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Jehovah's Witnesses Beliefs Answered And Exposed


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Learn About Jehovahs Witnesses Beliefs
The Watchtower Society: Jehovah's Organization or False Prophet? (pdf, legal-landscape)

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How To Answer Jehovah's Witnesses Effectively

LEARN What The Single LIE Is That Holds The Sincere JW To The Watchtower?

jehovah's witnesses charles taze russell great pyramid
What does it take to effectively answer a Jehovah's Witness (or Jahova's Witness as they say in certain parts of the world) to the place that he is shaken from his spiritual delusions? It will take exposure to God's truth plus, on the part of the Jehovah's Witness, a heart which is open to Scripture.<
jehovah's witness Kingdom Hall Sign
Jehovah's witnesses beliefs seem to be set in stone.

Many of the Jehovah's witnesses are so indoctrinated and their lives are so wrapped up with their religion that they refuse to consider the evidence which any Christian may offer, even if it comes from their own literature!

They know they would lose it all if they became a Bible-defined Christian since those who leave the organization are considered apostates and shunned by others, even their own natural family members. Hence, the price seems too great for many, but not all of them. Some Jehovah's witnesses do come to salvation. Christians must try to win them to God, for they desperately need eternal life.

Eternal life is ONLY in the Lord Jesus Christ (1 John 5:12,13) and NOT any organization or denomination. Eternal life is also spiritual life, which Christians have now this side of the grave before their physical death. These are true Christian beliefs and important answers Jehovah's Witnesses need to hear.

Poem For All Jehovah's Witnesses

The Watchtower Society is NOT Jehovah's Organization

jehovah's witnesses eternal life
Some Jehovah's Witnesses are answered with a simple Scripture, which they don't know exists.
Charles Taze Russell false prophet jehovah's witness founder
At other times it might take showing them their own false teachings and false prophecies of the Watchtower Society. Never forget, the real culprit is the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society ( located in Brooklyn, New York (and sometime in the future will move to Warwick, NY).

That is their headquarters, who the members think is the one and only Jehovah's Organization where God's truth is found! Thus, all the doctrinal decisions are made there, which will filter throughout the world through their members.

That is why the Jehovah's Witnesses want potential converts to read and accept the teachings found in their many Watchtower Society publications. In truth, they don't have Bible studies! They have Watchtower book studies where potential converts are jumped around from partial Scripture to partial Scripture to arrive at their predetermined conclusions.

Charles Taze Russell and JW History Exposed

The history of the Jehovah's Witnesses from Charles Taze Russell on is filled with a long list of failed false prophecies, changed doctrines and ruined lives! Shocking as it may be to Jehovah's Witnesses, in 1939 (Watchtower, 11-15-1939, p.339) they were taught God "commands all to worship Christ Jesus" and God grants salvation "only to those who obey him." That made the "worship of Christ Jesus" necessary for "salvation" in 1939! Today worship of Jesus, though scriptural, is considered idolatry. Consequently, that means the 144,000 Jehovah's Witnesses were actually idolaters and didn't go to heaven as taught, but instead to the lake of fire (Rev. 21:8). The organization headquarters is a clear and definite example of a false prophet, a ferocious wolf in sheep's clothing:
jehovah's witnesses bible new world translation
Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves. (Mat 7:15)
jehovah's witnesses answered
Hence, the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society is a dangerous enemy to God's truth and to SOULS! They are diabolical deceivers and have gone so far as to conveniently produce their own so-called translation of the Bible, which they call The New World Translation.

[Note the May 15, 1984 Watchtower cover (to the left) regarding 1914 "The Generation That Will Not Pass Away." So what is a generation in the bible? It is either 40 years (Num. 32:13) or 35 years (Job 42:16). 140 divided by 4 = 35 years. Don't allow the deceivers at the WBTS headquarters mislead you about the length of a generation. Their teaching on 1914 was the 1914 generation, implying even the old people pictured on the May 15,1984 Watchtower cover, would be alive when the new system starts. That too is a false prediction.]

jehovahs witnesses politics
The foremost feature of the Jehovah's Witness Bible is supposed to be the restoration of the divine name Jehovah, but in reality it is a dark perversion of God's word where words are changed, added or omitted to alter the meaning according to Watchtower doctrine! WARNING: Do NOT be influenced by the NWT. It is NOT reliable or consistent.
 It is a satanic tool and on a par with the Book of Mormon and Koran. So, is God's name Jehovah? Not according to the evidence! (Keep reading.)

