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Mungu ametupa jina lenye nguvu na mamlaka ya kutawala. Imeandikwa ‘Yo yote mtakayo yafunga duniani yatakuwa yamefungwa mbinguni; na yo yote mtakayo yafungua duniani yatakuwa yamefunguliwa mbinguni’ #MATHAYO18:18.
Jina la Yesu ni ufunguo wa kufunga na kufungua kitu chochote katika ulimwengu huu kwa ajili ya kuujenga ufalme wa Mungu na kuuharibu ufalme wa giza.
Ikiwa ni kwa kutenda ishara, miujiza na maajabu jina hili waweza kulitumia kufanya hayo. Ikiwa ni kufunguliwa kutoka kwenye nguvu za giza jina hili laweza kabisa pasipo shaka kumfungua mtu kutoka kwenye mateso ya nguvu za giza.
Max Shimba mtumwa wa Yesu Kristo Mungu Mkuu na Mwokozi wetu.


Kumbukumbu la Torati 28
1 Itakuwa utakaposikia sauti ya Bwana, Mungu wako, kwa bidii, kutunza kuyafanya maagizo yake yote nikuagizayo leo, ndipo Bwana, Mungu wako, atakapokutukuza juu ya mataifa yote ya duniani;
2 na baraka hizi zote zitakujilia na kukupata usikiapo sauti ya Bwana, Mungu wako.
3 Utabarikiwa mjini, utabarikiwa na mashambani.
4 Utabarikiwa uzao wa tumbo lako, na uzao wa nchi yako, na uzao wa wanyama wako wa mifugo, maongeo ya ng'ombe wako, na wadogo wa kondoo zako.
5 Litabarikiwa kapu lako, na chombo chako cha kukandia unga.
6 Utabarikiwa uingiapo, utabarikiwa na utokapo.
Max Shimba mtumwa wa Yesu Kristo Mungu Mkuu na Mwokozi wetu.


Napenda kuanza kukuambia ya kuwa si mapenzi ya Mungu uwe maskini. Kwa sababu tangu kuwekwa misingi ya ulimwengu huu, Mungu hakupanga kuwa watu wake aliowaumba wawe maskini; bila kujali rangi, kabila, wala taifa.
Nafahamu ya kuwa katika Mathayo 5:3, Yesu Kristo alisema; “Heri walio maskini wa roho; maana ufalme wa mbinguni ni wao.” Watu wengi wanapousoma mstari huu, wanadhani Yesu Kristo alisema “Heri walio maskini wa mahitaji ya MWILI; maana ufalme wa mbinguni ni wao.” Lakini Kristo hakusema hivyo.
Mtu maskini maana yake ni mtu mhitaji. Yesu Kristo aliposema “Heri walio maskini wa roho …….”Alikuwa ana maana ya kusema ‘Heri walio wahitaji wa mambo ya rohoni; maana ufalme wa mbinguni ni wao. Ndiyo maana aliongeza kusema, “Heri wenye njaa na kiu ya haki; maana hao watashibishwa"(Mathayo 5:6).
Mtu aliye maskini wa mambo ya mwili ni yule aliye mhitaji wa mambo ya mwili. Na mambo ya mwilini ninayoyasema ni mavazi, chakula na mahali pa kulala. Yesu Kristo hakusema heri wale walio na mahitaji ya chakula, mavazi, afya na malazi.
Ninaposema mahitaji ya mwili usije ukachanganya na matendo ya mwili yaliyoandikwa katika Wagalatia 5:19-21 ambayo ni uasherati, uchafu, ufisadi, ibada ya sanamu, uchawi, uadui, ugomvi, wivu, hasira, fitina, faraka, uzushi, husuda na ulevi. Mimi siyazungumzii hayo ninaposema juu ya mahitaji ya mwili. Mahitaji ya mwili ninayoyasema ni mavazi, chakula, nyumba na matibabu.
Kwa hiyo si sawa kabisa kwa mtu kuhalalisha umaskini wa mwili, yaani ukosefu wa chakula, mavazi, matibabu na nyumba, kwa kutumia maneno ya Bwana Yesu Kristo yaliyo katika Mathayo 5:3:
Nataka kurudia tena; si mapenzi ya Mungu mtu awe maskini.

A Pakistani Christian Minor Boy Raped by a Muslim Adult

A minor Christian boy who is identified as Daim Masih, between the ages of 6 to 7 years lives in a village of Sahiwal. He is the student of grade one in a Betal Christian School. At the off time, on 29th January, at 11a.m. he was coming back to his village Minar Wali 86/9 on walk.
A Pakistani Christian Minor Boy Raped by a Muslim Adult
On the way a villager named Shan Muhammad enticed Daim Masih and took him to his cattle farm. There the pitiless Shan sexually abused the little boy. After listening to the shrieks of the helpless boy, the nearby villagers Samuel Masih and Younas Masih reached at the site. Seeing the approaching neighbors, the culprit jumped over the wall and fled from the site leaving the wounded child . The poor child admitted in the DHQ hospital for treatment.
Daim’s father Javaid Masih is a poor laborer in the village. He registered an FIR (First Investigation Report) against the rapist Shan Muhammad in Police Station Gala Mundi Sahiwal. The case is being investigated by SI Nazeer Ahmed.
Presently sexual abuse in Pakistan has become a serious issue. In the Muslim majority country, a Muslim rape victim is almost fail to gain justice then what can be said about the Christian which is a religious minority in Pakistan.
Since Kasur’s minor Zainab rape case is not resolved neither the other minor girls’ culprit is yet traced.
In Pakistan, there are many rape cases which are not reported to the police either the culprit uses power against the victim to pressurize him not to take the help of law or the victim is asked for forgiveness with some compensation money for his alleged crime.
A Pakistani Christian Minor Boy Raped by a Muslim Adult

Before Islam, Medina Was Originally A Jewish City

Today, we hear a lot of talk about how Jerusalem should be split, – one half surrendered to Muslims, while the other half remains a mixed Muslim/Jewish city in Israel.  If this is the appropriate diplomatic way of turning back the clock, and ensuring peace between Muslims and Jews, then why not try out this solution with Medina first–a city that was originally Jewish?

