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According to the teachings of Allah in the Qur’an, Muslim men are authorized to marry prepubescent girls. This authorization includes the right to engage in sexual intercourse with their prepubescent child brides. Islam legitimizes this gross sexual violation against children as acceptable code of conduct for Muslim men. It legitimizes this depraved sexual behavior by incorporating this immoral act within the framework of marriage. By authorizing Muslim men to engage in sex with minors, Islam legitimizes both rape and pedophilia in its theology. Through a single verse in the Qur’an, Allah grants Muslim men the license to rape children.

In order to understand how the raping of children is legalized in Islam, we must begin with Surah 65:4. This Qur’anic verse stipulates a waiting period which a divorced Muslim woman must observe before she can remarry. This waiting period is known as Iddah” or Iddat in Islamic terminology. The purpose of this waiting period is to determine if the woman is pregnant or not at the time of her divorce. This is to ensure the identity of the father of any children born after the annulment of the marriage. To confirm that this waiting period is related to the procedure of divorce in Islam, we will first read Surah 65:1.

Surah 65:1: O Prophet! If you and the believers divorce your wives, divorce them at the end of their prescribed periods, and count their prescribed periods accurately. (Farook Malik)

The above Qur’anic verse provides the context for Surah 65:4. The duration of the waiting period is specified in Surah 65:4. It separates the divorced women into three different categories. Let us consider now the prescribed waiting period for the three categories of women:

Surah 65:4: In the case of those of your wives who have passed the age of menstruation, if you have any doubt, know that their waiting period is three months; and that will apply likewise to those who have not yet menstruated; the waiting period of those who are pregnant will be until they deliver their burden (give birth). (W. Khan)

Hilali-Khan’s translation makes it even clearer:

And those of your women as have passed the age of monthly courses, for them the ‘Iddah, if you have doubts is three months, and for those who have no courses (i.e. they are still immature) their ‘Iddah is three months likewise… And for those who are pregnant, their ‘Iddah is until they deliver (their burdens).” (Hilali-Khan)

In the first category are the women who have passed the age of menstruation due to their old age. Their waiting period is three months. In the second category are “those who have not yet menstruated.” This category consists of prepubescent girls who have yet to menstruate due to their young age. Their iddah is also three months. It is the divorced wives in this category who will be the focus of our discussion. In the third category are the women who are pregnant at the time of their divorce. Their prescribed iddah is until they give birth to the child. However, there is an exception to this requirement. This exception can be found in the following Qur’anic verse:

Surah 33:49: “O you who believe! When you marry believing women, and then divorce them before you have sexual intercourse with them, no ‘Iddah (divorce prescribed period, see Surah 65:4) have you to count in respect of them. So give them a present, and set them free i.e. divorce, in a handsome manner.” (Hilali-Khan)

If a woman is divorced before the occurrence of any sexual act between her and her husband, then she is not required to observe the stipulated waiting period. Surah 33:49 helps us to understand that the requirement of the waiting period is very much dependant on the sexual consummation of the marriage. In other words, no sex means no waiting period. Let us read another translation of Surah 33:49 to confirm this fact:

Surah 33:49: Believers, if you marry believing women, and divorce them before the marriage is consummated, you are not required to observe a waiting period. (W. Khan)

This Qur’anic verse is vital since it reveals that the prescribed waiting period is not obligatory in circumstances where a husband divorces his wife before the event of any sexual act between them. However, the waiting period is mandatory when the marriage is consummated. Therefore, by stating that the waiting period for those who have not yet menstruated is three months, Surah 65:4 actually substantiates the fact that sexual intercourse had already occurred between the prepubescent girls and their husbands. By permitting men to engage in sexual intercourse with minors, Islam legitimizes an act that is categorized as rape by the rest of the civilized world. Islam sanctions this serious sexual crime by classifying it as marriage.

Surah 65:4 lays down the rules for the prescribed waiting period after a divorce takes effect. What is extremely troubling is the waiting period for prepubescent girls. Can you comprehend the damaging implication of this Qur’an verse? Through this single Qur’anic verse, Allah grants Muslim men the license to rape children. This single Qur’anic verse grants Muslim men the right to:

  • Marry young girls who have yet to reach the age of puberty.
  • Engage in sexual intercourse with these prepubescent child brides.
  • And divorce these child brides when they are through with them sexually.

