Thursday, January 12, 2017

SPAIN! MUSLIM TERRORIST shouting “Allahu Akbar” opens fire in supermarket while wearing suicide vest filled with gasoline and gunpowder

The Muslim attacker walked into the Mercadona shop, in the As Lagoas region of the northwestern region Ourense, before opening firing shots into the air. Several shoppers were inside the supermarket when the man entered and fired several shots into the air, causing emergency services to swoop on the building. 

Daily Mail   The Sun (h/t Nate C) According to police sources, the young man has psychological problems (yes, according to the left wing media, Muslim terrorist attacks must never be referred to as terrorism but rather the result of psychological problems, having nothing to do with Islam) and lives next door to the shop.

The incident, which happened at around 2pm, did not result in any injuries but left many extremely shaken. One employee confirmed that he had shouted the Arabic phrase for ‘Our God is greater’ before he began shooting. Witnesses told how they suddenly heard screams and shots before nearby officers screamed at them to get away. 

Below is the double-barrelled shotgun used by the gunman who opened fire into the air above terrified shoppers. Local media outlets also say the man reportedly had shotgun cartridges and a bottle full of petrol in a rucksack as he carried out the shooting.

According to Spanish media outlet La Region, the gunman shot at Perez but stopped when he saw the off-duty cop also had a gun.  Police officer Carlos Perez, 38, revealed the gunman fired at him and he had to wait for backup.  He and his colleagues were able to detain him after he ran out of ammunition, and later they emerged with a makeshift vest. 

Armed police then arrived on the scene, arresting him and leading him away.

Photos from after the incident show broken glass (from the wine and liquor section) strewn all over the shop floor.

Police sources told La Region they have since ruled out any political or religious motive for the attack, and also reportedly say they do not believe the gunman intended to kill anyone. Terrified customers described hiding for half an hour, fearing others were dead as they listened to gunshots ringing out.

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