Jehovah's Witnesses False Claims To Be In The Truth (PDF print free tract)

The Jehovah's Witnesses who come to our doors and who are seen on the streets holding up their magazines are victims and slaves of the Watchtower Society.
They have bought into the single lie that God's truth can only be found through the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society's materials.

Because the Jehovah's Witnesses have been deceived with that single concept they, therefore, rely solely on materials from the Watchtower Society for the correct understanding and interpretation of the Bible. They also think, by doing that, they are taking in knowledge for everlasting life! (NOTE: it was the Watchtower who taught the Jehovah's Witnesses that only the Watchtower can correctly interpret the Scriptures!)

Jehovah's Witnesses Beliefs

So what have they been taught and what are Jehovah's Witnesses spreading to others? Besides (correctly) believing in the virgin birth like Catholics do, some examples of the Jehovah's Witnesses weird and dangerous unscriptural teachings are:
only the governing body ONLY the governing body of Jehovah's Witnesses can correctly interpret the bible (The Watchtower, 10-1-1967, p. 587). That has sadly led to the Jehovah's Witnesses brainwashing.
1914 Gospel The gospel is that the kingdom was established in the heavenlies in 1914.
Jehovah's witnesses beliefs on Jesus
Jesus, Michael The Archangel Jesus is only a god and Michael the archangel, the first and greatest creation of Jehovah God. **Print Out Jesus is NOT Michael the Archangel
No Hell Hell is the grave, where the dead rest unconscious awaiting a resurrection.
man is a soul Man is a soul, that is, a man's physical body is the same as his soul.
baptism To qualify for baptism one must understand Jehovah's Witness beliefs.
Jesus became the Christ at age 30 Jesus became the Christ after his baptism at the age of 30, NOT at his birth! (See image to the right.) In contrast to the Watchtower, the Bible says JESUS WAS BORN THE CHRIST!
But the angel said to them [the shepherds], "Do not be afraid. I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people. Today in the town of David A SAVIOR HAS BEEN BORN TO YOU; HE IS CHRIST the Lord." (Luke 2:10,11)
Now there was a man in Jerusalem called Simeon, who was righteous and devout. He was waiting for the consolation of Israel, and the Holy Spirit was upon him. It had been revealed to him by the Holy Spirit that HE WOULD NOT DIE BEFORE HE HAD SEEN THE LORD'S CHRIST. Moved by the Spirit, he went into the temple courts. When the parents brought in the child Jesus to do for him what the custom of the Law required, Simeon took him in his arms and praised God, saying: "Sovereign Lord, as you have promised, YOU NOW DISMISS YOUR SERVANT IN PEACE. FOR MY EYES HAVE SEEN YOUR SALVATION," (Luke 2:25-30)
Annihilated Wicked people and the devil will be annihilated.
Soul Sleep The departed soul of man is unconscious (or asleep) until the resurrection.
must be a jehovah's witness for everlasting life
144000 Only 144000 can be born again and will go to heaven. The rest of the faithful Jehovah's witnesses will live forever on paradise earth.
144000 Jesus is the mediator between Jehovah and the 144,000 ONLY and not all mankind.
Jesus' Body Didn't Resurrect Jesus did NOT resurrect bodily, when he resurrected.
Holy Spirit is an active force The Holy Spirit is referred to as holy spirit and is Jehovah's active force likened unto a radar beam - NOT a person.
Second Chance Some people will be given a second chance to accept God's ways during the 1,000 year reign of Christ.
taking in knowledge for everlasting life Taking in knowledge, as defined by the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society, is the only way to get everlasting life!
Do NOT Pray To Jesus We can NOT go to Jesus in prayer for salvation and can not have eternal life at this moment. (Eternal life to them is physical life, which lasts eternally!)
must be a JW for everlasting life You must be a Jehovah's Witness to get everlasting life! The Watchtower (God's visible organization) is God's one and only ark to survive. (See image to the left.)
theocratic war strategy Their theocratic war strategy allows them to LIE to people they consider to be God's enemies. (Click anchor link theocratic war strategy for image proof.)
watchtower alone can understand the bible Only the Watchtower Society can correctly interpret the Bible. (See image down and to the right.)
disfellowshipping Total "despotic" control, by the threat of disfellowshipping, will keep the Jehovah?s Witnesses submissive slaves. It is very sad, but that is the way they (the JWs) have been trained to think and act.
Clearly, the Watchtower Society has taught one can NOT understand the bible apart from their teachings, which therefore are needed to take in knowledge to get everlasting life! If you believe such LIES, you will be hooked and be under their slavish control to never escape:
jehovahs witness false prophecy
We all need help to understand the Bible, and we cannot find the Scriptural guidance we need outside the "faithful and discreet slave" organization. (The Watchtower, 2-15-1981, p. 19)
From Chile's report we read: "A special pioneer making a return visit asked the lady what book teaches us the will of God. ?The Watchtower, of course,? she said. Our sister proceeded to explain that it was, rather, the Bible. 'Yes, but what would I do with my recently obtained Bible if I did not use The Watchtower to understand it.?'" (1983 Yearbook of the Jehovah's Witnesses, p. 21.)
It is only by studying the WATCHTOWER magazine and kindred publications that they can get the needed life--giving knowledge. There is no other source. (Informant, July 1940, p. 2)
NOTE: To believe only the Watchtower Society can correctly teach the Bible, as they teach the gullible Jehovah's Witnesses, is to also cause the individual Jehovah's Witness to thereby disregard all correction from Christians, since the Christians are not spreading Watchtower teachings!
jehovahs witnesses answered
It is a win win situation for the dangerous Watchtower Society and a lose lose situation for the individual Jehovah's Witness, who is in dire need of 
eternal life through the Lord Jesus Christ.