Although the fact is little publicized, the Arab world’s second holiest city, Medina, was one of the allegedly “purely Arab” cities that actually was first settled by Jewish tribes. 1 History shows that Judaism was already well established in Medina two centuries before Muhammad’s birth.
On page 40, of his book “Arabs In History”, Bernard Lewis writes:
“The city of Medina, some 280 miles north of Mecca, had originally been settled by Jewish tribes from the north, … The comparative richness of the town attracted an infiltration of pagan Arabs who came at first as clients of the Jews and ultimately succeeded in dominating them. Medina, or, as it was known before Islam, Yathrib, had no form of stable government at all. The town was tom by the feuds of the rival Arab tribes of Aus and Khazraj, with the Jews maintaining an uneasy balance of power. The latter, engaged mainly in agriculture and handicrafts, were economically and culturally superior to the Arabs, and were consequently disliked…. as soon as the Arabs had attained unity through the agency of Muhammad they attacked and ultimately eliminated the Jews.”
The number of Jews in Medina swelled following the Roman invasion of Israel – the subsequent expulsion of its Jewish population, and from Jews fleeing persecution in Persia2.  These refugees were assimilated into the three major Jewish tribes in Medina: the Banu Nadir, the Banu Quynuqua, and the Banu Quraiza.  When these Jews resettled in Medina, they took with them a superior knowledge of agriculture, irrigation, and industry. Homeless Jewish refugees in the course of a few generations became large landowners in the country.  In addition, the refugees who had come from Israel quickly became the controllers of its finance and trade.  This new Jewish prosperity also quickly became a direct challenge to the Arabs of the region, particularly the Quraysh at Mecca (of which Mohammad was a member) and other Arab tribes in Medina.
According to Alfred Guillaume,
At the dawn of Islam the Jews dominated the economic life of the Hijaz [Arabia]. They held all the best land … ; at Medina they must have formed at least half of the population. There was also a Jewish settlement to the north of the Gulf of Aqaba…. What is important is to note that the Jews of the Hijaz made many proselytes [or converts] among the Arab tribesmen.5
To add fuel to this fire, the Jews, strong in their faith in G-d, refused to accept Mohammad’s claims to be the final prophet.  In response, a precedent was established by Muhammad among Arab-Muslims to expropriate that which belonged to the Jews of Medina.
Guillaume continues,
… [Jewish] leaders opposed [Mohammad’s] claim to be an apostle sent by God, and though they doubtless drew some satisfaction from his acceptance of the divine mission of Abraham, Moses, and the prophets, they could hardly be expected to welcome the inclusion of Jesus and Ishmael among his chosen messengers.
… the existence of pockets of disaffected Jews in and around his base was a cause of uneasiness and they had to be eliminated if he [Muhammad] was to wage war without anxiety.
Because the Jews preferred to retain their own beliefs the Jews of Medina fell under suspicion of treachery by Mohammad and were forced to lay down their arms and evacuate their settlements. Valuable land and much booty fell into the hands of the Muslims.12
Jealous, frustrated, and offended by the refusal of the Jews to accept him as a prophet of G-d, at the first feeling of military superiority over the Jews of Medina, Mohammad gave up his attempts to convert the Jews, and decided instead to make war on them proclaiming the following:
“Two religions may not dwell together on the Arabian Peninsula.”13
This edict was carried out by Abu Bakr and Omar 1, the Prophet Muhammad’s successors; the entire community of Jewish settlements throughout northern Arabia was systematically slaughtered.
According to Bernard Lewis,
“the extermination of the Jewish tribe of Quraiza was followed by “an attack on the Jewish oasis of Khaibar.”14
The battle of Khaybar, (the final destruction of the Jews of Medina) is a battle well known by Muslims today.  They often recall it at “anti-Israel” rallies, protests, speeches, and all over youtube, with the chant “Khaybar Khaybar ya Yahud, jaish-Muhammad saya’ud” (Khaybar Khaybar oh Jews, the army of Muhammad will return)15
They recall as their greatest hope, and sincerest joy to repeat the massacre at Khaybar done by their “pefect man” Mohammad.  At Khaybar, after the Jews were forced to flee their homes and villages in Medina, Messengers of Muhammad were sent to the Jews who had escaped to the safety and comfort of Khaibar, “inviting” Usayr, the Jewish “war chief,” to visit Medina for meditations.
Usayr set off with thirty companions and a Muslim escort. Suspecting no foul play, the Jews went unarmed. On the way, the Muslims turned upon the defenseless delegation, killing all but one who managed to escape. “War is deception,” 15 16
The slaughter of Arabian Jews and the expropriation of their property became Allah’s will. This massacre is recalled joyfully in the Koran:
… some you slew and others you took captive. He (Allah] made you masters of their [the Jews’] land, their houses and their goods, and of yet another land [Khaibar] on which you had never set foot before. Truly, Allah has power over all things.18
Guillaume reports that the anti-Jewish attack at Khaibar was fiercely fought off, but “though the inhabitants fought more bravely here than elsewhere, outnumbered and caught off their guard, they were defeated.”19 Those who somehow survived constituted the formula for Islam’s future successes. Some of the Jews, “non-Muslims” or infidels, “retained their land,” at least until Muslims could be recruited in sufficient numbers to replace the Jews. Meanwhile, the Arabian Jews paid a fifty-percent “tribute,” or tax, for the “protection” of the new plunderers. As Professor Lewis writes, “The Muslim victory in Khaibar marked the first contact between the Muslim state and a conquered non-Muslim people and formed the basis for later dealings of the same type.

