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Shaytan can take the form of the Prophet Muhammad


Shaytan can take the form of the Prophet (s)

This is the filth written by Ibn Tamiyah:


Al-Waseelah, Page 41, By Ibn Taymiyah

Al-Waseelah, Page 41, By Ibn Taymiyah

“Angels cannot help the people, but Shaytan can by appearing in human form, sometimes he can take the form of Ibrahim, Esau, Prophet Muhammad, Khizr…”
Al Waseela, by Ibn Tamiyah, translated into Urdu by Ehsan Ali Zaheer page 41, (Idara Tarjamun ul Sunna – Sheeysh Muhall)

The Nawasib readily accuse others of being deceived by the devil and yet their Imam believes that the Devil can deceive the people by appearing as the Prophet (s).

The Nasibi notion that Shaytan fears Umar and not the Holy Prophet (s)

In Sahih Tirmidhi, Volume 3 page 206 Hadith 2913 we find the following episode:

“Buraida said: The Prophet returned from one of the Holy Wars. When he came back a black girl came and said ‘O Apostle of Allah! I have taken a vow that if Allah takes you back sound I shall beat this Daf in your presence with a song. The Apostle said if you have taken a vow then beat, and if not, not. Then she began to beat. Abu Bakr entered while she was beating, Thereafter Ali entered while she was beating. Usman entered while she was beating. Thereafter when Umar entered, she threw the Daf under her buttock and sat on it. The Apostle of Allah replied O Umar the Devil certainly fears you. I was sitting and she was beating, then Ali entered and she was beating. Then Usman entered and she was beating. When you entered O Omar she threw down the Daf”.

This is an alleged hadith that the Nasibis propagate to their followers. First and foremost it is haraam for a man to listen to a woman singing. The Nasibis are therefore suggesting that the Prophet (s) was indulging in a sin! Then the Nasibi would want us to believe that Hadhrat Umar was the hero of the hour who brought this activity to an end. Hadhrat Umar saved the Prophet (s) from the clutches of Shaytan – he had been taken in by the activity, as were Hadhrat Abu Bakr and Hadhrat Ali. There is no other interpretation possible the words of the Prophet “Only Shaytan is afraid of you” proves that Hadhrat Umar’s rank is above that of the Prophet (s). Perhaps those that allege we view Imam Ali as better in rank than the Prophet (s) should stroke their long beards and ponder over this matter! Shaytan fear Hadhrat Umar – not the Holy Prophet (s)! What utter nonsense! But then Nasibi ideology is nonsense. They proudly relay flaws in the Prophet (s)’s character citing books – joyfully recollecting the filthy fabricated traditions that we have cited earlier. The Nawasib don’t even flinch when they narrate these fairy tales – the fact that this is the type of filth can only best be described, as ammunition for Christian Missionaries does not bother them in the slightest! Highlighting the Prophet (s) alleged wrongs are tolerated and permissible, but to highlight flaws in the companions can never be tolerated – and makes you a kaffir! The Nawasib have more respect for the companions than they do the Holy Prophet (s) hence an even more absurd fatwa?

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