Sunday, March 7, 2021


 So here we go:

  1. Allah tells a lie (Na’uzubillah). [Fatawa Rasheediyah by Maulana Rasheed Ahmad Gangohi, page 237]
  2. Allah cheats and mocks (Na’uzubillah). [Sefat Allah by Alawi al-Saqaaf, page 89]
  3. Allah is the root source of all evils (Na’uzubillah). [Musnad Abu Hanifa, page 152]
  4. Allah’s leg will be in hell (Na’uzubillah). [Sahih Bukhari Arabic-English Volume 6 hadith number 371 translated by Dr Muhsin Khan]
  5. Allah sits on the throne in a cross legged position (Na’uzubillah). [Ebtal al-Tawilat, by Imam Abu Y'ala al-Fara, Volume 1 page 189]
  6. Allah can be jealous (Na’uzubillah). [Sefat Allah by Alawi al-Saqaaf, page 160]
  7. Allah is exactly the same as human being save two qualities (Na’uzubillah). [Al-Qawasim min al-Awasim by Abu bakr ibn al-Arabi , page 209]
  8. Allah created the angels from His arm and chest (Na’uzubillah). [Al-Sunnah by Abdullah Ibn Ahmad ibn Hanbal, page 190]
  9. Allah could travel on a mosquito (Na’uzubillah). [Aqa'id al-Salaf by Imam Darami, page 443]
  10. Allah suffers from weight gain (Na’uzubillah). [Al-Sunnah by Abdullah Ibn Ahmad ibn Hanbal, page 161]
  11. Allah partakes in jogging (Na’uzubillah). [Alawi al-Saqaaf, page 232]
  12. It is permissible to write the Quran with urine (Na’uzubillah). [Fatawi Qazi Khan page 780 "Chapter al Khathur"]
  13. When Allah refers to blessings, He (swt) does so in Persian and when discusses persecution He (swt) does so in Arabic (Na’uzubillah). [Tafseer Ruh al-Bayan, Vol 10 page 480 – published in Constantinople]
  14. Ibn Umar believed that most of the Quran has been lost (Na’uzubillah). [Tafsir Duure Manthur, Volume 1 page 104]
  15. Tahreef has been done in the Quran (Na’uzubillah). [Faiz al Bari Shrah Sahih Bukhari, Volume 3 page 395, Kitab al Shahadaat, published in India]
  16. The Quran was revealed to substantiate the opinions of Umar (Na’uzubillah). [Tareekh Khulfa, page 110]
  17. The Mothers of believers opined that Tahreeh had taken place in Surah Baqra verse 238 (Na’uzubillah). [Sahih Muslim Book 004, Number 1316]
  18. Ayesha believed that some verses of the Quran were eaten by a goat (Na’uzubillah). [Sunan Ibn Majah, Book of Suckling, Hadith No. 2020]
  19. “ILAA AJALIN-MUSAMMA” has been removed from the Quran (Na’uzubillah). [Tafseer Durre Manthur, Volume 2 pages 140-141]
  20. The original Quran has 40 Parahs/Juz (Na’uzubillah). [Fatah al Bari, Volume 9 page 95]
  21. Ibn Abbas (ra) believed that there was a mistake in Surah Ra’ad on account of a sleepy scribe (Na’uzubillah). [Fatah al Bari, Volume 8 page 373]
  22. The pious Tabayeen and Sahaba believed that there was a mistake in Surah Aal e Imran verse 81 (Na’uzubillah). [Tafseer Tabari, Volume 6 page 554]
  23. A word in Surah Bani Israil verse 23 was altered on account of a scribes rough use of ink (Na’uzubillah). [Al-Itqan, Volume 1 page 542]
  24. Umar and some other Sahaba recited an incorrect word in Surah Juma verse 9 for the entirety of their lives (Na’uzubillah). [Tafseer Dur e Manthur, Volume 6 page 219]
  25. The Sahabi Ibn Masud believed that Tahreef took place in Surah Zukhraf verse 45 (Na’uzubillah). [Tafseer Dur al Manthur, Volume 7 page 382]