jehovah's witnesses answered taking in knowledge
If you are a Christian, please know the Jehovah's Witnesses are at your door only to convert you! They have come to teach you, not to be taught. They will try to control what subjects are discussed and will not stop as long as they think they can succeed in changing you to become one of them!

Since the Jehovah's Witnesses have five meetings a week in their meeting place, which they call a Kingdom Hall, and practice public speaking and answering people in various situations, they will come confidently and prepared. If you don't know the basic Bible doctrines, some of their own weird beliefs and why they are wrong, you may be much better off not to talk to them at this time.

Perhaps after learning how to answer a Jehovah Witness, as cited on this website, you could set up a future meeting. Jehovah's Witnesses need salvation though they have zeal and can quote some Scriptures. Remember, even the devil can quote Scripture (Lk. 4:9,10), so don't be deceived! If you become effective in answering the Jehovah's Witnesses, they may not ever return to your house and will even warn other Jehovah's witnesses to stay away too!

watchtower headquarters
The Jehovah's Witness cult needs to be answered and exposed. The need is great.

Jehovah's Witnesses Answered In Detail

jehovah's witnesses answered exposed false prophets
Jehovah Witness Gospel The Jehovah's Witness Good News Of The Kingdom
To the Jehovah's witnesses the gospel is that the kingdom was established in the heavenlies in 1914! They don't really have a clue about believing on Jesus for eternal life or the biblical gospel of Jesus Christ. In fact, their understanding of the believe meaning is poles apart from scripture.
jehovah's witnesses answered John 17:3 The Watchtower's Deadly Distortion of John 17:3
A very important Scripture to a Jehovah's Witness regarding salvation is John 17:3, that is, as it reads from their strange so-called Bible, 'The New World Translation' ...
Jehovahs witnesses in the truth
JW answered The Jehovah's Witness Mind
The Jehovah's Witnesses believe ONLY the Watchtower Society (their headquarters) can correctly interpret the Bible. Why? Because that is how the Watchtower Society taught them! In other words, the Watchtower Society has taught them only the Watchtower Society can correctly understand the Bible, but it wasn't that obvious as it was occurring.
Questions For Jehovah Witnesses Questions For Thinking Jehovah's Witnesses
Preguntas Para Testigos de Jehova Pensantes (Espanol)

