Thursday, January 19, 2017

FRENCH MAYOR to Muslim students: “Eat what we serve, go home for lunch, or don’t eat at all”

Muslims have been left furious after a French mayor announced there no longer will be a pork-free option offered at lunch in the cash-strapped school.

UK Express Marcel Berthomé, the centrist mayor of Saint-Seurin, a town in western France, said Muslims would have to make do with a side dish on pork days because the “struggling” Saint-Seurin-sur-l’Isle primary school could no longer afford to offer children a non-pork alternative. 

The town is in debt and we cannot afford to cook two different dishes a day. So, if you’re not happy, don’t eat at school!

But Mr Berhomé’s decision to scrap pork-free meals from the menu has caused consternation among Muslim parents, who claim their children are being discriminated against because of their faith.

Sonia, a mother whose five-year-old son does not eat pork, said the mayor had launched a scathing attack on the local Muslim community.

She told the French daily France Bleu: “The mayor took this decision alone. We, as parents, were not consulted.”I am a Muslim, yes, but I am also a citizen. We’re no different than anyone else. (HAH!)

“We pay local taxes and we pay for our children’s school meals. It should not be up to the mayor to decide what’s in my child’s plate.”He’s basically saying: ‘You eat or you go’. (Preferably back to Crapistan) Another Muslim mother said: “How hard can it be to cook 10 or 15 beef patties once or twice a week?”

But Mr Berhomé hit back after parents threatened to protest against the new menu, insisting he removed pork-free options for “financial reasons”.

He said: “Some children don’t eat pork, some don’t eat fish and some don’t eat beef. This is not a politically motivated decision. The town is in debt and we cannot afford to cook two different dishes a day. So, if you’re not happy, don’t eat at school!”

A spokesperson for the mayor’s office said a handful of Muslim school children – no more than 15 – would be affected by the new pork-studded menu.

Don’t forget, give in to one Muslim demand and their demands never stop coming. First they demand a pork-alternative. Then they demand Islamic (halal) approved alternative. Then they demand all pork products be removed from the school. Then they demand that the only meat served in the school should be halal.

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