Wednesday, January 31, 2018

This video of the Iraqi army disarming a 7 year old suicide bomber will shake you to the core

Unfortunately, this is not a one time thing. It has been known that ISIS was using childen as suicide bombers. And this from a group that promotes itself as an Islamic revolution, to have Islam take over the world, to establish an Islamic caliphate. How can people think that G-d allows the usage of children to kill and be killed to further establish G-d’s presence in the world.
Suicide bombings have been a key strategy in the armed conflict in Iraq. Just recently,38 people were killed in Baghdad from a suicide bomber.
As reported in the Guardian: “Two suicide bombers have blown themselves up in a busy market in central Baghdad, in back-to-back explosions that killed at least 38 people, Iraqi health and police officials said.”
“The bombings were the most serious attacks in the capital since the prime minister, Haidar al-Abadi, declared victory over Islamic State a little over a month ago, capping a three-year campaign to reclaim territory from the terror group in Iraq.”
Many suicide bombings have taken place in Iraq, as documented hereherehere and here with the woman suicide bomber holding a baby! And these are only a few.
Suicide bombings in general are horrific, but to think that they would use women and children? This is just sickening.
What is happening in Iraq and other Muslims attacks is an attack on humanity itself. To use children as suicide weapons shows just how much they want to kill. How can they go so low as to to turn innocent children into suicide bombers? Perhaps even equally troubling is the Iraqi soldier, casually removing the bomb. It apparently doesn’t even stun him to see the young child, innocence thrown away and abused like this. It is so troubling that sights like these are becoming accepted and the norm such that the soldier does not appear surprised. Radical Islam is sickening and must be stopped. They kill innocents people. They attach bombs to children.
We need to save humanity and stop them.

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