Sooner or later everybody is going to encounter a Jehovah's Witness. Our new set of questions for thinking Jehovah's witnesses will help you convince them they really do not have God's truth as they have been deceived into thinking. Click here for a pdf print out of those Questions For Jehovah's Witnesses.

New World Translation The New World Translation

humanity of christ doesn't negate the deity of christ

The New World Translation (NWT) of the Jehovah's Witnesses is a very important piece of evidence to examine when considering the self-exalting claims of the Watchtower Society. The Watchtower Bible is NOT a consistent or accurate translation of scripture. In fact, the Jehovah Witness Bible is grossly misleading in various ways! This proof is CLEAR AND DESTRUCTIVE to the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society.

La Traduccion Nuevo Mundo (Espanol)

La Traduccion Nuevo Mundo de los Testigos de Jehova es una muy importante pieza de evidencia a ser examinada al considerar los auto-exaltados reclamos de la Sociedad Atalaya.

second chance doctrine
jehovah witness ecclesiastes Ecclesiastes -- Almost Everything Is Vanity and Meaningless
Ecclesiastes is a book that Jehovah's Witnesses like to use when trying to teach soul sleep. You'll find out much in this review of that book. Learn about the fallacy of 'soul sleep'
jehovah witness new light New Light Become Old Light Again And Again For Jehovah's Witnesses
The governing body of Jehovah's Witnesses changes their doctrines over and over again. They do that and call it 'New Light.' Find out why that is wrong and how those changes place a spiritual noose around the neck of Jehovah's Witnesses.
jehovah witness poem Bitten By A Wolf (Poem For All Jehovah's Witnesses and Good Will People)
This poem will take the reader from the way it starts to becoming a JW to a wonderful ending by finding eternal life in JESUS Christ.
jehovah's witnesses answered Should Jesus Be Worship Should Christians Worship Jesus?
second chance doctrine
The early Christians worshiped the Lord Jesus (and prayed to him). Are you in the same truth that the early Christians were in or have you been deceived by a false teacher?
Jehovah Witness Doctrine Jehovah's Witnesses And Their Beliefs
Jehovah's Witnesses (or Jehovah Witnesses) are people who think God's Organization on earth today and single channel of spiritual truth is located in Brooklyn, New York. They call that place The Watchtower or sometimes Bethel, from the Biblical term which means house of God. Most significantly, they also believe only their leaders in Brooklyn have the ability to correctly interpret the Bible and accurately teach God's word.
Jehovah Witness worship Jesus WORSHIP Christ Jesus in 1939
"Worship of Christ Jesus" was necessary for "salvation" in 1939! The opposite of that is how the Jehovah's Witnesses are taught today. Now, though scriptural, worship of Christ Jesus is considered idolatry. That change in MAJOR DOCTRINE means the 144,000 Jehovah's Witnesses were actually idolaters and didn't go to heaven as taught. WHY? Because idolaters go to the lake of fire (Rev. 21:8).

Watchtower 1914 Before and After DOUBLE Message

Jehovah Witness Jesus michael the archangel Who Is Michael The Archangel
Jehovah's Witnesses wrongly believe Jesus is Michael the Archangel. This is an examination of how the Jehovah's Witnesses came to that faulty conclusion and why that Watchtower belief is serious error, based on scripture.
Salvation Truths Instant Salvation and The Jehovah's Witnesses
Charles Taze Russell taught Jesus is ALMIGHTY Rev. 1:8
The Jehovah's Witnesses have been wrongly taught by the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society in many areas, especially about salvation. Among the various errors they spread about salvation, their denial of an instant and present-tense salvation for the believer in Christ is easily refuted. What confuses this issue is the other tenses in salvation too.

