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Muslims are tirelessly promoting Islam and claim that soon it will dominate the world. In doing so, they go against the Quran. Therefore, it is fair to say they are kafir.


The Quran 10:47 says,

And for every people there is a Messenger.


And 14: 4 says,

And WE have not sent any Messenger except with revelation in the language of his people in order that he might make things clear to them.


If these verses are true, then Islam is not for non-Arabs. The Quran attests that every people have received their divine message in their own language so they can understand it and the Quran is for Arabs.


This concept is so important that it is repeated numerous times.


Q. 16:36.
And WE did raise among every people a Messenger


Q. 5:48
For each of you WE prescribed a clear spiritual Law and a manifest way in secular matters


Q. 32:3
It [the Quran] is the truth from your Lord; that you [Muhammad] may warn a people to whom no Warner has come before you, that they may be guided.


Q. 36.6
[This is a revelation] That thou mayest warn a people whose fathers were not warned, and so they are heedless.


These verses leave no room for misunderstanding. Allah is saying that every people has had their own messenger who warned them in their own language, and that Muhammad is for those who have not yet received any guidance, and whose fathers were not warned, i.e. the Arabs. In this way they won’t have any excuse and can’t say, but we did not receive any message.


Q. 6: 156- 157 explain,
Lest you should say, `The Book was sent down only to two peoples before us, (Jews and Christians) and we were indeed unaware of what they read.

Or lest you should say, `Had the Book been sent down to us, we should surely have been better guided than they.’ There has now come to you a clear evidence from your Lord and a guidance and a mercy.


The Quran is clear only to Arabs. Non Arabs don’t understand it. Muslims insist that no translation of the Quran can be accurate. Hence, it can never be clear to non-Arabs. That makes sense because it is not intended for non-Arabs.


Another confirmation that the Quran was sent only for the Arabs is in verses 26: 198-199

And if WE had sent it down to one of the non-Arabs, and he had read it to them, they would never have believed in it.


Just as Arabs have no reason to believe in a book written in a non-Arab language, non-Arabs have no reason to believe in a book written in Arabic. That is why Allah sends a messenger to each people in their own language so they understand. That makes perfect sense.


To make sure there is no misunderstanding the Quran 5:19 reiterates:

O People of the Book, there indeed has come to you Our Messenger, after a break in the series of Messengers, who makes things clear to you lest you should say, `There has come to us no bearer of glad tidings and no Warner.’ So a bearer of glad tidings and a warner has indeed come to you. And ALLAH has power over all things.


According to the Quran all people have received a revelation. The above verse says the Quran is for those who never received a revelation, lest they should say, `There has come to us no bearer of glad tidings and no Warner’.


This matter is clear, but Allah wants it to be clear even to the dumbest of people. He names the exact geographic location for which Muhammad was sent.


Q. 6:92
And this is a Book which WE have revealed, full of blessings, to fulfill that which preceded it, and to enable thee to warn the Mother of towns and those around it.


The mother of towns, Umul Qura, is Mecca. This verse says Islam was sent to warn Mecca and its surrounding ?????????. How can it be for all mankind?

Now this point is clear even to the dumbest of people, But Allah knows some people are really stupid and he wants to make this matter clear even to them.


So he repeats the same thing in verse 42:7


Thus have WE revealed to you the Qur’an in Arabic, that you may warn the Mother of towns, and all those around it.


I heard some Muslims say, around it means everywhere. That is not the definition of around it. When we say Rome and around it, we don’t include Paris, London, Tokyo and New York as Romes surroundings. Those who bring this argument are saying that Allah says something and means something else. In other words he is deceiving people. The Quran repeatedly claims to be a “clear book” (5:15) “easy to understand” (44:58 , 54:22 , 54:32, 54:40) “explained in detail” (6:114), “conveyed clearly”, (5:16, 10:15) and with “no doubt” in it (2:1).


Now, I am sure some Muslims can quote other verses that say Islam is for all mankind. If they do so, they will prove that the above verses are false.


Either the Quran is a pack of lies and contradictions or it is only for the Arabs of Mecca and its surrounding. You decide which.



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