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Qur'an is a from of inspiration from the Satan !Because Allah and satan is one

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The Divine inspiration come to Muhammad resembles to the sound of a ringing of a bells?

"Narrated Aisha:Al Harith bin Hisham asked the Prophet, "How does the divine inspiration come to you?" He replied, "In all these ways: The Angel sometimes comes to me with a voice which resembles the sound of a ringing bell, and when this state abandons me, I remember what the Angel has said, and this type of Divine Inspiration is the hardest on me; and sometimes the Angel comes to me in the shape of a man and talks to me, and I understand and remember what he says."-(Sahih Al Bukhari : Vol.4,Book 54,Hadith no.438)

According to Muhammad there is a Devil on the bell?

Sunaan Abu Dawud :Book 34.Hadith no.4218 :The Apostle of Allah said: “Women cannot wear bells on their legs. There is a devil along with each bell.”

Qur'an is a from of inspiration from the Satan !Because Allah and satan is one.

"Narrated by Anas Ibn Malik "I heard from the Apostle of Allah (Peace and blessing be upon him) that he said "Allah was satan in the form of an angel that revealed to me the verses and his book the Quran and I' am his prophet-
(Umdah al-Ahkam:Vol.3,Hadith no.460)

Even Ibn Ishaq agree that Satan caused Muhammad to recite his words as God's words.this event was happen when Muhammad and his followers were being persecuted for attacking the pagan faiths of Meccan, and he did not want to further offend his Arab tribesmen, and, he wanted them to become his followers, i.e. Muslims. In fact Muhammad wished that God would not reveal anything further to him that would further alienate his fellow Arabs. So when opportunity arose, he spoke what Satan put into his heart and mind as God's word.

"The manuscript agrees with Salama's report from Ibn Ishaq that the emigrants returned from Abyssinia because they heard of the conversion of Quraysh in consequence of the concession to polytheism, but strangely enough it does not quote the offending words. Presumable they were deliberately omitted and readers must have known what they were because otherwise the narrative would be unintelligible. Tow verses are referred to, but the second is not quoted. In view of its interest I give a translation of the manuscript:"(The emigrants) remained where they were until they heard that the people of Mecca had accepted Islam and prostrated themselves. That was because the chapter of The Star (53) had been sent down to Muhammad and the apostle recited it. Both Muslim and polytheist listened to it silently until he reached his words "Have you seen (or, "considered") al-Lat and al-Uzza?" They gave ear to him attentively while the faithful believed (their prophet). Some apostatized when they heard the "saj" of the Satan and said "By Allah we will serve them (the Gharaniq) so that they may bring us near to Allah". The Satan taught these two verses to every polytheist and their tongues too to them easily. This weighed heavily upon the apostle until Gabriel came to him and complained to him of these two verses and the effect that they had upon the people. Gabriel declined responsibility for them and said "You recited to the people something which I did not bring you from God and you said what you were not told to say". The apostle was deeply grieved and afraid. Then God send down by way of comfort to him: "Never did we send an apostle or a prophet before you but when he wished Satan cast a suggestion into his wish" as far as the words "Knowing, Wise"" (Sura 22:51)."-(Sirat Rasul Allah (New light in the life of Muhammad ) p.38-39 by Guillaume Alfred

As was stated at the beginning, many fundamentalist Muslims today are embarrassed and ashamed that the man they follow was used by Satan to speak Satan's words. It is understandable that Muhammadans are ashamed; what kind of prophet speaks Satan's words?

Muhammad inspired by satan A.K.a "Allah" is the proof that Qur'an is not from the true God But to the satan.

And Muhammad is blood thirsty false prophet?

Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyah (may Allah have mercy on him) said:Daniyal (peace be upon him) mentioned Muhammad the Messenger of Allah (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) by name, and said:“Arrows will be departing from bows and arrows will be stained with blood at your command, O Muhammad.”- (Jawaab as Saheeh :p.367)

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