Since the purpose of the waiting period is to determine pregnancy, this confirms the shocking reality that Muslim men are authorized to engage in sexual intercourse with their prepubescent child wives. Think! If these child brides had not even reached puberty at the time of their divorce, imagine how young they must have been at the time of their marriage. The important issue that we need to bear in mind is that Islam authorizes Muslim men to engage in sexual intercourse with children. And the husbands can divorce their child brides after they are through with them sexually. Well, what other reason could there be for a man to marry a child? Can she take on the wifely duties of a matured wife?

The secular laws of civilized nations declare that it is unlawful to engage in sexual intercourse with minors – with or without their consent. This sexual crime is legally classified as statutory rape. Thus, Surah 65:4 bears witness to the irrefutable truth that the raping of minors is sanctioned in Islam. The license to rape children is clearly authorized in the Qur’an.

It is mind-boggling how this religion can get away with this amount of filthiness in it. How can decent Muslims not see this? We are talking about one of the most despicable acts that only the most depraved are capable of committing. Yet, it is an act that is not only sanctioned by Allah but also set as an example by the Prophet of Islam. Ignore the legitimacy that Islam tries to give this evil practice by classifying it as marriage. The only legitimacy that this marriage grants a pedophile is the license to rape his victim as often as he wishes. He can now commit this despicable act with an untroubled conscience within the security of his home. Whatever trace of guilt that a pedophile may have had before will now be obliterated by the sanctification of this marriage in Islam. Islam protects the pedophile by granting him the right to carry out his sexual depravity without fear of punishment. Islam is a pedophile’s paradise. Concerning this depraved act, a well-known Muslim scholar stated:

No one has the right to forbid a thing that the Qur’an has held as permissible.”

As usual, Muslim apologists will deny all these evidences and claim that there has to be some other explanation for Surah 65:4. In order to expose their lies, we will now consider the Tafsirs (Commentaries) of renowned Muslim scholars. These Muslim scholars are the heavyweights of Islam. Quoted below are the significant parts of their Tafsirs that is vital to our discussion.

Sayyid Abul Ala Maududi is one of Islam’s foremost scholars. In his Commentary on Surah 65:4, he gave the following clarifications regarding sex with prepubescent children.

Tafhim al Qur’an, Volume 5, p. 620, note 13:

Here, one should bear in mind the fact that according to the explanations given in the Quran the question of the waiting period arises in respect of the women with whom marriage may have been consummated, for there is no waiting-period in case divorce is pronounced before the consummation of marriage. (Al-Ahzab: 49). Therefore, making mention of the waiting-period for girls who have not yet menstruated, clearly proves that it is not only permissible to give away the girl at this age but it is permissible for the husband to consummate marriage with herNow, obviously no Muslim has the right to forbid a thing which the Qur’an has held as permissible.”

This great Muslim scholar confirms the fact that not only does the Qur’an authorize Muslim men to marry prepubescent girls but they are also authorized to consummate the marriage. In other words, they are authorized to engage in sexual intercourse with their prepubescent child wives. Maududi also warns that no Muslims have the right to forbid what Allah has authorized in the Qur’an. If Allah grants Muslim men the right to rape little girls, then all is well and good.

Ibn Kathir (1300 CE-1373 CE) is another great Muslim scholar. His works are extensively used in many institutions of higher learning in the Muslim world. Let us consider his Commentary on Surah 65:4.

Tafsir Ibn Kathir on Surah 65:4:

The `Iddah of Those in Menopause and Those who do not have Menses Allah the Exalted clarifies the waiting period of the woman in menopause. And that is the one whose menstruation has stopped due to her older age. Her `Iddah is three months instead of the three monthly cycles for those who menstruate, which is based upon the Ayah in Surah Al-Baqarah. (See S. 2:228) The same for the young, who have not reached the years of menstruation. Their `Iddah is three months like those in menopause. This is the meaning of His saying.”

We will now consider the Commentary of Al-Jalalayn. His Tafsir is recognized as one of the most important exegeses of the Qur’an. Its importance can be seen by the fact that it has been translated into many languages. Among them are languages such as English, French, Bengali, Urdu, Malay/Indonesian, Persian, Turkish and Japanese.

Tafsir Al-Jalalayun on Surah 65:4:

And as for those of your women who (read allā’ī or allā’i in both instances) no longer expect to menstruate, if you have any doubts, about their waiting period, their prescribed waiting period shall be three months, and also for those who have not yet menstruated, because of their young age, their period shall also be three months.

Al-Tabari (839 CE–923 CE) was one of Islam’s earliest historians. He was a well-respected Islamic scholar who is recognized for his expertise in both the Tafsirs of the Qur’an and the History of Islam. In his Commentary on Surah 65:4, Al-Tabari wrote the following exegesis.