  26. Ibn Abbas (ra) and Saeed bin Jubayr highlighted a mistake in Surah Nur verse 27 (Na’uzubillah). [Tafseer Tabari, Volume 18 page 146]
  27. Ibn Abbas (ra) marked a mistake in Surah Nur, verse 35 (Na’uzubillah). [Tafseer Ibn Abi Hatim, Volume 8 page 2595]
  28. Ayesha rejected the authenticity of the the Quran by pointing out four mistakes in it (Na’uzubillah). [Tafseer Thalabi, Volume 6 page 250]
  29. Uthman testified that some Quranic words were incorrectly transcribed (Na’uzubillah). [Tafseer Ma'alam al Tanzeel, Volume 3 page 361]
  30. Uthman intentionally or inadvertently made some changes to the Quran (Na’uzubillah). [Al-Ahkam fe usul Al-Ahkam, Volume 1 page 528]
  31. The Salaf used to deny & change Quranic verses (Na’uzubillah). [Majmua al-Fatawa Volume 12 page 492]
  32. The Prophet (s) committed Tahrif of the Quran having come under the influence of Shaitan (Na’uzubillah). [Tafseer Dur al Manthur, Vol 4 page 367]
  33. The Prophet (s) remained an idol worshiper for 40 years (Na’uzubillah). [Fakhruddin al Razi, Volume 8 page 424]
  34. The Prophet wanted to commit suicide having acquired receipt of the first revelation. [Sahih Bukhari Volume 9, Book 87, Number 111]
  35. The Holy Prophet (s) was unaware of the correct religion and guidance (Na’uzubillah). [Aysar al-Tafasir by Abu Bakr al-Jazaeri, volume 5 page 2070]
  36. The Prophet (s) entered the Mosque to lead Salat in an impure state (Na’uzubillah). [Sahih Bukhari, Book of Ghusl Volume 1, Book 5, Number 274]
  37. The Prophet (s) would urinate whilst standing up (Na’uzubillah). [Sahih Muslim, Book of purification Book 002, Number 0523]
  38. The Prophet (s) prioritized searching for a necklace over Salat (Na’uzubillah). [Sahih Bukhari, Book of Tayamum Volume 1, Book 7, Number 330]
  39. The shrine of the Holy Prophet (s) should be bulldozed (Na’uzubillah). [Tuhfat al-Mujib by Muqbel al-Wadei, page 406]
  40. Holy Prophet (s) contemplated adultery (Na’uzubillah). [Sahih Ibn Habban, Volume 14 page 169]
  41. The Prophet (s) was busy in intercourse even in the moments preceding his death (Na’uzubillah). [Sahih Bukhari, Volume 7, Book 62, Number 144]
  42. The Prophet (s) attempted to flirt with his wife in the presence of strangers (Na’uzubillah). [Usud al-Ghaba by Imam Ibn Athir, Volume 1 page 56]
  43. The Holy Prophet (s) consumed alcohol (Na’uzubillah). [Al-Muajam al-Kabir, Volume 2 page 14 Tradition 1177]
  44. A Prophetic Hadith should be erased with pig’s tale (Na’uzubillah). [Tarikh Baghdad, Volume 13 page 401]
  45. Abu Hainfa’s edicts were better than the Prophet’s knowledge (Na’uzubillah). [Tarikh Baghdad, Volume 13 page 401]
  46. The Holy Prophet (s) had his sights set on a married woman (Na’uzubillah). [Tafsir Fatah al-Qadir, Volume 4 page 404]
  47. Rasulallah (s) would give sex advice sessions to the Sahaba in the presence of Ayesha (Na’uzubillah). [Sahih Muslim Book Haid 003, Number 0685]
  48. Rasulullah (s) would read the Quran using Ayesha’s lap whilst she was menstruating (Na’uzubillah). [Sahih Bukhari, Volume 1, Book 6, Number 295]
  49. Rasulullah (s) would discuss matters relating to male genitalia with a non-mahram woman (Na’uzubillah). [Muatta of Imam Malik, Book 2, Number 2.16.60]