Jehovah's Witnesses Points To Ponder (PDF -- many images)

jehovah's witnesses answered Humanity Of Christ The Humanity Of Christ
The humanity of Christ is important to know about when teaching the deity of Christ because Jesus is both God and man. Hence, he is the God-man. Not knowing about his humanity has misled some into believing the vicious attacks against the deity of Christ, as presented by the Jehovah's Witnesses and other counterfeit Christian groups. They wrongly argue that he is man and therefore can't be God, but that conclusion doesn't follow, as you will see.
Jesus is God By Nature Scriptural Proof That Jesus is by Nature God
Evidencia Biblica Que Demuestra Que Jesus Es Dios Por Naturaleza (Espanol)

jehovahs witness research
People are not aware that Jesus is God by nature, but not the person of the Father.

Finished Mystery A Heavyweight Jehovah's Witness Embarrassment -- The Finished Mystery
La verguenza de un Testigo de Jehova peso pesado: El Misterio Terminado (Espanol)

The seventh volume of Studies in the Scriptures identifies itself as the posthumous work of Pastor Russell. Are the teachings of Charles T Russell keys to spiritual understanding as claimed?

Former Jehovah's Witness Testifies A Former Jehovah's Witness Testimony
Brother Adrian, one of the ex Jehovah's Witnesses, shares his personal experiences in and out of the Jehovah's witnesses twice as well as his experiences with the "evangelical" churches in our dark day.
Jehovah Witness Mind The Jehovah's Witness Mind
Charles Taze Russell taught Jesus is WORSHIPPED Rev. 19:4
Here are six basic facts regarding how the Jehovah's Witnesses think about spiritual issues. Read them over and you will better understand their way of thinking.
Charles Taze Russell Facts About Charles Taze Russell
Charles Taze Russell was the founder of what is now known as the Bible Student movement. Joseph Rutherford, who succeed Russell, was the one who actually started using the name Jehovah's Witnesses. Many don't know much about Charles Taze Russell, while the Jehovah's witnesses themselves have been grossly misinformed. Charles T Russell was a definite heretic.
Facts For Jehovah's Witnesses Facts On Jehovah's Witnesses
jehovah's witnesses answered
What the individual Jehovah's Witnesses are teaching others is NOT original with them.
144,000 The 144,000 and The Jehovah's Witnesses
The Jehovah's Witnesses have been taught only the 144,000 will be in heaven and they are all Jehovah's witnesses! Is this really Biblical?
Deity Of Christ God In The Flesh
The deity of Christ is revealed through indirect evidence (among other ways).trinity doctrine The indirect evidence centers around: (1) Jesus receiving worship, (2) Jesus being prayed to, (3) Jesus declaring we are to trust him the same as we are to trust God and (4) Jesus instructing us to honor him the same as we honor the Father.
Titles Of Christ 100 Biblical Names, Offices and Titles of Jesus Christ
100 Titulos Y Nombres Biblicos De Cristo (Espanol)

The whole Bible is filled with references to Jesus in one way or another. Each name or title refers to yet another important place or position that Jesus holds in God's plan for man's salvation.

Jesus Is YHWH Jesus, YHWH Of The Old Testament
Jesus, el YHWH del Antiguo Testamento (Espanol)

Was Jesus mistaken at John 5:37 or could there be another explanation regarding who was heard and seen as God in OT times?

jehovah's witnesses blood transfusions
607BCE Disproving 607BCE, From A Former Jehovah's Witnesses
jehovahs witnesses answered
The following email was sent in from a former Jehovah's Witness regarding the JW doctrine dealing with the incorrect date of 607BCE for the Destruction of Jerusalem.
Jesus Is NOT THe Father Jesus Is Not the Father, But is Deity
Jesus No es el Padre, pero es Deidad (Espanol)

All through the Scriptures we find evidence that Jesus is not the Father, but is deity (God by nature) like the Father. With all of this evidence about plurality between the Father and Son, how multitudes have been deceived about this is alarming to say the least. It seems once again that a creed or doctrinal confession has been the basis for one's personal belief rather than the Holy Scriptures. The truth is: Jesus is not the person of the Father, but he is deity like the Father. Such are true biblical Christianity beliefs.