Tafsir Al-Tabari XIV:142:

The interpretation of the verse: “And those of your women as have passed the age of monthly courses, for them the ‘Iddah (prescribed period), if you have doubt (about their periods), is three months. The same applies to the ‘idaah for girls who do not menstruate because they are too young, if their husbands divorce them after consummating the marriage with them.”

All the above Tafsirs by the great scholars of Islam substantiate the fact that Muslim men are allowed to rape their prepubescent child wives. Otherwise, the requirement to observe the waiting period will not be necessary. Muslim apologists who deny the authorization of this evil practice in Islam are clearly deceiving us to conceal the shame of Islam. However, we are not through with them yet. The following Hadiths also collaborate with the above Tafsirs of the early scholars of Islam.

Sahih Bukhari, Volume 7, Book 62, Number 63:

Narrated Sahl bin Sad: The Prophet said, “Go, I have agreed to marry her to you with what you know of the Qur’an as her Mahr.” “And for those who have no courses (i.e. they are still immature). (Sura 65:4) And the ‘Iddat for the girl before puberty is three months as stated in the above Verse.”

Giving away children in marriage became permissible in Islam by reason of Allah’s decree in Surah 65:4. Not only the approval of child marriage is taught in the Qur’an but Muhammad himself set the example when he married young Aisha. Muhammad married Aisha when she was only six. He consummated the marriage when he was fifty-four and she was nine.

Sahih Bukhari, Volume 7, Book 62, Number 64:

Narrated By ‘Aisha: That the Prophet married her when she was six years old and he consummated his marriage when she was nine years old, and then she remained with him for nine years (i.e., till his death).

Sahih Muslim, Book 008, Number 3309:

‘Aisha (Allah be pleased with her) reported: Allah’s Messenger (pbuh) married me when I was six years old, and I was admitted to his house at the age of nine.

Sunan Abu Dawud, Volume 2, Hadith Number 2116:

Aisha said, ‘The Apostle of Allah married me when I was seven years old.’ (The narrator Sulaiman said: “Or six years.”). “He had intercourse with me when I was 9 years old.”

We have provided evidences from three different scholars of Islam. Their Hadiths are recognized as the most authentic in the Muslim world. All three testify that Aisha was nine years old when Muhammad had sexual intercourse with her. Do not be deceived when Muslim apologists claim otherwise. Islamic sources prove that Aisha was still a prepubescent child when Muhammad consummated the marriage with her. We will now look at the evidences which confirm that Aisha was still a prepubescent child when Muhammad first had sexual intercourse with her.

Sahih Bukhari, Volume 8, Book 73, Number 151:

Narrated ‘Aisha: I used to play with the dolls in the presence of the Prophet, and my girl friends also used to play with me. When Allah’s Apostle used to enter (my dwelling place) they used to hide themselves, but the Prophet would call them to join and play with me. (The playing with the dolls and similar images is forbidden, but it was allowed for ‘Aisha at that time, as she was a little girl, not yet reached the age of puberty.) (Fateh-al-Bari page 143, Vol.13)

Sahih Muslim, Book 008, Number 3311:

‘A’isha (Allah be pleased with her) reported that Allah’s Apostle (peace be upon him) married her when she was seven years old, and she was taken to his house as a bride when she was nine, and her dolls were with her; and when he (the Holy Prophet) died she was eighteen years old.

Sunan Nas’ai, Book of Marriage, Number 3256:

A’ishah said: The Apostle of Allah peace be upon him married me when I was six and had intercourse with me when I was nine and I was playing with dolls.”

Sahih Muslim, Book 031, Number 5981:

Aisha reported that she used to play with dolls in the presence of Allah’s Messenger and when her playmates came to her they left (the house) because they felt shy of Allah’s Messenger whereas Allah’s Messenger sent them to her.

In summary, the above Hadiths reveal the following vital facts:

Sahih Bukhari, Volume 7, Book 62, Number 64: Muhammad married Aisha when she was six-years-old and she was taken to his house as a bride when she was nine.

Sahih Muslim, Book 008, Number 3311: Aisha still had her dolls with her when she was taken to Muhammad’s house as a bride.

Sunan Nas’ai, Book of Marriage, Number 3256: Aisha was still playing with her dolls when Muhammad had intercourse with her.

Sahih Muslim, Book 031, Number 5981: Aisha was still playing with her dolls even after the consummation of her marriage.