  50. Shaytan can take the form of the Prophet (s) (Na’uzubillah). [Al Waseela, by Ibn Tamiyah, translated into Urdu by Ehsan Ali Zaheer page 41, (Idara Tarjamun ul Sunna - Sheeysh Muhall)]
  51. Shaytan fears Umar and not the Holy Prophet (s) (Na’uzubillah). [Sahih Tirmidhi, Volume 3 page 206 Hadith 2913]
  52. The Sahaba accused Prophet (s) of talking nonsense (Na’uzubillah). [Sahih Bukhari, Volume 9 hadith number 468 and Volume 4 hadith 393]
  53. If for example Prophet is born after the Prophet (s), it still does not affect his position as the Seal of all Prophets (Na’uzubillah). [Tahzeer ul Naas, page 25]
  54. The traits of Shakhayn (Abu Bakar and Umar) resemble to the traits of prophets (Na’uzubillah). [Maktubaat Imam Rabbani, Volume 1 page 425 Letter 251]
  55. A Deobandi Maulana saved Rasulullah (s) from falling in to Hell (Na’uzubillah). [al Balagha Ahraan, by Maulana Hussain Ali Bujruwee, page 8]
  56. Rasulullah (s) was taught Urdu by the Deobandies (Na’uzubillah). [Al Baraheyn ul Qatiya, by Rashid Ahmad Gangohi, page 26 (published in Kutubkhana Imdaadeyaa, Deoband, Uttar Pradesh)]
  57. The knowledge held by the Prophet (s) was also held by epileptics, the insane, the animals and beasts (Na’uzubillah). [Hifzul Iman, by Maulana Ashraf Ali Thavi, page 8]
  58. The Deobandi substitution of the Kalima with the name of one of their Ulema (Na’uzubillah). [Al-Imdad, issue for the month of Safar, by Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi 1336 A.H., circa 1918, page 35]
  59. Sayyida Fatima (as) embraces a Deobandi Scholar (Na’uzubillah). [Al-Ifaazaatul Yaumiyah, Volume 6 page 37]
  60. Sayyida Fatima (as) dressed a Deobandi mullah (Na’uzubillah). [Siraat e Mustaqeem, page 315]
  61. Imam Hussain (as) was justly killed by Yazeed (Na’uzubillah). [-Jame al-Saghir, Volume 1 page 365]
  62. Imam Hussain (as) made a mistake by conducting a ‘rebellion’ (Na’uzubillah). [Muhadrat fi Tarikh al-Umam al-Islamyia, Volumne 2 page 129]
  63. Lady Ayesha performed Ghusl before men (Na’uzubillah). [Sahih Muslim, Book 003, Number 0626]
  64. Ayesha was unsure if Holy Prophet (s) would tell truth (Na’uzubillah). [Ihya Ulum-id-din by Imam Ghazzali, Volume 2 page 36]
  65. The Prophet (s) did not love Hafsa (Na’uzubillah). [Sahih Muslim Book 009, Number 3507]
  66. Ayesha and Hafsa tried to create a rift between the Prophet (s) and his wife Zainab by attributing a lie to him (s) (Na’uzubillah). [Sahih Bukhari Volume 6, Book 60, Number 434]
  67. Ayesha tried to incite the Prophet’s wife Malika against him (s) (Na’uzubillah). [Tabaqat Ibn Saad, Volume 8 page 148]
  68. Ummul Mumineen Khadija was an old woman amongst the old women of Quraish an old woman (with a teethless mouth) of red gums (Na’uzubillah). [Sahih Bukhari Volume 5, Book 58, Number 168]
  69. Aisha tried to commit suicide when the Prophet (s) ignored her (Na’uzubillah). [Sahih Bukhari Book of Nikah Volume 7, Book 62, Number 138]
  70. Prophet’s wives are like the women of Yusuf (Na’uzubillah). [al-Tabaqat al Kabir, Volume 2 page 305 English translation by S. Moinul Haq]
