Friday, April 21, 2017

AUSTRALIA: Baptist Minister says, “Don’t be afraid of being called Islamophobic”

Baptist reverend George Capsis, born in Egypt, says Australia needs to deport Muslim extremists and stop taking in fundamentalist Muslims, saying the large-scale migration of hardline Islamofascists from the Middle East was a threat to Australian democracy.

UK Daily Mail  ‘We can’t have open slather like we used to. We’ve got to be more discerning,’ he told Daily Mail Australia on Wednesday. ‘We mustn’t be afraid to be called Islamophobic. We’ve got to be more careful in our immigration policy. If we do not protect the freedoms we have in this country, they’ll be eroded.’

Mr Capsis, a minister at Croydon in Sydney’s inner west, said Islamic migrant preachers were radicalizing the children of migrants and needed to be deported, echoing a call from Adelaide imam Sheikh Mohammad Tawhidi. ‘We probably should deport some people who preach hate,” he said.

His call comes only weeks after Hizb ut-Tahrir spokesman Uthman Badar, who was born in Pakistan, told a forum at Bankstown library, in south-west Sydney, that ex-Muslims deserved capital punishment. This same Islamic group, which wants a Muslim caliphate based on sharia law, also produced a video last week justifying domestic violence.

Sydney’s west is home to the hardline Sunni Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jamaah Association, whose preachers have described as sinful attending non-Muslim events, having non-Muslim friends and even using a public urinal.

Mr Capsis, the 70-year-old son of Greek Orthodox parents who moved to Australia at age four from Egypt, said Islamic fundamentalism had never been a success. ‘Unlike Christianity, which has brought prosperity and civilization wherever it is established such as the U.S., the United Kingdom Australia, Islamic fundamentalism takes communities back to the dark ages,’ he said.

‘The evidence is pretty clear: the red flag is waving in our faces,’ Mr Capsis said. ‘Islam is now more culturally political than religious.’

A tipping point with radical Islamism had been reached in Australia, he said, with many people determined not to follow examples set in Europe. ‘The tide has turned. We’re going to see more Christian leaders come out and make a stand,’ he said. ‘We’ve got to protect ourselves. Australian society is not going to tolerate this anymore.’ 

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