Monday, May 22, 2017

BREAKING! Suspected terrorist attack at Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England

Nineteen people are killed and 50 injured in Manchester Arena (Islamic) ‘terrorist suicide bomb attack’ as explosions cause carnage at the end of Ariana Grande gig sending bloodied teens fleeing.

Video footage showed thousands of people fleeing in tears from the venue, many covered in blood, after the Ariana Grande concert finished. Two US officials have said it was a suspected suicide bomber.

Horrifying footage showed petrified children leaping over chairs and barriers as they desperately tried to escape the 21,000-seat venue, which led to a stampede.

Armed officers surrounded the venue and bloodied casualties were seen being stretchered out of the concert that resembled a ‘war zone’.

There were fears a ‘nail bomb’ had been used as witnesses described there being ‘nuts and bolts flying everywhere.’


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