  71. Ayesha would give sex advice to the Sahaba (Na’uzubillah). [Sahih Muslim Book 3, Number 0684]
  72. Some of the Sahabah were adulterers and drunkards (Na’uzubillah). [Sharh al-Aqyda al-Tahawyia, Volume1 page 284]
  73. Some of the Sahaba were Kaafirs (Na’uzubillah). [Risala Kashf al-Shubahat, page 33]
  74. The Prophet (s) cited the existence of twelve hypocrites in the shape of the Sahaba (Na’uzubillah). [Sahih Muslim, Book 038, Number 6688]
  75. The majority of the Sahaba and Tabayeen became hypocrites and Kafirs by opposing Ali bin Abi Talib (Na’uzubillah). [Minhaj al Sunnah, Volume 7, page 137-138]
  76. Some of the Sahabah went astray and became Fasiq (Na’uzubillah). [Sharh al-Maqasid Volume 2 page 306]
  77. Some of the Sahaba issued takfeer against one another (Na’uzubillah). [Marifat al-Ruwah, page 4]
  78. The Sahaba alleged that the Holy Prophet (s) was a thief (Na’uzubillah). [Al-Dur al-Manthur, Volume 2 page 361]
  79. The Sahaba utilized the Mosque to enable female voyeurism (Na’uzubillah). [Silsila Sahiha, Volume 5 page 608]
  80. The Sahaba abandoned the Prophet during his sermon so as to attend a caravan (Na’uzubillah). [Sahih Muslim Book 004, Number 1877]
  81. The Sahaba became apostates after the Prophet’s death (Na’uzubillah). [Sahih Bukhari, Volume 8 Hadith 587]
  82. Abu Bakar and Iblis were equal in faith (Na’uzubillah). [Tarikh Baghdad, Volume 13 page 376]
  83. Abu Bakar, Umar and Uthman tried to assassinate the Prophet (s) during the expedition of Tabuk (Na’uzubillah). [Al-Muhala, Volume 11 page 224]
  84. The Sahabi Mughira opened the door of bribery in Islam (Na’uzubillah). [Tarikh Dimashq, Volume 60 pafe 40]
  85. Abu Hurairah was a corrupt governor that lived off Haram earnings (Na’uzubillah). [Al-Iqd al-Farid, Volume 1 page 13]
  86. The Sahabi Khalid bin Waleed killed a Sahabi Malik bin Nuwera (ra) and then raped his widow (Na’uzubillah). [Tareekh Tabari, Volume 2 page 273]
  87. The Sahabi Dharar bin al-Auwzwar raped a woman under the auspices of Khalid bin Waaleed (Na’uzubillah). [Sunan al-Bayhaqi, Volume 2 page 365 Tradition 18685]
  88. The Sahabi Abu Talha would ingest ice whilst fasting (Na’uzubillah). [Silsila Zaefa, Volume 1 page 140]
  89. The Sahabi Ubada bin al-Saamit used to attribute lies to the Holy Prophet (s) (Na’uzubillah). [Musnaf Ibn Abi Sheybah, Volume 5 page 297 Tradition 363]
  90. Umar and Ibn Umar would busy themselves with killing lice whilst praying (Na’uzubillah). [Kanzl al-Umal, Volume 8 page 216]
  91. Umar consumed alcohol (Na’uzubillah). [Al-Mustatraf, Volume 2 page 499]
  92. Umar threatened to burn Fatima Zahra (sa) alive along with the other people that were residing in her home (Na’uzubillah). [Ibn Abi Shebah, Volume 7 page 432 Tradition 37045]
  93. The Sahabi Qudama bin Madhou’n consumed alcohol (Na’uzubillah). [al-Tamheed wa'l Bayan fi Maqtal al Shaheed Uthman, page 186]
  94. Sahabi Samra bin Jandab used to sell alcohol and Umar cursed him for that (Na’uzubillah). [Musnad Ahmed bin Hanbal, Volume 1 page 25 Tradition 170]
  95. Umar deemed the Sahabi Ruwaished al-Thaqafi to be a Fasiq for selling alcohol (Na’uzubillah). [Tahdir al-Sajid, page 57]