This video of the Iraqi army disarming a 7 year old suicide bomber will shake you to the core

Unfortunately, this is not a one time thing. It has been known that ISIS was using childen as suicide bombers. And this from a group that promotes itself as an Islamic revolution, to have Islam take over the world, to establish an Islamic caliphate. How can people think that G-d allows the usage of children to kill and be killed to further establish G-d’s presence in the world.
Suicide bombings have been a key strategy in the armed conflict in Iraq. Just recently,38 people were killed in Baghdad from a suicide bomber.
As reported in the Guardian: “Two suicide bombers have blown themselves up in a busy market in central Baghdad, in back-to-back explosions that killed at least 38 people, Iraqi health and police officials said.”
“The bombings were the most serious attacks in the capital since the prime minister, Haidar al-Abadi, declared victory over Islamic State a little over a month ago, capping a three-year campaign to reclaim territory from the terror group in Iraq.”
Many suicide bombings have taken place in Iraq, as documented hereherehere and here with the woman suicide bomber holding a baby! And these are only a few.
Suicide bombings in general are horrific, but to think that they would use women and children? This is just sickening.
What is happening in Iraq and other Muslims attacks is an attack on humanity itself. To use children as suicide weapons shows just how much they want to kill. How can they go so low as to to turn innocent children into suicide bombers? Perhaps even equally troubling is the Iraqi soldier, casually removing the bomb. It apparently doesn’t even stun him to see the young child, innocence thrown away and abused like this. It is so troubling that sights like these are becoming accepted and the norm such that the soldier does not appear surprised. Radical Islam is sickening and must be stopped. They kill innocents people. They attach bombs to children.
We need to save humanity and stop them.


“ Bali utamkumbuka Bwana , Mungu wako, maana ndiye akupaye NGUVU ZA KUPATA UTAJIRI; ili alifanye imara agano lake alilowapa baba zako, kama hivi leo” (Kumb. 8:18).
Si mapenzi ya Mungu tuwe maskini kwa kuwa yeye mwenyewe ndiye atupaye nguvu ili tupate utajiri! Kama basi Mungu anatupa nguvu za kupata utajiri, ina maana ni wazi kwamba Mungu hapendi tuwe maskini wa mambo ya mwilini.
Lakini fahamu ya kuwa si matajiri wote waliopo duniani wameupata utajiri kutokana na nguvu walizopewa na Mungu. Wengi wamepata utajiri kwa njia ya dhuluma. Na ndiyo maana sehemu nyingi katika Biblia matajiri wa jinsi hiyo wamekemewa. Soma Amosi 5:11, 12. Kwa sababu hii Mungu hayuko upande wa matajiri hawa. Hii pia haimaanishi kuwa Mungu yuko upande wa KILA maskini aliopo duniani. La hasha! Mungu yuko upande wa yule ayafanyaye mapenzi yake awe tajiri au maskini (Mathayo 7:21)
Watu wengi wametajirika kwa njia ya rushwa na kutokusimamia haki pamoja na uchoyo. Na hii si sawa hata mbele za Mungu. Ni dhambi zilizo wazi kabisa. Na wote wafanyayo hayo wanahitaji kutubu!
Ngoja nikueleze jambo muhimu: Mungu anapokupa nguvu za kupata utajiri, anakupa akiwa na lengo na kusudi muhimu.
Ni lengo gani hilo?
Imeandikwa, “………. Ili alifanye imara agano lake alilowapa baba zako, kama hivi leo”
Na Yesu Kristo alisema, “ ……. Kikombe hiki ni AGANO JIPYA KATIKA DAMU YANGU, inayomwagika kwa ajili yenu” (Luka 22:20).
Mungu akikupa nguvu za kupata utajiri ni kwa ajili ya kulifanya imara agano lake katika damu ya Yesu Kristo. Na hii ina maana utajiri utakaokuwa nao kutoka kwa Mungu ni kwa kueneza injili! Ni kwa ajili ya kueneza habari njema ya ukombozi kutokana na dhambi, mauti, magonjwa na umaskini. Habari njema hii inatakiwa kuenezwa kwa maneno na kwa matendo.
Kwa kuwa tu kuna matajiri wasio wa haki basi haimaanishi kuwa matajiri wa haki hawapo. Ni budi tuweze kutofautisha utajiri ulio wa haki na utajiri usio wa haki.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Watch: Israel Police catch Muslim terrorists placing an explosive on the security fence route near Jerusalem

Israeli Border Police arrested a terrorist group, Palestinians aged 17-19, who placed an explosive on the security fence route near Jerusalem. 
The terrorists did not know the police were following them. 
The world is silent when Palestinian Muslims attack Israel but screams when Israel defend itself. 
The Western world must stand with Israel in the war against radical Islamic terrorism.
Every Western country must stand with Israel against radical Islamic terrorism. 
The Israeli people face the frighteningening escalation of Islamic terror acts through Israel. 
The Palestinian Authority refuses to take the most basic steps towards ensuring peace with Israel, and instead incites terrorism. 
Textbooks in Gaza and the West Bank teach children that Israel has no right to exist. 
They teach their children to hate Jews. 
The Hamas charter calls for the destruction of the State of Israel and the Jewish people. 

No one should have to live in fear as they drive home from work or walk home from school. This radical Islamic terrorism must stop. 
Israeli mothers shouldn’t have to fear sending their kids off to school. Israeli workers shouldn’t have to fear standing at a bus stop. Israeli children and visitors should be free to feel safe while walking through Jerusalem’s Old City. 
The people of Israel have a right to live in peace and security. 

