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Prophet (s)'s parents were Kaffir


Prophet (s)'s parents were Kaffir 

For this section we have referred to a number of authentic Sunni works.


Sharh Fiqah Al-Akbar, Page 130, By Mulla Ali Qari

Sharh Fiqah Al-Akbar, Page 130, By Mulla Ali Qari

Sahih al Muslim page 360, Volume 1 Kitab “Janaiz”
Sunan Ibn Majah, Bab Majah fi ziyarata kubul mushrikeen
Sunan Nasai, page 9 Chapter 4 “Ziyarathul Kaboor”
Sunan Abu Daud, Volume 3 page 218 “Kitab al Janaiz”
Sunan al Kubra, page 76 Bab “Ziyarthul Kaboor”
Mishkat Sharif Volume 1, page 139 Bab “Ziyarathul Kaboor”
Musnad Abi Awana Volume 1 page 99
Musnad Abi Hanifa page 105
Musnad Imam Ahmad and Abdullah bin Masud, page 297 Volume 5
Sharra Fiqa Akbar by Mullah Ali Qari page 128
Kitab Fatawi, Maulana Abdul Hai page 84
Kitab Tafsir ibn Kathir page 394, commentary on the verse Tauba Chapter 6
Tafsir Khazain page 129 verse Tauba verse 115
Tafsir Kabir by Fakhradin Radhi page 315 Chapter 6 Surah “Shaurah”
Tafsir Rul al Maani page 11 Surah Tauba verse 115
Tafsir Ghraib ul Qur’an page 30 Chapter 5 Ayat 115
Tafsir Mazzari page 306 Chapter 4
Tafsir Durre Manthur page 184 Chapter 3 verse Tauba
Nawawi Sharah Muslim, page 214, Chapter 1
Kitab Murqat Sharra Mishkat, page 113 Chapter 4 “al Kaboor”
Tafsir Fattah al Qadeer page 392, Chapter 3 Surah Tauba verse 151
Tarikh Khamees page 230 Chapter 1 Dhikr Aaya al Buya
Muradhij ul Nubuwwa Section 3 Chapter 4, Part 21 page 179
Sirat ul Halabiyya, page 82 Chapter 1 “Wafat walida a Nabi”
Siratun Nabawiyya page 239, Chapter 1 “Lum yuziu Islam abwiyya”
Al Bidayah wa al Nihaya page 281, Volume 4 “Raza al Nabi”
Sharah Al Fiqah’al Akbar, page 130

These Nawasib are in fact swearing at the Prophet (s) because to swear at his parents is tantamount to swearing at him. The greatest insult that one can hurl at a fellow Muslim is to accuse his parents of apostasy. There is no doubt that if such a comment were made to the Nasibi on the street he would react violently. The reaction if of course natural, it is a personal attack, for an insult on them is in turn an insult on him – and the violent reaction is so as to defend their honor as well as his own. This is how they would react if this allegation was aimed at them – and yet these same Nawasib have no shame whatsoever in declaring that the Prophet’s parents were kaffir. What explanation will they provide to for uttering such obscenity on the Day of Judgement?

According the Nawasib, if someone disrespects the Prophet’s Sahaba he’s a kaffir, what fatwa should we pass on those that have issued takfir against the parents of Rasulullah?

Imam Ibn Tamiyah writes the following from his cursed hands:


Iqtadha Al-Sirat Al-Mustaqeem, Page 401, By Mohammad Hamid Al-Fiqi

Iqtadha Al-Sirat Al-Mustaqeem, Page 401, By Mohammad Hamid Al-Fiqi

“The Prophet’s parents are in hell and he was forbidden from asking for their forgiveness”.
Ikhthaza us Sirat ul Mustaqim by Ibn Tamiyah, page 401 (Arabic)
Ikhthaza us Siratul Mustaqim, by Ibn Tamiyah, Urdu translation by M. Hamid Fakeeh page 401

Imam Fakhruddin Razi records in his Tafseer:

واعلم أن الرافضة ذهبوا إلى أن آباء النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم كانوا مؤمنين وتمسكوا في ذلك بهذه الآية وبالخبر

‘You have to know that the Rafidha (Shias) believe that the forefathers of the prophet (pbuh) were believers and they have used this verse and tradition to prove the same’

He also records:

وأما أصحابنا فقد زعموا أن والد رسول الله كان كافراً

“Our scholars claim that the father of Allah’s messenger was disbeliever”

How can the poor Shi’a survive from takfir when the parents of our beloved Prophet (s) are not even protected from such blasphemy?

Prophets lineage

The Sunni scholar Imam Ibn Qutaybah in Al-Maarif on page 20 writes:

وأما كنانة فهو كنانة بن خزيمة وكان خلف على امرأة أبيه بعده وهي بره بنت مر أخت تميم بن مر فولدت لكنانة النضر بن كنانة

“Kannanah was the son of Khuzayma and he married his father’s wife, her name was Barra bint Murr the sister of Tamim bin Murr, their son Nazar was born from them”.

Rasulullah comes from the lineage of Nazar. Ibn Qutaybah is a renowned adherent of the Sahaba, and yet a clear blasphemer. These people accuse the Shi’a of disrespecting the Sahaba our answer is clear, what of Nasibi / Wahabis who accuse the Prophet’s lineage of incest?

Shi’a belief about the Prophet (s)’s parents

The Shia book Usool al-Kafi records the following:

“Imam Ja’far (as) said the Prophet (s) said that Gabriel came to him and said, “Oh beloved of God, Allah showers his blessings on you. The fire of hell has been made haram on your male lineage from whence came your light and that womb that carried you and that lap from which you was raised. Male lineage means your father Abdullah and his ancestors and womb is that of your mother Aminah and lap refers to that of your Uncle Abu Talib”
Usool al Kafi, Volume 2 page 336 Tradition 21

The Nawasib believe that the Prophet (s)’s parents were kaffir we believe that they were momin and are in heaven.

Nasibi attack on Rasulullah (s)’s knowledge

Deobandi Nasibi Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi commenting on Rasulullah’s knowledge of the unseen states:

“The knowledge of the unseen that was possessed by Rasulullah (s) is nothing special it is just like that possessed by madmen and animals”
Hifzul Iman, by Maulana Ashraf Ali Thavi page 8

With comments such as these one wonders why the Muslims were so outraged by the comments of Salman Rushdie. Here we have a Deobandi scholar equating Rasulullah’s Ilm ai Ghayb to animals and lunatics. Had a Christian missionary written this it would not have been as bad, after all they don’t believe in Rasulullah’s Prophethood and will hence seek to play down any of the miracles he possessed. Unusually we are here presented by a Deobandi Mullah seeking to cast doubts on Rasulullah’s knowledge of the unseen in effect suggesting that it means nothing. Perhaps the Deobandis could elaborate and tell us how many mad men and animals had foretold future events such as wars, famine and the coming of Imam Mahdi (as).


Nasibi belief that the Prophet (s) incorrectly predicted the Day of Judgment

We read in Musnad Ahmed:

It is narrated from Anas that once a nomad came and asked the Prophet of Allah (s) about Qaymah (the Day of Judgment). The Prophet (s) asked: ‘What preparations have you made for Qayamah?. He replied: ‘Nothing but I love Allah and his Apostle’. The Prophet (s) said: ‘each person that you loved shall be with you’. Anas narrates that in the meantime, a slave passed by. The Prophet (s) said: ‘If he has life then he will not be able to reach his old age until Qayamah takes place”
Musnad Ahmed, Volume 20 pages 441-442 Hadith 13224


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