  96. The Sahabi Talha prevented water from reaching Uthman prior to his murder (Na’uzubillah). [Ansab al-Ashraf, Volume 2 pages 292-293]
  97. The Sahabi Zubair killed Uthman and cunningly sought to avenge his murder (Na’uzubillah). [History of al-Tabari, English Edition, Volume 16 pages 125-126]
  98. The Sahabi Amro bin Badil al-Khazai struck Uthman with a word and killed him (Na’uzubillah). [Tarikh Madina, Volume 4 page 1303]
  99. The Sahaba used to masturbate (Na’uzubillah). [Bada'i al-Fuwa'id, Volume 4 page 129]
  100. Muawiyah tolerated a person praising his mother’s genitalia (Na’uzubillah). [Rawudh al-Akhbar al-Muntakhab min Rabee al-Abrar, pages 220-221]
  101. Umar bin Khattab performed intercourse with a slave girl during her menses (Na’uzubillah). [Sunan Behaqqi, Volume 1 page 316]
  102. The Sahabi Umar married a woman against her will and then raped her (Na’uzubillah). [Tabaqat Ibn Saad, Volume 8 page 265]
  103. The Sahabi Khawat bin Jubair Ansari raped a girl (Na’uzubillah). [Al-Wafei bil Wafyat, Volume 13 page 266]
  104. The Sahabi Umro bin Hamza performed Zina (Na’uzubillah). [Usud al-Ghaba, Volume 1 page 846]
  105. The Sahabi Heet was homosexual (Na’uzubillah). [Usad al-Ghaba, Volume 1 page 1319]
  106. The Sahabi Hakam bin al-Aas was homosexual (Na’uzubillah). [Hayat al-Haywan, Volume 2 page 247]
  107. Abu Huraira was called a guinea pig (Na’uzubillah). [Sahih Bukhari, Volume 5, Book 59, Number 544]
  108. Abu Bakar asked Urwa bin Masud Thaqafi to suck the vagina of Laat (Na’uzubillah). [Sahih Bukhari, Kitab al Sharut, Chapter: al-Sharut fil Jihad, Hadith 2770]
  109. Prophet Musa & Isa (as) were unsuccessful because they didn’t have qualities of Imam Abu Hanifa (Na’uzubillah). [Dur al-Mukhtar, Volume 1 page 57]
  110. Abu Hanifa is superior to all Prophets including Prophet Muhammad (s) Na’uzubillah). [al-Dur al-Mukhtar, Volume 1 page 56]
  111. Prophet Isa will rule as per the Madhab of Imam Abu Hanifa (Na’uzubillah). [Imam e Aazam) published by M.H.Saeed Co. Karachi]
  112. Prophet Ibrahim (as) lied three times (Na’uzubillah). [Sahih Bukhari, Volume 4, Book 55, Number 577]
  113. Prophet Sulayman had sex with ninety nine women in one night (Na’uzubillah). [Sahih Bukhari Volume 4, Book 52, Number 74]
  114. Prophet Musa (as) bathed naked in the presence of his people (Na’uzubillah). [Sahih Bukhari, Chapter 39, Number 5849]
  115. Yazeed is sixth caliph of Ahle Sunnah (Na’uzubillah). [Sharah Fiqah Akbar, Page 70]
  116. The sixth Sunni Caliph Yazeed was a homosexual (Na’uzubillah). [Tareekh Islam, Volume 1 page 634]
  117. Sunni Caliph Waleed was a homosexual (Na’uzubillah). [Tarikh al-Islam, Volume 8 page 294]
  118. The Sunnies abandoned some Sunnah as the Shia adhered to them (Na’uzubillah). [Minhaj al-Sunnah, Volume 4 page 76]
  119. Having sex with one’s mother and murdering one’s father does not decrease one’s faith (Na’uzubillah). [Tarikh Baghdad, Volume 13 page 378]
  120. It is permissible to worship a shoe (Na’uzubillah). [Tarikh Baghdad, Volume 15 page 509]
  121. An individual that is unsure as to whether the Kaaba is situated in Makka is true, remains a Momin (Na’uzubillah). [Tarikh Baghdad, Volume 13 page 372]
