Saturday, July 7, 2018

Madrasa Education: Inhumane machinery to produce Brutal Jihadists.

Would you like to send your wards to any Madrasa (Quran School)?

Juvenile beaten up and forced to learn Arabic, kept in chains at madrasa, flees madrasa, lands in judge’s house…

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Sangareddy (Andhra Pradesh – India) |  :: IF YOU DON’T LEARN ALLAH’S LANGUAGE (ARABIC) PROPERLY, YOU BE PUT IN CHAIN. ALLAH IS GREAT AND MERCIFUL. In an inhuman incident that has come to light, a boy was kept chained in a madrasa (Islamic seminary) in Medak town for 15 days and was forced to learn Arabic.
A 12-year-old boy was allegedly chained by authorities of a local madrasa to prevent him from escaping from the school, following which a case was registered against its management, police said on Sunday. According to Medak town police, the boy has been studying in ‘Minhaj-ul-uloom’ religious school for the past three years and had earlier made several attempts to run away from the madrasa, as he was not a quick learner and had a stammering problem.
However, he escaped with the locked chains on and knocked on the doors of a judge in the early hours of Saturday.

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