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Time and time again, Muslims who read articles that expose Islam, claim that what are written are all lies. Some say this out of ignorance but others do so with deceit. They make such claims even though what is written is based on their own Islamic sources. The purpose of this article is to show that when Muslims lie and make such false claims, they are, in truth, imitating the deity whom they worship. This article will expose the real source, the motivating force, behind all the lies that Muslims utter with such smoothness. This article will show who the real liar is – even according to the Qur’an.

According to the Qur’an the final miracle performed by Allah was a huge she-camel that he produced out of a rock.

Surah 7:73: “Indeed there has come to you a clear sign (the miracle of the coming out of a huge she camel from the midst of a rock) from your Lord.” (Hilali-Khan)

And Surah 17:59 gives us the reason why Allah stopped sending miracles anymore after he had miraculously produced the she-camel out of a rock. Given below are three different translations of Surah 17:59.

Surah 17:59: “And We refrain from sending the Signs, only because the men of former generations treated them as false: We sent the she-camel to the Thamud to open their eyes, but they treated her wrongfullyWe only send the Signs by way of terror (and warning from evil).” (Yusuf Ali)

“Nothing hindered us from sending (thee) with miracles, except that the former (nations) have charged them with imposture. We gave unto (the tribe of) Thamud, (at their demand), the she-camel visible (to their sight); yet they dealt unjustly with her: And we send not (a prophet) with miracles, but to strike terror.” (Sale)

“What stopped us from sending the miracles is that the previous generations have rejected them. For example, we showed Thamoud the camel, a profound (miracle), but they transgressed against it. We sent the miracles only to instill reverence.” (Khalifa)

As we can see, the word “Sign” in this verse denotes the visible and clearly observable miracle of Allah. The Sign or Miracle that Allah sent in this specific instant was a she-camel that was visible to the people of Thamud. The miracle was sent to open their eyes but they treated the she-camel wrongly and killed her. After this incident, Allah decided not to send any more miracles in the future. What can we conclude by the above words of Allah in Surah 17:59?

One: It shows that Allah has “stopped sending miracles.” This means that long before the coming of Muhammad, Allah has decided to stop sending miracles. Hence, if the Qur’an is true, then Muhammad could not have performed any miracle. Therefore, whenever Muslims proudly claim that their Prophet performed many miracles, they are at the same instant admitting that Allah lied in Surah 17:59.

Two: It specifies Allah’s reason for not sending miracles. This verse states that Allah found it pointless to perform miracles “because the men of former generations treated them as false.” In other words, Allah has stopped sending miracles because people in the past did not believe in them.

Three: It shows in which period of time Allah made a decision to stop sending miracles.

It is hard to imagine how Muslims could put faith in this weak excuse of Allah. Allah is in effect saying, “We don’t do miracles any more because the people of Thamud killed our she-camel.” This Qur’anic verse is significant because we can feel a sense of defeat in Allah at the hands of mere humans. Even more important is the fact that this verse proves that Allah is clearly lying here in the Qur’an. Contrary to what Allah claims, myriads of Jews and Christians who lived in the past did believe in the miracles performed by Moses and Jesus, and millions more continue to do so today. However, we have not come to the end of the evidences pointing to the lies of Allah. We will now consider an indisputable confirmation that Allah lied in the Qur’an.


More than twenty Qur’anic passages show that whenever Muhammad was asked by his contemporaries to perform a single miracle, he either remained silent or said that he could not do so because he was no more than just an ordinary human being. The most explicit of these passages is in Surah 17:90-93:

They said, “We will not believe you unless you cause a spring to gush out of the ground. “Or unless you own a garden of date palms and grapes, with rivers running through it. “Or unless you cause masses from the sky, as you claimed, to fall on us. Or unless you bring GOD and the angels before our eyes. “Or unless you own a luxurious mansion, or unless you climb into the sky. Even if you do climb, we will not believe unless you bring a book that we can read.” Say, “Glory be to my Lord. Am I any more than a human messenger?” (Khalifa)

We will now analyze Surah 17:59 once again but from a different point of view. Our objective is to prove beyond any reasonable doubt that Allah is a liar and the Qur’an is a lie. To begin, we will establish the fact that according to the Qur’an, it was the Prophet Salih who was sent by Allah to the people of Thamud during the tragedy of the she-camel:

Surah 7:73: To the Thamud people (We sent) Salih, one of their own brethren: He said: “O my people! Worship Allah: ye have no other god but Him. Now hath come unto you a clear (Sign) from your Lord! This she-camel of Allah is a Sign unto you: So leave her to graze in Allah’s earth, and let her come to no harm, or ye shall be seized with a grievous punishment.”

Surah 7:75: The leaders of the arrogant party among his people said to those who were reckoned powerless – those among them who believed: “know ye indeed that Salih is a messenger from his Lord?” They said: “We do indeed believe in the revelation which hath been sent through him.”

Surah 7:77: Then they ham-strung the she-camel, and insolently defied the order of their Lord, saying: “O Salih! Bring about thy threats, if thou art an apostle (of God)!” (Yusuf Ali)

As a result of the above insolent act of the people of Thamud, Surah 17:59 testifies that Allah has now refrained from sending miracles. The Qur’an does not mention the time period when Prophet Salih was sent to the people of Thamud. But, we can say with certainty that it must be before the time of Jesus Christ, because according to Muhammad himself, there were no prophets or apostles between the time of Jesus and Muhammad. In other words, the only “Prophet” who was sent after Jesus was Muhammad.

Sahih Muslim, Book 030, Hadith Number 5835:

Abu Huraira reported Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) as saying: I am most akin to Jesus Christ among the whole of mankind, and all the Prophets are of different mothers but belong to one religion and no Prophet was raised between me and Jesus.

