Monday, September 24, 2018

Scholar: Quran Says Sky Set to 'Crack and Fall Apart' Around 2280

In a recent issue of the Apocalypse against the background of environmental degradation, climate change and the threat of a Third world war acquired unprecedented relevance. All kinds of analysts trying to predict when will happen the end of the world to understand how to act in time to save what can still be saved from global catastrophe. However, religious theorists say that the answer to this question has long been laid down in the Scriptures by our ancestors.
In particular, the famous numerologist on condition of anonymity, fear of being anathematized, said that he was able to reveal the hidden meaning of the Quran. In it, according to experts, speaks of the Apocalypse in the year 2280. Among other things, the Scripture predicts the world that “the sky will crack and collapse, mountains will be erased from the face of the earth” and “the Sun will collide with the Moon.” Studying the Muslim Holy Scriptures, he put geometricheskoe the value of the 14 Quranic initials. It turned out that the total number of 1709. According to ancient tradition, the Jews of Medina once said to prophet Muhammad that the world will last exactly so much, how many the initials in the Quran. Then they never could calculate when will be the end of the world.
Небо расколется и развалится: В Коране говорится об Апокалипсисе в 2280 году – нумеролог
Numerologist says that the count should keep it from the date of the meeting. It happened during the Hijrah, the emigration of the Muslim community under the leadership of Muhammad from Mecca to Medina. It happened in 622 ad, that is, if you believe the calculations of numerology, the Koran predicts the Apocalypse in 1710 the existence of Islam, or in the year 2280.
Небо расколется и развалится: В Коране говорится об Апокалипсисе в 2280 году – нумеролог
Numerologist admitted that many reacted to his calculations skeptical, until I found out that both numbers 1710 2280 and inclined on the 19th. As you know, in 1974, the famous Egyptian-American scholar, Rashad Khalifa found that the key dates in Islam foretold in the Quran are related to the code 19. Because of this discovery, the Caliph was anathematized by religious leaders and later killed. The expert does not want to repeat the fate of the scientist, but considers it its duty to inform the public of the coming Apocalypse.

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