu atafufuliwa.

5.   Yesu anapewa ADHAMA YA Mungu ya MUWEZA wa Yote:
Yohana 11: 38-44
Yesu Amfufua Lazaro

38 Yesu akafika penye kaburi akiwa amefadhaika sana. Kaburi lenyewe lilikuwa katika pango ambalo mlango wake ulikuwa umezibwa kwa jiwe.39 Akasema, “Ondoeni hilo jiwe.” Dada yake mare hemu, Martha, akasema, “Bwana, patakuwa na harufu kali kwani siku nne zimepita tangu azikwe.” 40 Yesu akamjibu, “Sikukuam bia kama ungeamini ungeuona utukufu wa Mungu?” 41 Kwa hiyo wakaliondoa lile jiwe. Yesu akaangalia mbinguni akasema, “Baba ninakushukuru kwa kunisikia.


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