Wednesday, January 31, 2018

A Pakistani Christian Minor Boy Raped by a Muslim Adult

A minor Christian boy who is identified as Daim Masih, between the ages of 6 to 7 years lives in a village of Sahiwal. He is the student of grade one in a Betal Christian School. At the off time, on 29th January, at 11a.m. he was coming back to his village Minar Wali 86/9 on walk.
A Pakistani Christian Minor Boy Raped by a Muslim Adult
On the way a villager named Shan Muhammad enticed Daim Masih and took him to his cattle farm. There the pitiless Shan sexually abused the little boy. After listening to the shrieks of the helpless boy, the nearby villagers Samuel Masih and Younas Masih reached at the site. Seeing the approaching neighbors, the culprit jumped over the wall and fled from the site leaving the wounded child . The poor child admitted in the DHQ hospital for treatment.
Daim’s father Javaid Masih is a poor laborer in the village. He registered an FIR (First Investigation Report) against the rapist Shan Muhammad in Police Station Gala Mundi Sahiwal. The case is being investigated by SI Nazeer Ahmed.
Presently sexual abuse in Pakistan has become a serious issue. In the Muslim majority country, a Muslim rape victim is almost fail to gain justice then what can be said about the Christian which is a religious minority in Pakistan.
Since Kasur’s minor Zainab rape case is not resolved neither the other minor girls’ culprit is yet traced.
In Pakistan, there are many rape cases which are not reported to the police either the culprit uses power against the victim to pressurize him not to take the help of law or the victim is asked for forgiveness with some compensation money for his alleged crime.
A Pakistani Christian Minor Boy Raped by a Muslim Adult

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