  122. Masturbation is Halal (Na’uzubillah). [Bada'i al-Fuwa'id of Ibn Qayyim, page 129]
  123. The use of a Dildoe (female sex toy) is permissible (Na’uzubillah). [Bada'i al-Fuwa'id of Ibn Qayyim, page 129]
  124. Having Sex with watermelons is permissible (Na’uzubillah). [Bada'i al-Fuwa'id of Ibn Qayyim, page 129]
  125. Imam Malik performed sodomy (Na’uzubillah). [Tafseer Durre Manthur Volume 1 page 111, Ayat Hars]
  126. There are Sahih reports according to which the Sahabi Abdullah Ibn Umar believed in the legitimacy of performing sodomy with women (Na’uzubillah). [Tafseer Durre Manthur, Volume 1 page 638]
  127. The fuqaha of Madina deemed it permissible to sodomise women (Na’uzubillah). [Nail al-Awtar, Volume 6 page 154]
  128. The Imam of Ahl’ul Sunnah Ibn Abi Malika buggered his wife and utilized oil to assist entry (Na’uzubillah). [Tafseer Durre Manthur, Volume 1 page 638]
  129. It is permissible to sodomise women according to Imam Shafiyee (Na’uzubillah). [Tafseer Durre Manthur, Volume 1 page 638]
  130. The Scholars of Ahle Sunnah namely Muhammad bin Sahnoon and Muhammad bin Sh’aban wrote a book on the lawfulness of sodomising women (Na’uzubillah). [Talkhis al-Habir, Volume 3 page 186]
  131. Sunni scholar Qadhi Abu Muhammad Abdullah bin Ibrahim al-Asili deemed sodomy as permissible (Na’uzubillah). [Talkhis al-Habir, Volume 3 page 186]
  132. It is permissible for a Sunni woman to suckle a man with a beard (Na’uzubillah). [Sahih Muslim Hadith Number 3426]
  133. Bestiality can be performed during Hajj (Na’uzubillah). [Badaye al-Sanae, Volume 2 page 216]
  134. Pedophilia, Bestiality and necrophilia can be performed whilst one is Fasting (Na’uzubillah). [Bada'i al-Fuwa'id of Ibn Qayyim, page 603]
  135. One is permitted to pay a woman for sex, without the fear of an Islamic punishment Na’uzubillah). [Dur al-Mukhtar, Volume 2, Page 474]
  136. No Islamic penalty should be applied against one that copulates with one’s mother, sister and other Mahram relations (Na’uzubillah). [Fatawa Qadhi Khan, Volume 4, Page 821]
  137. Mu’awiyah legitimized the adultery of his Father (Na’uzubillah). [Tareekh ul Khulafa page 175]
  138. A child born out of fornication is the one with a complete birth (Na’uzubillah). [Al Muhazraat, Volume 1 page 356]
  139. Umar inserted his hand in a camel’s rectum (Na’uzubillah). [Al-Tabaqat Al Kubra by Ibn Sa'd, Part 3, Page 286]
  140. Umar would ask questions pertaining to sex from his own daughter (Na’uzubillah). [History of the Khalifas who took the right way, page 142]
  141. Placing drops of breast milk on a man’s palm is a mechanism to ascertain the gender of an unborn child (Na’uzubillah). [Hayat al Hewan, Volume 2 page 567]
  142. You can see and touch the body parts of an unprocessed slave-girl (Na’uzubillah). [Musnaf Abdur Razak, Volume 7 page 287 Tradition 13207]
  143. Ibn Umar jumped on a girl and began kissing her in the market (Na’uzubillah). [Masail al-Imam Ahmad, page 281]
  144. Muawiyah demonstrated a naked slave-girl in his court and then supplied her to men in that same condition (Na’uzubillah). [Al Badayah wal Niahayh (Urdu), Vol 8 page 992 'Wives and sons of Muawiyah' published by Nafees Academy Karachi.]