Sahih Bukhari, Volume 8, Book 73, Number 151: While playing with the dolls is forbidden in Islam, it was allowed for Aisha as she has not yet reached the age of puberty at that time of her marriage.

Thus, it becomes clear that Aisha was still a prepubescent child when Muhammad first had sex with her. The famous Islamic scholar, Al-Khattaabee confirmed this when he clearly stated:

“The only reason why permission in this (playing with dolls) was given to ‘Aa’isha is because she had not, at that time, reached the age of puberty.”

Many are deceived into believing that Islam authorizes sexual intercourse with the child brides only after attain puberty. In other words, only after the child brides began their menses. This is a lie. Surah 65:4 clearly authorizes Muslim men to engage in sex with their child brides before they even reach puberty. And the scholars of Islam concur with this teaching. Many are also misled into believing that Muhammad waited until Aisha reached puberty before he had sex with her. As we have noted, Islamic records prove otherwise. These authentic Islamic sources prove that he had sex with her before she began her menses. The undeniable fact is that Muhammad had sex with Aisha while she was still a child. The Qur’an allows this, Muhammad did this, Aisha confirms this, and the scholars of Islam affirm this. Now, the children of Islam have to deal with this perversion of Islam.

Muslims are commanded to imitate the example of Muhammad. In keeping with this commandment, Muslims maintain this same destructive practice until today. Following are excerpts taken from an interview with Dr. Ahmad Al-Mu’bi who is a Saudi marriage officiant. Listen carefully to his words:

It is allowed to marry a girl at the age of one, if sex is postponed. The Prophet Muhammad, whose model we follow, married ‘Aisha when she was six and had sex with her when she was nine.’” (Source: Aired on LBC TV (Lebanon) – June 19, 2008)

Islam sanctions the raping of children – the most abominable of all sexual crimes. This places Islam in a far darker and contemptible position than we have been led to believe. Sex with children is rape. Period! Therefore, any support for Islam means the same as supporting the sexual exploitation of children. Muhammad’s teachings on the laws of marriage as well as his own participation in it have resulted in the victimization of millions of children today. Muhammad established an appalling standard for Islam. Muslim parents blindly hand over their daughters to be raped – legally. This is grossly wicked and should not be condoned. Therefore, to support Islam is to support rape and pedophilia.


Pedophilia is defined as a “sexual deviation of being sexually attracted to prepubescent children.” Pedophilia is considered as a serious crime in all civilized societies. Of course, the exception being Islam where it is sanctioned in its theology. By legitimizing marriage with minors, Islam authorizes pedophilia within its theology. Muslims cannot condemn pedophilia simply because this would only draw attention to the sexual perversion of the founder of Islam. As a result of Muhammad’s marriage to young Aisha, the sexual exploitation of children under the guise of marriage is widespread in many Islamic countries.

Sheikh Hamoud Hashim, general secretary of the Vice and Virtue Committee in Yemen stated:

Because this happened to the Prophet, we cannot tell people that it is prohibited to marry at an early age.” (Source: BBC NEWS: Published on 6 November 2008)

Muslims cannot condemn pedophilia without denying the teachings of Islam. Muslims venerate Muhammad to the extent that they are unable to condemn pedophilia as a result of his association with it. If Muhammad is considered as a perfect example then Muslims must also consider him as the perfect pedophile. That is why pedophilia – in the guise of marriage – is widespread in many Muslim countries. Muhammad should be judged as a man who established child abuse as a norm in Islam. The divine standards established in Christianity are far superior when it comes to protecting children. While Jesus loved children and spoke highly of their innocence, Muhammad made love to children and robbed them of their innocence:

Matthew 18:1-4: In that hour the disciples came near to Jesus and said: “Who really is greatest in the Kingdom of the heavens?” So calling a young child to him, he stood him in their midst and said: “Truly I say to you, unless you turn around and become as young children, you will by no means enter into the Kingdom of the heavens. Therefore, whoever will humble himself like this young child is the one who is the greatest in the Kingdom of the heavens.”

And Jesus warns:

Mark 9:42: “Whoever causes one of these little children who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him if a great millstone were hung round his neck and he were thrown into the sea.”