Israel built security fences and walls on all its borders after a wave of suicide bombings during the second intifada. 
The whole world rushed to condemn Israel for defending itself 
The world is silent when Palestinians influct pain and death on Israel but screams when Israel defends itself. 

Israel built security fences and walls on all its borders after a wave of suicide bombings during the second intifada. 
The entire world was quick to condemn Israel for defending itself
The silent world when Palestinians influct pain and death upon Israel but screams when Israel protects itself. 

When Israel left the Gaza Strip, Gaza was free and all Jews were expelled. 
Hamas took control on the Gaza Strip, imposed sharia law and declared war on Israel with the declared goal of destroying the Jewish state. 
They fired tens of thousands of rockets at Israel, but the world turned a blind eye. 
Hamas, ISIS, and Al Qaeda share the same ideology of radical Islam. 
The Western world must stand with Israel in the war against radical Islamic terrorism.

Watch: Muslim mother in Turkey cheers as she sells her 14-year-old crying daughter to forced marriage With an older Muslim man

Muslim parents in Turkey sold their daughter into forced marriage with an older Muslim man. 
This video shows how he treated her during the wedding in front of her parents. 
Everyone saw it and cheered. 
Under Sharia law in Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, etc. Women are not considered human beings. 
Shari'a laws should be banned in the West, including child marriage, forced marriages and Marriage between cousins. 
Share this post if you care about women's rights.
Here's why sharia law should be banned in the West. 
Under Sharia law a woman is considered half of a man, when a woman attests to a Sharia court in countries like Saudi Arabia or Iran, she should bring at least 4 men who support her testimony. 
So in most cases of rape a woman can not prove that she was raped and the court can sentence her to death for adultery, that is what happened to Suraya Menuchari who was stoned to death in Iran on false charges of adultery. 

Under Shari'a laws in the Arab world, almost 90% of women underwent FGM. 
The practice of FGM is banned in most Western countries but some Muslim immigrants are ignoring the law and practicing FGM even in the UK and US. 

Under Sharia law girls can marry at the age of 6, just like the Prophet Muhammad from the Koran did when he married Aisha. 
In Muslim countries like Yemen and Iran, girls are considered "adult" and being sold into forced marriages with grown men by their families. 
There are even some cases of child marriages in Australia and Britain when immigrants brought this tradition into the West. 

According to the Sharia laws An honor killing is the homicide of a member of a family, due to the perpetrators' belief that the victim has brought shame or dishonor upon the family. 
Shari'a honor killing is very common in the Muslim world, but it also happens in the West, in countries such as Britain, the United States and even the Netherlands. 
According to the British media there are 12 honour killings in the UK each year. 

Human rights organizations in the Western world are turning a blind eye to the brutal violation of human rights in the Muslim world under Sharia law. 
Sharia law should be banned in the Western world. 
Share this post if you think Sharia law should be banned in the West.
Liberals and leftists in the West use the made up term "Islamophobia" to portray anyone who criticizes Islam as a "racist". 
They ignore the fact that Islam is an ideology that has nothing to do with race. 
There is an attempt in the West to impose a sharia-blasphemy law to criminalize criticism of Islam. 
It started when Saudi Arabia and Muslim countries tried to pass a UN resolution to force Western states to criminalize criticism of Islam. 
Even The Parliament in Canada passed "Motion M-103" to condemn the so-called "Islamophobia (Fear of Islam)" in a preparation for a blasphemy law in Canada. 
According to the sharia blasphemy law anyone who criticizes Islam or the Prophet Muhammad should be killed. 
Under Sharia blasphemy law in Saudi Arabia and Iran Muslims are executed if they are accused of blasphemy. 
In Pakistan, the situation is even worse, radical Muslims use the blasphemy law to persecute the Christian minority. 
Is this the law the liberals in the West want to adopt? 
If you think Sharia blasphemy law has no place in the West, share this post!

China bans Muslim children from Quran classes - Muslims are outraged

China does not hide its oppression of Muslims and Islam after serious terror attacks few years ago. 
The Chinese government is attacking Islamists by banning them from observing Ramadan making officials in the region of Xinjiang swear that they will not fast ahead of the holy month. The restriction comes amid an increase in deadly attacks over the past three years, which Beijing blames on Islamist militants. 
Human rights organizations in the Western world condemn China for violating religious rights of Muslims.
Radical Muslim terrorists all over the world carry out terror attacks "in the name of Allah". 
They justify their violence by quoting verses from the Quran. 
Politicians in the West always claim “Islam is a religion of peace”, 
Despite the fact that some Muslims and even former Muslims such as Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Sandra Solomon claim that there are verses in the Quran and the Islamic scriptures that call for violence against infidels that often what leads to the violence and terrorism carried out against infidels by Muslims. 

Christians are the world’s most persecuted religious group, according to studies 
Christians and other Non-Muslim minorities throughout the Muslim world are being persecuted for being non-Muslims. 
The Christian community in Iraq and Syria was completely annihilated by radical Muslims, anyone who could not escape and refused to convert to Islam was executed. 
The Western world ignores the cruel persecution of Christians in the Muslim world. 
Where are all the human rights organizations of the UN? Where are all human rights organizations in the West? 
Please pray for the Christian minorities in the Muslim world.
Liberals and leftists in the West use the made up term "Islamophobia" to portray anyone who criticizes Islam as a "racist". 
They ignore the fact that Islam is an ideology that has nothing to do with race. 
There is an attempt in the West to impose a sharia-blasphemy law to criminalize criticism of Islam. 
It started when Saudi Arabia and Muslim countries tried to pass a UN resolution to force Western states to criminalize criticism of Islam. 
The Parliament in Canada passed "Motion M-103" to condemn the so-called "Islamophobia (Fear of Islam)" in a preparation for a blasphemy law in Canada. 
According to the sharia blasphemy law anyone who criticizes Islam or the Prophet Muhammad should be killed. 
Under Sharia blasphemy law in Saudi Arabia and Iran Muslims are executed if they are accused of blasphemy. 
In Pakistan, the situation is even worse, radical Muslims use the blasphemy law to persecute the Christian minority. 
Is this the law the liberals in the West want to adopt? 
If you think Sharia blasphemy law has no place in the West, share this post!