  145. Umar used to present his slave-girls before his guests with their hair and breasts exposed (Na’uzubillah). [Al-Sunnan al-Kubra, Volume 2 page 227]
  146. Ibn Umar would examine slave-girls by touching their private parts before prior to purchasing them (Na’uzubillah). [Sunnan Al-Kubra, Volume 5 page 329]
  147. A Nasibi woman can perform the prayers naked and her male colleagues shall abandon their work in order to stare her body (Na’uzubillah). [Al-Muhala, Kitab al-Rizaa, Volume 10 page 23]
  148. A man can marry his daughter who was the result of an adulterous relationship (Na’uzubillah). [Tafseer Qurtubi, Surah 25 verse 54]
  149. Muawiya’s (alleged) father Abu Sufiyan performed sex with a prostitute in front of others producing his bastard son Ziyad (Na’uzubillah). [Tareekh Kamil, Volume 3 page 301]
  150. When a man and woman rub each other’s genially they perform an act for which they will be rewarded (Na’uzubillah). [Fatwa Alamgiri, Volume 9 page 42]
  151. If a man cohabits with his wife, the reward of producing a child is written for him (Na’uzubillah). [Ihyah Uloom al-Deen, Volume 2 page 44]
  152. The Sahabi Ibn Abbas and Imam Malik believed that Zina is permissible (Na’uzubillah). [al-Mabsoot, Volume 5 page 152]
  153. During a time of necessity one can practice Zina (Na’uzubillah). [Tayseer al Bari Sharah Sahih Bukhari, Volume 6 page 111]
  154. Some scholars deem Zina permissible, in the same way the Sahaba Ibn Abbas and Imran bin Husain deemed it permissible (Na’uzubillah). [Tafseer Haqqani, Vol 2 page 4 - published in 1956, Deoband UP. India]
  155. A Sahabi Salamah bin Umayya practiced Zina with Umm Irak (Na’uzubillah). [Jamharat Ansab al-Arab, Vol 2 page 160]
  156. A Sahabi Abu Saeed Khudri deemed Zina permissible and even practiced it after the death of the Holy Prophet (Na’uzubillah). [Umada tul Qari Sharah Sahih Bukhari, Volume 17 page 246]
  157. Asma the daughter of Abu Bakr practiced Zina with Zubair, a union from whence she bore Abdullah Ibn Zubair and Urwa Ibn Zubair. (Na’uzubillah). [Muhazraat, Volume 2 page 96]
  158. Asma the daughter of Abu Bakr personally attested to her partaking in zina during the lifetime of the Holy Prophet (Na’uzubillah). [Sunan Nasai Volume 3 page 326 Tradition 5540]
  159. A Sahabi Imran bin Hussain attested to the legitimacy of Zina (Na’uzubillah). [Tafseer al-Qurtubi, Volume 5 page 133]
  160. Prominent Tabayeen such as Tawoos, Sa’eed bin Jubair, and ‘Ataa’ believed in the legitimacy of Zina (Na’uzubillah). [Tafseer Mazhari, Volume 3, Page 19]
  161. The Imam of Ahl as-Sunnah Ibn Jurrayj practiced Zina with 90 women (Na’uzubillah). [Siyar alam al Nubla, Volume 6 page 333]
  162. A Sahabi Amr bin al-Huraith practiced Zina as a result of which she fell pregnant (Na’uzubillah). [Musnaf Abdulrazaq, Volume 7 page 500 Tradition 14029]
  163. The Imam of Ahl as-Sunnah Ibn Abi Malika believed in the legitimacy of Zina (Na’uzubillah). [Hawi al-Kabir, Volume 9 page 832]
  164. A famous Tabayee namely Saeed bin Jubayr practiced Zina with a lady in Makkah (Na’uzubillah). [Musnaf Abdur Razzaq, Kitab al Talaq, Bab al Mutah, Hadith 14020]
  165. A Sahabi Salama bin al-Akwa believed in the legitimacy of Zina (Na’uzubillah). [Musnad al-Rawyani, Volume 2 pages 259-260 Tradition 1170]
  166. Allah’s statement in Surah 3 verse 28 is about lying (Na’uzubillah). [Sahih Bukhari, Kitab al-Ikrah]
  167. The companions of Abu Hanifa said: ‘Lying has been made lawful by Allah Almighty’ (Na’uzubillah). [Al-Bahr al-Muheet, Volume 2 page 443]
  168. Ali said: ‘One who does not lie has no religion’ (Na’uzubillah). [Kanz al Ummal, Volume 3 page 96 Tradition 5665]
  169. Muhammad Ibn al-Hanafia said: ‘One who does not lie has no Iman’ (Na’uzubillah). [Al-Musanaf, Volume 7 page 642]
  170. The pioneer scholars of Ahle Sunnah lied in front of Mamun in respect to the the of the creation of the Quran (Na’uzubillah). [Al-Mamun, page 162-163 Published by Daarul Ishaat, Karachi]
  171. According to Imam Shaifyee one is permitted to lie (Na’uzubillah). [Tafseer Bahar al-Muheet, Volume 3 page 191]
  172. Yahya may Allah’s mercy be upon him, was from the Sunni Imams, he feared the oppressive regime and hence responded by lying (Na’uzubillah). [Siayr alam an-Nubla, Volume 11 page 87].