Muslims need to honestly evaluate their religion. Did the teachings of Islam mold Muhammad’s behavior or did Muhammad shape Islam into his image? In other words, is the Qur’an a reflection of his character? As defined earlier, a pedophile is one who feels sexually attracted towards children. Did Muhammad have this weakness which he then projected into the teachings of the Qur’an? Is this the reason why sex with prepubescent children is taught in the Qur’an? Is this the reason why the Qur’an sanctions pedophilia? For this to be true, it must be proven beyond doubt that Muhammad did indeed display the unmistakable characteristics of a pedophile. Did he? To begin, Aisha was not the only child Muhammad had his eyes on. He had his eyes on two other infants.

Infant Number One:

Ibn Ishaq: Suhayli, ii. 79:

“In the riwaya of Yunus Ibn Ishaq it is recorded that the apostle saw her (Ummu’lFadlwhen she was a baby crawling before him and said, ‘If she grows up and I am still alive I will marry her.’ But he died before she grew up…” (A Translation of Ishaq’s Sirat Rasul Allah by A. Guillaume)

Infant Number Two:

Musnad Ahmad, Hadith Number 25636:

Muhammad saw Um Habiba the daughter of Abbas while she was fatim (age of nursing) and he said, “If she grows up while I am still alive, I will marry her.”

Muslims should step out of the shoes of Islam and look at their Prophet objectively. What kind of man would look at crawling babies and suckling infants and express his desire to marry them? What was on his mind when he expressed his desire to marry them? Does not this indicate that he was attracted to the infants the very moment he laid his eyes on them? Otherwise, why would he express his desire to marry them? His affair with young Aisha serves as a window into the sexual orientation of this man. He married her when she was six and sexually assaulted her when she was nine. Fortunately for Ummu’lFadl, Muhammad died before he could marry her. In the case of Um Habiba, Muhammad actually proposed to marry her but it was discovered that she was his foster niece.

The History of Al-Tabari, Volume IX: 140:

He proposed to Umm Habib bt. al-‘Abbas b. ‘Abd al-Muttalib, but discovered that al-‘Abbas was his foster-brother; Thuwaybah had nursed them both.”

Here we have two instances (besides Aisha) where a man well over fifty had his eyes on two infants with marriage in view. Now, don’t you think that’s a problem? Can this man truly be a prophet of God? These are the only two records of potential infant victims that are available to us. How many other children did this pervert lust after? Only God knows! The fact that Muhammad twice dreamed about Aisha when she was still a baby, shows the pedophilic nature of this man. These were not dreams but sexual fantasies of a pedophile.

Sahih Bukhari, Volume 7, Book 62, Number 15:

Narrated By ‘Aisha: Allah’s Apostle said (to me), “You have been shown to me twice in my dreams. A man was carrying you in a silken cloth and said to me, ‘This is your wife.’ I uncovered it; and behold, it was you. I said to myself, ‘If this dream is from Allah, He will cause it to come true.’”

If this is not a sexual fantasy of a pedophile then what is it? Aisha was only a baby when Muhammad had this dream – twice. Notice the craving in his words, “If this dream is from Allah, He will cause it to come true.” To even think of a baby in terms of a wife is both outrageous and shocking. There is more!

Sahih Bukhari, Volume 7, Book 62, Number 173:

Narrated Jabir bin Abdullah: The Prophet said, “If you enter your town at night after coming from a journey, do not enter upon your family till the woman whose husband was absent from the house shaves her pubic hair and the woman with unkempt hair, combs her hair.”

Why would a Prophet of God involve himself with the intimate affairs between a husband and his wife? Why would he offer such intrusive direction to the husband to wait until his wife shaves her pubic hair? Is it to ensure that her vagina resembles like that of a young child? Does this not reveal Muhammad’s own inner cravings? What theological reasons could there be for this otherwise meaningless instruction? Sometimes even the most cautious serpent slips up. And Muhammad was no exception as the following Hadith shows.

Sahih Bukhari, Volume 7, Book 62, Number 17:

Narrated Jabir bin Abdullah: When I got married, Allah’s Apostle said to me, “What type of lady have you married?” I replied, “I have married a matron.” Allah’s Apostle said, “Why didn’t you marry a young girl so that you might play with her and she with you?”

Can we ever imagine Jesus giving such instructions to his disciples? It is unthinkable! To sexually molest a child is evil. To sexually molest a child while proclaiming to be a prophet of God is exceedingly evil. As a human, Muhammad may have had his weaknesses but what excuse does Allah have to sanction both rape and pedophilia in the Qur’an? There are many more dirty little secrets in Islam. You will be surprised to learn that not only are Muslim men authorized to rape children but they are also authorized to rape women who are not their legal wives. This authorization comes from another verse in the Qur’an. Please click the following link to learn this shocking truth about Islam:

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