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Prophet (s) was busy in intercourse even in the moments preceding his death


Prophet (s) was busy in intercourse even in the moments preceding his death 

We read in Sahih Bukhari, Volume 7, Book 62, Number 144:

Narrated 'Aisha:
that during his fatal ailment, Allah's Apostle, used to ask his wives, "Where shall I stay tomorrow? Where shall I stay tomorrow?" He was looking forward to Aisha's turn. So all his wives allowed him to stay where he wished, and he stayed at 'Aisha's house till he died there. 'Aisha added: He died on the day of my usual turn at my house. Allah took him unto Him while his head was between my chest and my neck and his saliva was mixed with my saliva.


We appeal to justice, does one engage in passionate kissing when one is on his death bed? Clearly this reference should provide some form of directions for Salafi women with dying husbands, namely if they are dying in slow agony they should immediately engage with their spouses with a bout of passionate French kissing, and death will come iin a less painful manner. If a dying Salafi man has two wives then it is essential that they take turns engaging his with passionate kissing, that way his death will be less painful and the Sunnah of the Prophet (s) will be implemented in the process.

Nasibi belief that Holy Prophet (s) tried to flirt with his wife in front of strangers (Naudobillah)

Imam Ibn Athir records in Usud al-Ghaba, Volume 1 page 56:

عن أسيد بن أبي أسيد أن رسول الله صلى الله عليه و سلم تزوج امرأة من بلجون فبعثني فجئتها فأنزلتها بالشعب في أجم ثم أتيت رسول الله صلى الله عليه و سلم فقلت : يا رسول الله جئتك بأهلك قال : فأتاها فأهوى إليها ليقبلها فقالت : أعوذ بالله منك

Usaid bin Abi Usaid said: 'Allah's messenger got married to a woman from Bani Joun (tribe), hence he sent me to bring her to him, then I arrived with her to Shu'ab in Ajum, then I went to Allah's messenger (pbuh) and said to him:' Oh Allah's messenger, I have brought your wife for you'. Then he (prophet) went to her and bowed to kiss her but she said: 'I seek refuge in the Lord of you'

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