Sunday, May 14, 2017

MUSLIM? After 11 Londoners were stabbed to death in just 16 days, another man dies after brutal stabbing attack in the heavily Muslim area of East London

A senior detective fighting knife crime in London warned today that police are engaged in the “business of murder suppression” as they battle to contain the rise in the number of stabbings.

Evening Standard  A man has died after being stabbed in broad daylight in east London, the latest in a surge of fatal knife attacks in the capital. Paramedics tried to resuscitate the man, in his 40s, for about an hour after they found him in Eagling Close, in Bow, at 4.31pm on Saturday.

Officers had been called to the street amid reports of an “altercation”, where they found the man suffering from suspected stab injuries, a Met Police spokeswoman said. He was pronounced dead at the scene at 5.37pm.

Two (Muslim?) men were arrested nearby in connection with the incident. It come just a day after the Standard launched an investigation into the capital’s knife crime epidemic, with 11 Londoners killed in just 16 days.

Also in East London, man with meat cleaver ‘threatens Jewish 8-year-old girl’ shouting “you Jews run away from here before I kill you.”

MIRROR  The man was caught on CCTV waving the knife in the street and reportedly threatened an eight-year-old Jewish girl as well as a sho keeper.  He allegedly shouted the threat as he ran out of a Kosher food shop in Hackney, east London last night. The man can be seen in the footage below holding the meat cleaver at arms length and making jabbing motions.

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