R. I. P. ni maneno ambayo tunayatumia sana tunapoondokewa na mtu wa karibu sana nasi na ambaye tumeguswa sana na kuondoka kwake. Ni kifupi cha maneno ya Kiingereza, Rest In Peace ambayo yana maanisha kwa kiswahili Pumzika kwa Amani. Na kwa kweli hata mimi ningemtakia kila mtu aondokaye hapa ulimwenguni akapumzike kwa amani huko aendako. Ila je kwa mujibu wa maandiko matakatifu kila mmoja afaye atapumzika kwa amani kweli?
Nikasikia sauti kutoka mbinguni ikisema, Andika, Heri wafu wafao katika Bwana tangu sasa. Naam, asema Roho, wapate kupumzika baada ya taabu zao; kwa kuwa matendo yao yafuatana nao. (UFU. 14:13 SUV).
Hili andiko linaonyesha wazi kuwa wale wafao katika Bwana ndo wenye uhakika wa kupumzika kwa amani na maandiko yanatuambia wazo kuwa matendo yao yanafuatana nao. Matendo yako, maisha yako uliyoishi hapa duniani je yanakuatahilisha kweli ukapumzike kwa amani huko uendako!
Ibrahimu akasema, Mwanangu, kumbuka ya kwamba wewe uliyapokea mambo mema yako katika maisha yako, na Lazaro vivyo alipata mabaya; na sasa yeye yupo hapa anafarijiwa, na wewe unaumizwa. (LK. 16:25 SUV).
Katika mfano wa tajiri na Lazaro ambao nimechomoa andiko hili, tajiri kwa sababu ya mafanikio aliyokuwa nayo alimsahau kabisa Mungu na akasahau kujiandaa kwa ajili ya maisha yajayo. Ila maskini pamoja na kuishi maisha machungu na ya taabu alikumbuka kujiandaa kwa safari ya kwenda kwenye maisha yajayo. Matokeo ya walipofikia wote wawili yalitegea sana maandalizi ya kila mmoja wao.
Wapendwa wangu kila mmoja wetu atakufa siku moja na hakuna ajuaye siku yake yeye ni lini na ataondokaje.
Hakuna mwenye uwezo juu ya roho aizuie roho; Wala hana mamlaka juu ya siku ya kufa; Wala hakuna kuruhusiwa katika vita vile; Wala uovu hautamwokoa yule aliyeuzoea. (MHU. 8:8 SUV).
Hakuna mwenye mamlaka hata kidogo juu ya siku yake ya kufa kuizuia au kuisogeza mbele au kuiwaisha. Itakuja tu siku moja. Siku moja mimi na wewe kila mmoja kwa zamu na wakati wake ataitwa na umauti na huo umauti utaenda kutusimamisha mbele za Mungu na Mungu atakuhukumu na atanihukumu kwa kuliangalia neno Lake na lile alilotuagiza katika maisha haya.
Na kama vile watu wanavyowekewa kufa mara moja, na baada ya kufa hukumu; (EBR. 9:27 SUV).
Kila mmoja wetu amewekewa kufa na baada ya kifo ni hukumu na kwa mujibu wa maandiko tutahukumiwa kwa sababu moja tu:
Naye akiisha kuja, huyo atauhakikisha ulimwengu kwa habari ya dhambi, na haki, na hukumu. Kwa habari ya dhambi, kwa sababu hawaniamini mimi; (YN. 16:8, 9 SUV).
Dhambi kubwa kuliko zote mbele ya Mungu kwa mujibu wa neno la Mungu ni kutokumwamini Yesu kama Mwana wa Mungu.
Kwa kuwa kufa ni hakika basi Mungu atusaidie tujiandane maana kufa huko kutatuleta mbele ya Muumba wetu na haitajalisha tena wewe ni mbishi kiasi gani.
Basi nitakutenda hivi, Ee Israeli, na kwa sababu nitakutenda hivi, ujiweke tayari kuonana na Mungu wako, Ee Israeli. (AMO. 4:12 SUV).
Ni nini hicho ambacho atatutenda na ikatulazimu kujiandaa kuonana na Mungu wetu? Kila mmoja wetu atakufa siku moja. Iandae safari kabla haijafika isije ikafika na haupo tayari ukajuta.
Hujachelewa bado maana hata yule mwizi pale msalabani alitengeneza maisha yake dakika za majeruhi akaahidiwa raha pamoja na Kristo paradiso.
Kisha akasema, Ee Yesu, nikumbuke utakapoingia katika ufalme wako. Yesu akamwambia, Amin, nakuambia, leo hivi utakuwa pamoja nami peponi. (LK. 23:42, 43 SUV).
Ukitaka kuwa na Yesu peponi kama ambavyo huyu mwizi pale msalabani alipata hiyo fursa jiandane kabla ya kufa kwako na usitegemee kwamba utasaliwa au kuswaliwa ukiwa umeshakufa maana wakati wasaliwa au kuswaliwa tayari siku nyingi unakuwa umeshahukumiwa na hukumu za Mungu hazina kukata rufaa.

