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Malaysia Sunni Muslim Girl Embrace Jesus As God And Savior | Sister Hasnah

And in John 3:16, it said, 'for God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son so that whosoever believeth in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.' I knelt down in that living room floor

Shalom, this is her testimony:

Jesus Christ brought my world. I suspect that he probably rock your world ... [applause]  all .... right. I hail from Malaysia. I grew up in a Muslim family. The family of 12 children. Mom and dad forgot that the earth was already populated. They had a child every year. In the middle that took a break. One year, picked it back up again and had twins.

I am the oldest daughter and that family had an older brother. I grew up in a family that somewhat dysfunctional. I'm too many of you could relate. Mama horseface was not at home with us and dad work that unfortunately has a habit of loving the bottle. He loves alcohol and he loves to gamble. As a result I grew up most of my life in poverty. It is quite common in an alcoholic family that abuse happens. Since not only maybe we go hungry most of our life and me personally as a child we also endure the abuse from the hands of my father. I want you to know that I love my dad, please know that .... [applause].

Circumstances in his life probably created a situation that he felt trapped in. And I'm not excusing his behavior. But growing up in the chain of in a family where poverty reign, I experienced many times that God doesn't like me or loved me. Growing up with a religion that teaches that God loves those who do good, God loves those who pray five times a day. God loved those who read the Quran, fast during the month of Ramadan.

There is a sense in me personally as I grew up in the environment that I could not do enough to please people. I could not do enough please God. It was as though that there is this great scale when I get to heaven. That when my good deeds in my bad beat is a way I was afraid that the bad deed side of the scale is going to win over.

Growing up in a family where we will often abuse, I stayed away from home quite a bit. I was with friends a lot. I studied hard at the end of my senior year in high school I was offered a scholarship to go anywhere in the world that I want it to go. I wanted to go to England really bad. But they gave me a scholarship to attend college at Manhattan Kansas at Kansas State University [applause] yeah go well cap.

I came here attended college and met four people that will soon change my life forever. Four people that introduce Jesus Christ into my world and rocked it to pieces [applause]. One of those people is a young gal by the name of Robin Wallner, Robin Cole now. A student leader with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. I tell you there is a plan that each with these student leaders about how to look for those who need Jesus. They're planted at different places on campus and they can spot somebody who need Jesus from a mile away. I also met sandy I met a brand new baby Christian, Brad. I tell you, if you do not want to be a Christian, those are the kind of people you want to stay away from [applause]. And I also made a gorgeous blue-eyed blonde by the name of Tot Bird whom I later talked into marrying me. [applause] ...

These people told me that they loved me. They showed that in their actions and they showed that in their responses to me when I reject them when they told me that Jesus is God. They continue to love me and to continue to befriend me and that I was attracted to them I was eventually attracted to wanting to know more about their god. They told me that Jesus Christ is God. They told me that Jesus though came to earth in a form of a man, claimed to be God. How can that be ? no way. I grew up a religion that says that he is no God. They asked me to believe in the Bible. How can I believe in a book that is filled with error. How can I believe in the book that was written by man. I rejected it and I rejected them but they did not reject me. They kept coming back and loving me and accepting me. And I debated it with them.

They said okay now ... Why don't you investigate and find out if this Bible is real and I did it. I read many books. They gave me many books. And so am I reading. I could not deny and so my research. I found out that the Bible indeed have integrity. The Bible indeed is true. That the Bible God spoke of antiquity is indeed words of God. [applause] ...

And now I have to do with what the Bible says about who Jesus is. You know I remember the moment in time, in my country in Malaysia, where we haven't eaten all day, and we don't know where daddy is, and I wondered where god is. And I remember looking at what the heavens with my fists clenched, screaming, saying, 'God where are you ?' Do you care that we are suffering down here. And remember that the only reply receive is dead silence. And I slowly with tears streaming down my eyes said, 'I guess you don't really care about me, so I guess I don't need you.' And physically and virtually in my mind I place God in the drawer and I slammed the door shut. And decided I'm gonna make it on my own because God seen so far away. I can't relate with God.

And then I learned from my friend that scripture says, this book that has integrity, says that we're all sinners. I know that. I am not perfect I am a sinner and scripture continues to say that our sin, that my sin has separated me from God. For the wages of sin is death, the separation from God. And I understood that God being far away is that separation that I have felt. How can I remedy that ? How can I make that one right ? I want to know God. I want to know that he loves me. I continue struggling and my friends continue inviting me to events where the gospel was presented.

See I'm a party girl. I still am and all they have to say is hasta that's a party on campus you want to come, I'm there. And so I went one day and I walked in, it wasn't a party, what it didn't lie. It was a concert. David needs was playing that day. They placed me right down snatc in the center up front. So if I wanted to me, I couldn't. During intermission sandy pulled out a little yellow booklet. Do you know what the booklet is ? for the four scriptural laws. He said this, 'Hasnah, have you seen this book ? And I said, 'No, I haven't.' Would you ... would you read it ? And I put it my first fully intending to throw it away when I left that evening and I did.

They kept telling me about Jesus, 'Hasnah do you know that Jesus says in Scripture that He is the way, the truth, the life that nobody comes to Father but through Him.' if you want to know truth, If you want to be with God then Jesus is the answer. I finally got so upset with them and I asked them to shut up and get away from me, and they did. Instead they gave me a Bible. They said, 'Hasnah, would you read this ? Will you shut up but read this.' And they continue to pray me into God's kingdom. I found out later.

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