Name Jehovah Jehovah's Witnesses and The Name Jehovah
Every person will encounter a Jehovah's Witness, since their door-to-door and street evangelism is so thorough. They usually make an issue about knowing God's name, even to the point of calling themselves a Jehovah's Witness. The JWs aren't aware that the name "Jehovah" was created by a Catholic monk named Raymundus Martini in the year 1270! This teaching will help the Christian answer them.

jesus is michael the archangel LIE
El Uso de Jehovaacute; en la TNM (Espanol)

Toda persona se encontrara alguna vez un Testigo de Jehova, ya que su estilo de evangelismo puerta a puerta y en las calles es tan esmerado. A menudo ellos forman discusiones acerca del conocer el nombre de Dios,hasta el punto de llamarse a si mismos Testigos de Jehova. Este articulo le ayudara al Cristiano a responderles.

jesus YHWH
Trinity The Trinity
The Trinity is a very important doctrine to know about because there are a lot of groups that deny the Trinity. The real triune God definition is NOT a belief in three Gods, as the Watchtower Society teaches it is! Jesus is NOT the Father.

La Trinidad (Espanol)

La Trinidad es una muy importante doctrina, la cual debemos conocer porque hay muchos grupos que niegan la Trinidad.

What Do Jehovah's Witnesses Belief What Do Jehovah's Witnesses Believe? (A biblical/factual response)
In a six page tract published by the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society, entitled What Do Jehovah's Witnesses Believe? a select few of their teachings are mentioned.

Que Creen los Testigos de Jehova? (Una Biblica/Real Respuesta) (Espanol)

NO Annihilation The Wicked Dead - Will They Experience Annihilation or Eternal Torment?
deity of Christ
If Scripture pointedly declares that the wicked dead will be eternally tormented, then we must interpret God's mercy, love, grace and justice as allowing for this.
jehovah's Witness preaching the good news of the kingdom
This article is a powerful refutation to the teaching of annihilation. If we test everything as commanded, this evidence leads to such.

Los Muertos Inicuos Experimentaran Aniquilacion o Tormento Eterno? (Espanol)

Si la Escritura especificamente declara que los que mueren en iniquidad van a ser eternamente atormentados, entonces debemos interpretar que la misericordia, el amor, la gracia y la justicia de Dios permiten que sea asi. Este articulo es una poderosa refutacion a la doctrina de la aniquilacion.

jehovahs witnesses Answering The Most Common Objections To The Deity Of Christ
Many deny the deity of the Lord Jesus Christ. They all tend to use the same argumentation, which is dealt with in this article.

Respondiendo a las Mas Frecuentes Objeciones a la Deidad de Cristo (Espanol)

Muchos niegan la deidad del Senor Jesucristo. Todos estos tienden a utilizar el mismo argumento, al cual nos referimos en este articulo.

jehovahs witnesses answered
jehovahs witnesses Point People To Jesus For Salvation
If you are in tune with God's Spirit, his truth and are teaching the real gospel like the early Christians, you will be pointing people to Jesus for salvation, not an organization. If not, then you have been grossly deceived and are lethally deceiving others with a false gospel.
jehovah's witnesses answered exposed false prophets
Watchtower Society The Watchtower Society Print this as a tract in pdf format (change your printer settings to legal/landscape).
"Jehovah's Organization" or false prophet (ravening wolf in sheep's clothing, Matt. 7:15)? How shall we know?

La Sociedad Atalaya (Espanol)

"La Organizacion de Jehova" o Falso Profeta (Lobos rapaces vestidos de ovejas, Matt. 7:15)? Como podemos saber?


Who Is Jesus The Jesus of the Jehovah's Witnesses
Is He "better than the angels" (Heb. 1:4)?

El Jesucristo de los Testigos de Jehova (Espanol)

Es EL "mayor que los angeles" (Heb. 1:4)?


Jehovah Witness Answered

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