Mungu akubariki sana unavyochukua hatua ya kujiandaa.
Kwa ruhusa ya Mwalimu Conrad

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Saudi firm sacks 1,300 staff after closure of Quran printing press

Saudi Oger conglomerate announces lay-offs after losing contract to run one of world's biggest Quran printing presses
Workers at Saudi Oger complain they have gone without pay for months amid a widespread financial crisis in the kingdom (Reuters)
At least 1,300 staff were laid off by the Saudi Oger conglomerate this week, after it lost a contract to run what is thought to be the largest Quran printing press in the world.
The once-mighty firm led by Lebanon's billionaire former prime minister Saad Hariri has been hit by a drop in income from its core construction business after the Saudi government delayed or cancelled projects in the face of plummeting oil revenues.
In a letter reportedly sent to all employees on Tuesday but dated 22 September, the firm announced the end of a contract with the Saudi government to run the King Fahad Quran Printing Complex.
The letter, which was shared online, appeared to announce that as a result all employee contracts would be terminated as of 3 September, weeks before the letter was issued.
Thousands of the company’s foreign workers were due to leave the country while still owed several months’ worth of wages this week, sources told news site Arabian Business.
Saudi Oger, whose core business is in the construction industry, currently employs some 6,500 Pakistani nationals.
The Saudi government is organising flights to send the redundant workers from Oger’s printing complex back to Pakistan, with the first group of around 450 reportedly flying back on Wednesday.
More than 30,000 Saudi Oger Ltd construction workers, mostly from India, Pakistan and the Philippines, have gone unpaid for up to nine months, with frequent strikes over salaries.
Local news site the Saudi Gazette said the printing plant staff had also gone months without pay or allowances.
Last month, King Salman announced a $27 million assistance plan for unpaid construction workers in the kingdom, which is highly dependent on migrant labour.
The package helps them with food, medical needs, a trip home, exit visas or, if they want, transfer to another employer in Saudi Arabia.
Other construction companies that are dependent on state contracts have also suffered because of delayed government receipts.
But sources told AFP that the broader economic context is compounded at Saudi Oger by deeper problems including poor management.
The Saudi Gazette said the government has begun the tendering process to find a new operator for the Qur’an printing complex.

KUWAITI MUSLIM CLERIC: “Slavery should be celebrated as one of the virtues of Islam”

“Slavery has always been a part of Islam and Muslims should not try to deny this because when women and children of the enemy are taken as slaves, they are treated well. (“well” as in getting repeatedly raped by gangs of Muslim men?) Best of all, these infidel slaves are forced to convert to Islam which will save them from the hellfire.”

HAH! Palestinian official says Trump’s decision to cut off hundreds of millions of dollars in financial aid (used for terrorism against Israel) will cause Palestinian children to starve to death

A senior Palestinian official on Wednesday said that US President Donald Trump’s threat to slash hundreds of millions of dollars in annual aid would lead to children starving in refugee camps and that the America leader was emboldening Israel to commit crimes against international law.

Times of Israel  For years the “Palestinian leadership has engaged in good faith in numerous meetings and encounters with the US administration,” said Saeb Erekat, the longtime senior Palestinian negotiator, after a meeting of the Palestine Liberation Organization’s political committee in Ramallah.

Erekat slammed the American president for being unreasonable with the Palestinians and accused Trump, by his actions, of encouraging “the Israeli occupation to consolidate its occupation and apartheid regime.”

“Now, he is threatening to starve Palestinian children in refugee camps and deny their natural rights to health and education if we don’t endorse his terms and dictations,” Erekat said, referring to Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

“Instead of treating the Palestinians with fairness, President Trump has chosen a game of blame rather being an honest broker,” Erekat said. “His statements against the Palestinian people have encouraged Israel to continue its heinous crimes and violations of International Law.”

Erekat pointed to what he said were other US moves against the Palestinians, including efforts to close the PLO mission in Washington, and made an  apparent reference to a bill that would cut economic aid to the Palestinian Authority if it continues to pay wages to the families of terrorists who attacked Israelis.

“We call upon President Trump and his administration to stand on the right side of history, to respect international law and to stop encouraging international anarchy and violations of the basic requirements of peace,” added Erekat.

IRAN: Persian woman who burned a quran online, says: “It does not belong here, the Arabs forced it on us”

In a video that has gone viral on social media, a woman explains that Arabs brought Islam to Persia (now called Iran) and forced it on the Persian people. She says that anyone who defines himself as Persian in Iran should burn this book. “By war and by force, the Arab Muslims brought this book, which is why we must burn it. We must send Islam back to where it belongs – to the Arabs.”


And here we have another man in Iran burning the pages of a quran in protest against the mullahs:

Wednesday, January 10, 2018


Kubatiza katika Kigiriki ni Baptizein maana yake “To immerse, kuzamisha” Ndiyo maana zamani walibatiza kwa kumzamisha mtu katika maji.

Wapendwa Wanafamilia ya Mungu, tunafahamu kuwa Wakristo tuna batizwa kwasababu tunazaliwa katika hali ya dhambi na tunaishi katika hali dhambi. Tunapobatizwa dhambi zetu zinaondolewa nasi tunabaki wasafi. Lakini kumbuka kuwa Mungu pekee ndiye awezaye kutuondolea dhambi zetu tunapomwamini Yesu Kristo na kuziacha dhambi zetu.

Huduma ya Yesu ilianza pale alipobatizwa na Yohana. Hili limeelezwa vizuri katika Mathayo 3:13-17 na katika Luka 3:21-22.

Kwa asili makanisa yanachukulia kubatizwa kuwa ni ishara kuosha na kuondoa dhambi, kama ilivyoandikwa katika Matendo ya Mitume 22:16, ambapo Anania anamwambia Paulo: Simama, ubatizwe, ukaoshe dhambi zako. Katika makanisa yanayotekeleza ubatizo kwa muumini ishara hii ina nguvu sana: mbatizwaji huzamishwa majini kama ushuhuda wa wazi wa imani.