  173. Imam Sa’dwiyah was from the Ahlul Sunnah when he was subjected to questioning during the affliction he answered by lying’ (Na’uzubillah). [Tahdeeb al-Kamal, Volume 10 page 487 Biography 2291]
  174. Imam al-Sh’ubi attested the legitimacy of lying (Na’uzubillah). [Siar alam al-Nubala, Volume 4 page 338]
  175. The Sahabi Ammar bin Yasir lied (Na’uzubillah). [Tafseer Dur al Manthur Volume 4 page 132]
  176. Some saints are superior to prophets (Na’uzubillah). [Fazaail-e-Aamaal, Virtues of Hajj, (English Translation), Chapter 9, Story no. 9, p.171, (New Edition 1982, Published by Dini Book Depot - Delhi).]
  177. Prophet Muhammad (s) was not superior to Prophet Musa (as) (Na’uzubillah). [Sahih Bukhari Volume 3, Book 41, Number 594]
  178. Hanafi Imam Mohiuddin ibn Mustafa (d. 950 A.H) was able to read Loh al-Mehfooz (Na’uzubillah). [Shadraat al-Dhahab fi Akhbaar min Dhahab, Volume 8, page 286]
  179. Abu Bakr foretold the gender of a child in the womb and knew when he would die (Na’uzubillah). [Karamaat e Sahabah by Shaikh ul Hadith Maulana Abdul Mustufa Aazmi, page 46, published by Mushtaq Book Corner, Urdu Bazar, Lahore]
  180. Umar was able to foresee a calamity hidden behind a mountain (Na’uzubillah). [The criterion by Ibn Taymiyya, page 145]
  181. All the trees and all the animals used to recognize a Sunni scholar and saluted him (Na’uzubillah). [Arwaah e Thalasah, page 121]
  182. Sahabi Imran bin Hussain was visited by angels (Na’uzubillah). [Tabaqat Ibn Sa`ad (Urdu), Volume 2 Page 637 published by Daarul Ishaat, Karachi]
  183. When third caliph Uthman was killed his body was thrown amidst garbage for three days, no Sahabi tended to his corpse during that period (Na’uzubillah). [Majma al-Zawaed, Volume 9, page 95]
  184. Uthman was buried in a toilet area called Hash e Kaukab (Na’uzubillah). [Majma al-Zawaed, Volume 9, page 95]
  185. Shaykh Abdul Qadir Jilani was given more authority over deaths than the angel of death (Na’uzubillah). [Tafreeh al-Khatir fi Manaqib-al-Sheikh Abdul Qadir, Volume 5, page 12, published in Egyptin 1339 A.H]
  186. Imam Ahmed bin Hanbal testified that Abu Hainfa used to tell lies (Na’uzubillah). [Tarikh Baghdad, Volume 15 page 579]
  187. According to Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal the opinion of Abu Hanifa is on par with a goats faeces (Na’uzubillah). [Tarikh Baghdad, Volume 15 page 569]
  188. According to Imam Malik the fitna of Abu Hanifa exceeded the fitna of Iblees (Na’uzubillah). [Tarikh Baghdad, Volume 13 page 416]
  189. According to Imam Shafiyee no one was born in Islam more evil than Abu Hanifa (Na’uzubillah). [Tarikh Baghdad, Volume 15 page 549]
  190. According to Imam Ibn al-Mubarak Abu Hainfa was worse than Satan (Na’uzubillah). [Tarikh Baghdad, Volume 15 page 556]

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