Thursday, February 16, 2017

“AUSTRALIANS are fleeing areas housing Muslim migrants so as to protect their daughters (from rape and sexual assault)”

“Self-segregation has become a reality,”  says Senator Malcolm Roberts, with people “fleeing areas of heavy migrant settlement, specifically Islamic settlement.”

Breitbart  “This is not only white flight, it is every kind of flight. Every type of Australian is fleeing these new ghettos” claimed the One Nation populist, citing research on diversity and societal cohesion which suggests the country’s identity and social fabric are beginning to fray.

“Culture and integration matter to Australians,” he told colleagues in the Australian parliament’s upper house, condemning the “coldness and arrogance of [the] political elites” who refused to recognize this.

“In our fraying society, self-segregation has become a reality. We the people are seeking to protect our children, our daughters, our property, our liberty,” stated the Queensland senator to parliament Monday.

“If immigrants are to assimilate we should be choosing those from cultures with a track record of ready assimilation,” argued Senator Roberts, pointing out that Australians had few complaints about “Buddhists, or Sikhs, or Hindus, or Jews or Catholics or Protestants and so on”.

“How can we expect people wedded to an ideology masquerading as a religion that specifically precludes assimilation, to assimilate and integrate?” he asked. “We can’t.”

Pauline Hanson’s One Nation colleague said Australians were now fleeing areas of heavy migrant settlement, especially where Muslims lived. ‘Self-segregation has become a reality,’ he said, adding immigrants should be chosen from cultural groups that assimilate.

Fellow crossbencher senator Jacqui Lambie called for Australia to copy Donald Trump and ban anyone who supports Sharia law from entering Australia. ‘Sharia law is an anti-democratic cancer that doesn’t belong in a free society,’ the Tasmanian told parliament. ‘If they support Sharia law and want it in Australia, don’t let them in.

“Show me a successful democracy in the Middle East that imposes the death penalty on gay people for being gay, imposes the death penalty on women who are unfaithful to their husband and denies the right of the Jewish people to live in peace in Israel.“If people support Shariah law and want it in Australia, don’t let them in,” advised Lambie. “They are obviously supporters of the terrorists, their law and their culture.”

Parliament passed legislation on Monday morning to tighten visa rules for foreigners. Australian law bans female genital mutilation, which is prevalent in some Muslim nations, but lawmakers are exploring ways of stopping the arranged marriages of underage girls. 

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