Kama ubatizo ni hitaji la kukiri dhambi na kuondolewa dhambi, Je, ni kwanini Yesu Kristo alibatizwa?

Kwetu Wakristo, Ubatizo huondoa dhambi ya asili na kutuingiza katika maisha ya Umungu ukitufanya watoto wa Mungu wanajumuiya wa Kanisa. Kristo hakuwa na dhambi. Hivyo, kimsingi Yesu Kristo hakuhitaji ubatizo. Lakini, alikubali kubatizwa. Kwa nini?


Matukio matatu: Epifania, Ubatizo na Kugeuza maji kuwa divai huko Kana ya Galilaya yanaeleweka kuwa ni matukio matatu ambayo Yesu Kristo aliyafanya ili kujidhihirisha kwa ulimwengu kuwa yeye ni Mungu.

Amebatizwa ili aonyeshe kuwa uaguzi wa Nabii Isaya umetima:
“Kisha utukufu wa Mungu utafunuliwa na watu wote pamoja watauona”.

Isaya ameongeza kusema:
“Paza sauti yako bila kuogopa; iambie miji ya Yuda ‘Mungu wenu anakuja’”

Ili kudhibitisha hayo sauti ya Mungu Baba inasikika ikitwambia
“ Huyu ni mwanangu mpendwa wangu” (Injili)

Kuanzia kesho tutazidi kuona Yesu Kristo akionyesha kuwa ni Mungu kwa kuyatimiza aliyoagua Nabii Isaya.

“Bwana Mungu anakuja kwa nguvu; kwa mkono wake anatawala; atalilisha kundi lake…”

Hivyo, Yesu Kristo ni Mwana wa Mungu. Yesu Kristo ni Mungu.

Ubatizo wa Yohana ulikuwa ni wito kwa watu kubadili maisha yao na kumtafuta Mungu.
“Sauti ya Mtu anaita jangwani: Mtayarishieni Mungu njia”

Wengi hawakumwelewa Yohana hata wengine waliona shaka juu ya Ubatizo wake.

“Watu walipokuwa wakiwaza-waza mioyoni mwao habari za Yohana, kama labda yeye ndiye Kristo….”

Yesu Kristo anakubali kubatizwa ili kuonyesha kuwa wito wa Yohana na ubatizo wake ni muhimu sana.

“Ikawa, watu wote walipokwisha kubatizwa, na Yesu naye amebatizwa” (Injili).

Anawaonyesha watu kuwa ni lazima kubadilika na kumtafuta Mungu katika maisha yao.

Ndiyo maana Yesu alianza na wito huhuo.

“Ufalme wa Mungu umekaribia tubuni na kuiamini Injili”(Marko 1:15).

Yesu Kristo alibatizwa ili ajiunge na wadhambi na awaokoe.
Mtu anapokubali kubatizwa anakiri kuwa yeye ni mdhambi na anaomba msamaha.

Hivyo, Kristu anapokubali kubatizwa anakubali kujiunga na wadhambi, ili pamoja nao awaombee msamaha na kuwasaidia kuanza maisha mapya.
Nabii Isaya ameagua akisema
“Wafarijini watu wangu, …waambie kwamba wamesamehewa uovu wao”.

Mt. Paulo anaonyesha kuwa Yesu ametimiza uaguzi huo
“Alijitoa yeye mwenyewe kwa ajili yetu ili atukomboe kutoka katika uovu wote na kutufanya watu safi walio wake yeye mwenyewe”.

Ndiyo maana Mt. Petro anasema
“Yeye mwenyewe alizibeba dhambi zetu katika mwili wake” (1Petro 2:24).

Kwa hiyo katika Yesu ubinadamu umebatizwa. Ubinadamu unazamishwa katika maji na kuinuliwa tukiwa watu.
“Watu walio na hamu ya kutenda mema.”

Kwa hiyo, Yesu alibatizwa ili ubinadamu ubatizwe.

Kristo alibatizwa ili kuupatia maana ubatizo wetu
Mtu angeuliza.

“Kama katika Yesu ubinadamu wote umebatizwa kama tulivyoona hapo juu ina maana gani sisi kubatizwa tena”


Kusema Yesu asingebatizwa ni sawasawa na kusema Yesu asingekufa.

Yesu asingekufa na kufufuka ubatizo wetu usingekuwa na maana yoyote.
“Kama Kristo hakufufuka, Imani yenu ni bure, mgalimo katika dhambi zenu”(1 Wakorintho 15:17).

Ndiyo maana Mt. Paulo anatwambia kuwa kwa ubatizo tunashiriki kifo na ufufuko wa Kristo.
“Tulipobatizwa tuliungana na kifo chake, tukazikwa pamoja naye, ili kama vile Kristo alivyofufuliwa kutoka wafu, sisi nasi tuweze kuishi maisha mapya”(Rumi 6:4).

Hivyo, lazima tubatizwe mmoja mmoja ili kushiriki binafsi kile Kristu alichofanyia ubinadamu wote alipobatizwa.
Alibatizwa ili kuashiria msalaba na kuanza rasmi kazi ya Ukombozi

Ili kuelewa jambo hili lazima tuelewe maana ya neno “Kubatiza” na ni lini Kristu alibatizwa.

Kubatiza katika Kigiriki ni Baptizein maana yake “To immerse, kuzamisha” Ndiyo maana zamani walibatiza kwa kumzamisha mtu katika maji.

Kwa hiyo, kwa kubatizwa, Kristu amejizamisha (has immersed himself) katika kazi ya ukombozi wa mwanadamu atakayoikamilisha kwa kufa msalabani.

