Thursday, June 14, 2018

12-Year-Old Christian Girl Abducted, 'Married'…by a Troglodyte Muhammadan

12-year-old, Pakistani Christian minor Razia Bibi (real name withheld) forced into marriage with a Muslim man. Father of victim Razaq Masih ( real name withheld) approached a Christian lawyer Chaudhry Javed Sahotra seeking justice for his daughter. Razaq told that his daughter in in custody of an influential Muslim family.
forced conversions in Pakistan

Razaq narrated the horrific story to Ch. Javed saying that on April 9, two Muslim women namely Kausar and Marriam came to his house and asked his wife to send Razia with them as they were going to Sahiwal city. Razaq said that his wife sent Razia because the women lived in the same village; moreover she saw them as good acquaintances.

55-year-old Razaq told that he worked as a laborer and was working at bridge 82/6r when he saw his minor daughter in a car. He witnessed that Muslim man namely Waqas Mustafa, his mother Marriam, her daughter Kausar along with Danish and Haidar and Sunny were in the car. Razaq and his fellows started chasing the car, when they stopped the car and Danish and Sunny came out wielding their pistols threatening to kill anyone who will chase them.
Razaq said that they abducted his daughter, and fled to Sahiwal. Razaq approached the Fateh Sher Police Station and filed a complaint. An FIR no 206/18, dated April 18, 2018 was registered against Waqas, Danish, Sunny, Marriam and Kausar. Section 365 b was invoked against the five nominated persons.
After being informed about the FIR, the accused people shifted her to another city Depalpur. Razia was forcibly converted to Islam and was given in marriage to 25-year-old Waqas Mustafa. Waqas is a disabled man, and cannot walk because his legs are weak. On the other hand, child marriage restraint act 2013 a female under the age of 16 cannot change her religion.

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