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In the recent past our social media walls have been awash with the alleged going back to Islam by the public confession of Said Ndundi and Wazir Rajab.

I have also exchanged with the two a lot privately and I wish to leave the details of our conversation private, but in the past day or so, I have taken time to think carefully about this matter. First and foremost, I wish to inform the religious fraternity that the Adventist Church is the number one world promoter of religious liberty.

Therefore, Said and Wazir are at liberty to make their personal religious choices. Some of us have vilified the two for going back to Islam, but I am of the view that we need to respect their choice. We also have seen a video of their own admission of their exact reasons, which is financial gain. The Church does not buy converts as Wazir falsely claimed. Conversion is God’s work and the Church is his business. Saidi Ndundi a former madrassa teacher left Islam 23 years ago and Wazir Rajab denied Muhammad 11 years ago.

These local evangelists served God of the Church diligently and brought hundreds of Muslims and people of other faiths to the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. The two exposed shortcomings of Islam to Christ’s church. We Praise the Lord for those fruitful years of service and their energy in fighting their former religion of Islam.

I want to remind fellow Christians that Said Ndundi left Islam in 1997 and followed the Christian faith. At the time Saidi Ndundi was a madrassa teacher at Tudor, Mombasa and he lived at Makande Railway houses with his mother, wife, and daughter. When Saidi Ndundi left Islam and Muhammad and embraced the Bible truth in Jesus Christ, Muslims did not call him names or say anything about him.

I wish to commend Muslims for their patience with Murtad Ndundi for 23 years. The first Muhadhara/ Public dialogue that Ndundi participated in, was at Perani near the Lunga Lunga border, South Coast of Kenya. Ever since Ndundi wholeheartedly preached against Islam and promoted the truth of Jesus Christ. At the time of returning back to Islam he had put in 23 years of active service and he did good work. His SDA leaders at the time advised Ndundi not to use his Muslim name Saidi but to take a Bible name. He chose Paul as a Pseudonym and he loved to preach the cross.

Unfortunately, Ndundi’s Kamba wife rejected Christianity and she never became a Christian to date, neither his mother nor his daughter. Therefore, Ndundi struggled to convince his family members to convert to Christianity.

In the course of time and to be precise in the last ten years Ndundi has struggled with his personal life and keeping himself pure before His savior Jesus Christ. Church leaders supported him and stood with him in his turbulent years. He also had numerous challenges from his immediate family. And having reached a point where it dawned on him that it was a matter of time before his life would run divergent to the expectations of the Adventist Church, he opted to surprise everyone by announcing that he is now Muslim.

Let me educate Saidi Ndundi my Mentor and other Muslim apostates who dream of returning back to Islam. A Murtad is gladly received back into the fold of Islam but is viewed suspiciously as a munafiq, therefore in ideal Islam and particularly in shariah states, he or she is killed and buried as a Muslim. The reasoning is that for someone like Ndundi who is deemed to have “insulted” and “demeaned” Islam and the prophet for 23 years cannot be trusted in the ummah. It is feared that he might infect other Muslims with his “poisonous” teachings which he acquired for the 23 years away from Islam.

Much more when Ndundi and Wazir claim that they are going back to their former faith of Islam for monetary gain. In my opinion Saidi Ndundi and Wazir Rajab have one viable option which is to stay in the Church and rebuild their lives other than living in constant fear. The Muslims of Nairobi will not house you and finance you forever. Anyway, that is their freedom of choice, I wish they leaned from some Murtad who quietly went back to Islam without making noise and insulting the Church.

Wazir Rajab a Digo from the South Coast of Kenya left Islam in 2009 and made fellowship with the Adventist Church. Around this time I worked in the same area in Mombasa and came to know Wazir and I have seen him grow in the field of Evangelism. It was at the big Muhadhara that took place in January 2009 at Ukunda in Kwale County.

A number of Digos left Islam at that time. Wazir’s knowledge in debating Islam did not reach Ndundi’s level but he worked as a lay preacher among the Digo people. I have been shocked to hear him being introduced as Pastor Joseph Kolla. As far as I know Wazir never adopted a Christian name. Both Saidi Ndundi and Wazir received basic training but never attained the level of Pastors. We have seen in social media the two claiming that they were big pastors in the Adventist Church. The truth is that they were lay evangelists.

Evangelists work under pastors, like me, I am an evangelist and I cannot claim that I am a pastor although I may look like one.

By the way Muslims, if an Adventist comes to you claiming that they are pastors just ask them to show you their ministerial credential and then check their names online in the SDA yearbook that lists all the names of the pastors in the whole world.

For example, Wazir told Muslims that he was the pastor in charge of the entire South Coast. You are at liberty to look at the list of all SDA pastors at the Kenya Coast Field whether his name appears there. It is like in the mid-1990s when a compound watchman of the Ukunda Church called Onsongo converted to Islam and duped Muslims that he was the Big pastor of the entire Coast. The fake story was published in the al-Imam paper (If I still remember the name correctly).

Onsongo was received with a lot of fanfare, he was given wealth and even taken for hajj to Mecca. Only for Muslims to learn that he lied to them and they spent so much money on him. He never lived long but died suddenly and in mysterious circumstances, he was buried within hours.

Wazir ran into moral issues a few years ago and he was excommunicated. After a while he repented and returned into the fold of Christ. Ever since he has struggled on his moral path, but the SDA community stood by him. Then a few days ago we saw him on social media denouncing his Christian faith and purporting to go back to him former faith of Islam.

Having said this, I wish to implore my Christian brothers and sisters not to throw harsh words at the two, just like Muslims never made any noise when Ndundi and Wazir denied Islam and the prophet. So, let us allow the two to live their choices. Of course, no one ever went back and succeeded. To put the record right for Omar Al Bashir and the likes of Hidaya Channels Anwarish Anwar who got excited for the supposedly big catch, Saidi Ndundi, and Wazir Rajab were local SDA evangelists and not Pastors.

They never pastored any church in their lives and all the SDA records are in the public domain for anyone to see.

Evangelists do an important function in the mission of the Church and we appreciate it. In closing I ask my brothers and sisters in Christ to desist from attacking Ndundi and Wazir negatively, but give them words of courage. I wonder how they function in Muslim society and whether they will gain the full trust of the ummah. Pray for them and their families.

Pray that the living Christ will trouble their spirits until they submit to his authority and that they will find no peace outside our savior. Pray that the loving Church of Christ will receive them back the day they come to their senses and opt like the prodigal son to return home. Pray that the Lord will prepare for the second coming of Jesus Christ.

To you Ndundi my elder brother and Kiriwacho Waziri my Son in the LORD, kindly probe your own selves and be honest and tell the world why you went back to your former faith of Islam. Ndundi you were a Madrassa teacher at Tudor, what made you abandon Islam? Tell Muslims what truth you saw. And for 23 years you consistently fought Islam using your madrassa knowledge, so at what point and what exactly did you discover is now the truth in Islam?

Please be truthful to your rediscovered faith of Islam, tell them your exact reasons. For us we know exactly why you jumped back into Islam. You too Wazir be truthful to Islam as you go back tell them why you left in 2009.

Trying to lie to Islam and Christianity will only establish as solid hypocrites, the worst sin in Islam. Our sincere prayers are with you and may the LORD be gracious to you.


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