Hivyo, kwa kubatizwa Yesu anaanza kufa na atakamilisha kifo chake hapo msalabani
Ndiyo maana Kristu aliwauliza wana wa Zebedayo
“Je, mwaweza kubatizwa ubatizo nitakaobatizwa mimi?” (Marko 10:38).

Alitaka kuwaonyesha kuwa kifo chake ni ubatizo ambao ameuanza leo katika mto Yordani.

Yesu alibatizwa akiwa na umri takribani miaka 30 alipoanza kazi rasmi na wazi ya ukombozi.
Kama mwanadamu alikuwa anogopa kwa sababu kama Mungu alijua kuwa atakufa Msalabani.

Hivyo, Baba yake anajitokeza
“Wewe ni Mwanangu mpendwa wangu nimependezwa nawe (kwa uamuzi huo). Usiogope mwanangu. Hii njia uliyoichagua ndiyo yenyewe ili uwarudishe kwangu watu waliopotea”

Aidha, Roho Mtakatifu alimtia mafuta, kumtakasa na kumtuma awatangazie maskini habari njema.

“Roho Mtakatifu akashuka juu yake kwa mfano wa kiwiliwili kama hua” (Injili).

Ndiyo maana anapoanza kazi yake anasema:

“Roho wa Bwana yu juu yangu; amenitia mafuta ili niwatangazie maskini habari njema” (Luka 4:18).

Hivyo, leo amebatizwa ili atiwe nguvu na kuimairishwa kwa kazi ya ukombozi anayoianza.

Yesu Kristo alibatizwa ili kuyatakasa maji ya ubatizo wetu.
Tangu sasa maji hayatakuwa tena kitu cha kuwaangamiza watu bali kuwaokoa watu kwa kuwaondolea dhambi zao.

Katika enzi za Noa maji ya gharika (mafuriko) yaliwauwa watu na viumbe vyote katika uso wa nchi isipokuwa Noa na wale tu alioingia nao katika safina.

Hivyo, Kristo aliyatakasa maji yasiwaangamize tena watu bali yawaokoe.

Kwa kufanaya hivyo, alitimiza agano Mungu alilofanya na Noa akisema,

“Ninaweka agano langu nanyi…kwamba kamwe viumbe vyote hai havitaangamizwa kwa gharika, wala haitatokea tena gharika kuiharibu nchi” (Mwanzo 9:9,11).

Kristo alibatizwa ili atutangulie katika safari yetu ya wokovu.
Kwa ubatizo tunaanza safari ya wokovu kuelekea mbinguni.
Mungu aliwaongoza Waisraeli katika safari yao kutoka Misri kuelekea nchi ya ahadi ili awaonyeshe njia.
Walipokaribia bahari ya Shamu Mungu katika ishara ya nguzo ya moto na wingu aliingia kwanza katika maji ya bahari ya Shamu; na Waisraeli kwa kumfuata, waliweza kuvuka bahari kwa usalama na maadui wao wakazamisha katika maji ya bahari.

Leo, Kristo anatutangulia katika maji ya ubatizo ili awe mwanga wetu wa kutuangazia katika bahari hii ya maisha, ili tuweze kusafiri salama na kumshinda adui yetu shetani.

Ndiyo maana Mungu anatualika akisema “msikilizeni yeye.” Ni kana kwamba anasema, “mkitaka kuvuka salama hii bahari ya ulimwengu, ‘msikilizeni mwanangu, atawaelekeza.’”

Basi, Yesu awe wingu letu wakati wa mchana na nguzo ya moto wakati wa usiku ili tuweze kuvuka salama hii bahari ya maisha.

2. Wajibu wetu kama Wabatizwa

a) Tudumu watoto wapendwa wa Mungu

“Wewe ni Mwanangu Mpedwa Wangu”

Tunapobatizwa haya maneno yanasemwa juu yetu
“Wewe ni Mwanangu Mpedwa wangu”

Tunakuwa watoto wa Mungu
“wale waliompokea ndio wale waliomwamini, aliwapa uwezo wa kufanyika wana wa Mungu” (Yohana 1:12).

Je, bado tu wana wa Mungu?
Je, bado tu wana wapendwa wa Mungu?
Je, bado Mungu anapendezwa nasi?

Alipendezwa na Yesu kwa sababu alimtii hata alipomwambia kufa msalabani

Je, sisi ni wana watiifu kwa Mungu?

Basi tudumu kuwa watoto wa Mungu.

Mtoto wa nyoka ni nyoka basi mtoto wa Mungu ni Mungu
Nyoka ana roho ya nyoka mtoto wa Mungu na Roho wa Mungu aliaye Abba yaani Baba. Kwa hiyo, yatubidi tuishi kama watoto wa Mungu
b) Tushike maagano yetu ya Ubatizo

Tuzidi kumkataa shetani na tamaa zake ambazo leo tumezizamisha katika maji ya Yordani.

Mt. Paulo ametwambia

“Maana neema ya Mungu imedhihirishwa kwa ajili ya wokovu wa watu wote. Neema hiyo yatufunza kuachana na uovu wote na tamaa za kidunia; tuwe na kiasi, tuishi maisha adili nay a kumcha Mungu katika ulimwengu huu wa sasa, … tuwe watu wake mwenyewe, watu walio na hamu ya kutenda mema” (Somo II).

c) Tutangaze Imani yetu kwa kuishi upendo

“Nenda juu ya mlima mrefu ewe Siyoni, utangaze habari njema. Paza sauti yako bila kuogopa. Wafarijini watu wangu”

Tumsaidie Kristo katika kazi ya ukombozi
Tuishi kama ndugu kwa sababu sisi sote ni watoto wa Mungu
Tudhihirishe ubatizo wetu kwa njia ya maisha yetu.

Watu watutambue kwa matendo yetu kuwa tumebatizwa.



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