Saturday, November 25, 2017


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Radical Muslims invaded the gospel preaching at the church compound of Tanzania Assemblies of God-T.A.G-at Mnazimmoja in Lindi Tanzania.

Lindi is located on the Southern side of Tanzania Mainland.

Evangelist Francis Mulinda, one of the preacher, said, the first two days were calm, but on the third day in the afternoon, after  the preaching started, they were, suddenly, assaulted by radical Muslims who carried stones and other weapons. Their intention seemed to harm people and destroy the preaching instruments.

People ran away from the ground in different directions in search of secure. The programme of preaching stopped, although Christians had obtained permission from government authorities in the area.

Lind is one of among the most Muslim dominated areas in Tanzania where radical Muslims are found and train. They have organised a campaign of what they call " eradicate Christianity from the Islamic territory."
This campaign began during pre-independence  era of Tanganyika in 1961, Just few churches exist in Lindi.

The government still struggles to abolish this oppression against Christians and Christianity in Tanzania, to ensure the freedom of worship in the diversity of beliefs as stipulated in the constitution.

Tanzania is a secular state, but Muslims struggle to create Islamic hegemony.

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