The Hadith states that “no Prophet was raised between (Muhammad) and Jesus,” Therefore, Salih could not have been sent after the arrival of Jesus but before. Otherwise, it would place him between Jesus and Muhammad. Therefore, Allah must have stopped sending miracles long before Jesus set foot on earth. Yet, the Qur’an admits that Jesus performed many miracles and it even describes some of his miracles.

Surah 3:49: And I (Jesus) heal the blind and the leprous, and bring the dead to life with Allah’s permission. (Shakir)

How can this be possible? This shows that Allah’s claim in the Qur’an that he was the source behind the powerful works of Jesus is a lie. By his own admission, Allah could not be the one who empowered Jesus with miracles. He simply could not be the originator of Jesus’ miraculous works. Who then is the source of the miracles of Jesus? The Bible clearly identifies Jehovah as the true source behind the astounding works performed by Jesus Christ:

Acts 10:38: “You know that God anointed Jesus from Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and with power. Jesus went through the land doing good and healing all those oppressed by the Devil. Jesus did these things because God was with him.”

Jehovah not only caused the miraculous birth of Jesus but also empowered him to perform many miracles. This raises vital questions regarding the true source behind the inspiration of the Qur’an. It certainly could not come from the same Almighty God who performed many miracles through Jesus. Since the Qur’an itself states that Allah has stopped sending miracles long before the arrival of Jesus, Muslims are faced with a dilemma.

To accept the account of Jesus’ miracles in the Qur’an would now mean that Muslims have to also accept the fact that Allah is a liar. Now, how are Muslims going to reconcile Allah’s statement to the effect that he stopped sending miracles after the people of Thamud killed his miraculous she-camel with his claim in the Qur’an that he performed many miracles through Jesus Christ? Which of these two statements is correct? Is it not clear that Allah is an imposter pretending to be the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses and Jesus? Is it not clear that Allah lied in the Qur’an when he said:

Surah 2:87: “We gave Jesus, son of Mary, profound miracles and supported him with the Holy Spirit.” (Khalifa)

It has always been the practice of Allah to declare whatever he thought was necessary to deceive the unwary. Whenever he wanted to make an impact on his audience with his pretentious awesome power, he talked about the miracles, which he supposedly performed through Biblical prophets. However, when the people of Muhammad’s time demanded that he prove his godship through the evidence of miracles, he dodged them by saying: “I have stopped sending miracles, as people in the past did not believe in them.”

This chameleon-like, utterly deceitful behavior on the part of Allah makes him not only a liar but also a cunning schemer. As such, he is totally deceitful. When the unbelievers questioned why Muhammad could not perform a single miracle for them, Allah could not answer them with a miracle. Note carefully how the “miracle-less” Allah evaded the challenge by drawing their attention to the fact that there are sufficient proofs of miracles in the Holy Bible:

Surah 20:133: “They say: “Why does he not bring us a sign (proof) from his Lord?” Has there not come to them the proof of that which is (written) in the former papers (Scriptures, i.e. the Taurat (Torah), and the Injeel (Gospel)…” (Hilali-Khan)

They said, “If he could only show us a miracle from his Lord!” Did they not receive sufficient miracles with the previous messages? (Khalifa)

They say: “Why does he not bring us a sign from his Lord?” “Has not a Clear Sign come to them of all that was in the former Books of revelation?” (Yusuf Ali)

As clarified in Hilali-Khan’s translation, the “former Books of revelation” are none other than the “Torah” and the “Gospel.” The Qur’an confirms that accounts of authentic Miracles or Signs can be found in the Holy Bible. Therefore, the source behind those miracles must be none other than the One who inspired the Holy Bible. The Bible identifies Him as Jehovah God. If Muslims need to know anything about true miracles, they must heed the Qur’an’s advice to look for them in the Holy Bible. As we have seen, not only Allah failed to perform any miracles through Muhammad but he also lied to cover up his failure. Muslims must realize that it is not an outside source but the evidences provided by the Qur’an itself proves that Allah is a liar. The fact that Jesus performed many miracles – as proven in the Qur’an – after the time of Salih, confirms the lies of Allah.


In contrast, the Holy Bible tells us that it is impossible for Jehovah God to lie.

Hebrews 6:18: “It is impossible for God to lie.”

Titus 1:2: “In the hope of eternal life which God, who cannot lie, promised before times eternal.”

If the God of the Bible cannot lie, then his revealed word, the Holy Bible must also be true. On the other hand, since Allah fabricated lies in the Qur’an, the Qur’an must surely be false.

As the Bible testifies, it is impossible for Jehovah to lie. He is 100% dependable. His word is always true and his promises are always sure. When we surrender our life to Him, we are guaranteed that he will do what he says. How refreshing it is to come across someone who not only will not lie, but by his very nature cannot lie. Christians must always keep this treasured quality of their God in mind every time they read the Bible, every time they pray and every time they reach out for His love, care and protection. Yes! God cannot lie. What a comforting and reassuring truth. What a grand privilege to worship a God of such integrity. What a grand blessing it is to worship Jehovah our heavenly Father.

Who then is the lying deity behind the inspiration of the Qur’an?

John 8:44: “You belong to your father the Devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, and he did not stand fast in the truth, because truth is not in him. When he speaks the lie, he speaks according to his own character, for he is a liar and the father of the lie.”

The Bible identifies Satan the Devil as a “liar and the father of the lie.” And as we can clearly see, there is irrefutable proof in the Qur’an that Allah lied. Thus, according to the Holy Bible, Satan is a liar. And according to the Qur’an, Allah is a liar. This fact helps us identify who Allah really is. This gives us another convincing reason to reject Islam.

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