Saturday, March 2, 2019

Wild pig storms Mosque and attacks Muslims

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In Malaysia, there was an unusual incident on Wednesday in an Islamic Mosque. An aggressive boar, according to media reports, invaded a mosque near Kuala Lumpur during evening prayers and caused a stir throughout the house.

The animal had first invaded the area and then galloped into the Mosque. The incident happened when several believers spoke a few verses after the obligatory evening prayer, as Imam Ungku Ahmad Hazwan Ungku Kamarudin reports to The Star.

The boar allegedly made targeted hunt for visitors and children, the imam said. It should also have been a person injured by the animal's neck.

While many people have fled, some of those present still tried to scare the animal out of the mosque. When the bristle cattle finally disappeared from the mosque, it was struck down by a believer with a shotgun.

God's house almost completely desecrated
According to Ungku Ahmad Hazwan, two-thirds of the prayer hall was "polluted" by the boar. For this reason, a crisis meeting had to be convened by the denomination, to which even the supreme mufti of the state was called.

As The Star reports, all the rugs that came into contact with the animal's blood have been removed from the mosque. Several believers have already cleaned seven walls and floors seven times - including a mixture of earth and water to remove all supposed impurities.

The purges were personally supervised by two imams and finally the mosque was blessed again. Since the pig in Islam is considered "impure", this is an extreme case of the desecration of a mosque.


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