Thursday, September 29, 2016


Tanzania, is among the very few countries in the world known to be a “peaceful country,” despite the diversity of beliefs. However, in recent days, the increase of Islamic radical movements tends to cause trauma to non Muslims especially to the vulnerable Christian community. Of all societies in the land, Christian community is a more victim of the circumstance.

The government tries hard to either decrease or halt these movements, but some seems hard because they are from within designated to preserve the Islamic bigotry.

Constitutionally, Tanzania is a secular state whose constitution stipulates the right of every citizen to enjoy the freedom of worship.

Despite the constitutional right of worship, day after day we experience the series of chain of command to oppress, persecute and suppress Christians and Christianity, which sometimes mask as legal, while in the real sense they are under Islamic influence.

There are a handful of reports and evidences at our disposal, which range from social, political, religious and economic, which have been reported internally and externally, to justify these claims.
Radical Muslims claim superiority over all non Muslims as they cling to the teachings of Prophet Mohammad which encourages a Muslim to discriminate non-Muslims, especially Christians, oppress and suppress them regardless the status of the land.

 It reads: “It was narrated that Abu Hurairah (RA) said: Allah’s Messenger (PBUH) said, “Do not initiate the greeting with the Jews or Christians, and if you meet one of them on the street, drive him to the narrowest part of it.”   (Hadith No. 5661 (2167), Book of Salam, Sahih Muslim, Vol. 6). 

There is an invisible organized effort by radical Muslims both civil servants and individuals to implement this doctrine of driving Christians to the narrow part in the land.Shut down churches  which operate overnightactivities by authorities, is one of them. They do no care how much they disturb Christians emotion.

Abd Al-Masih the famous author and researcher of Islam and its teachings, he foresaw these movements in his book long before they came into existence, as he mentioned Tanzania being one of the targets. 

Abd Al Masih writes,  “In countries where the majorities are Muslims, but where an Islamic State has not yet been formed, an Islamic reformation may occur, aiming to root out all reminders of Christianity and Western colonialism from the laws of the land. Indeed, there is potential for a revolution to overthrow the existing government with one that will implement the shariah. 

In the Democratic Republic of the Sudan many Muslims demand that the sharia should again become the sole legal code of the country. Lebanon, Malaysia, Nigeria andTanzania are examples showing the long-term political strife and trials involved in forming Islamic States. The majority of the populations in these countries are not Muslims. Despite this ratio, Christian leaders are removed from their positions of influence, one by one, and newspapers and other media increasingly, transmit Islamic propaganda. The atmosphere in these countries is often tense and explosive.”(Abd Al-Masih; Holy War In Islam,() pg . 55-56).  (Bold is mine).

Many victim church clergies, especially from minor churches, become mute to report the oppressions and suppressions they undergo from villains radical Muslims fearing of being harmed.

I now urge the Christian community to stand with the vulnerable Christians in Tanzania, first; prayerfully, second, Advocacy to demand equal rights by supporting the cost that will cover all the processing of filing the petition in the court of law. The total cost estimate is$7000.

Please may I ask you again to support this actionfinancially. We would be glad to receive your support!  

With immediate effect! Please be free to let us know how you can be part of this important exercise.

This approach of petition in the court of law, worked to other Christians who were wrongly oppressed and falsely charged. We have their details in our hands. 

We look forward to hearing from you; as you also convey this message to all other brethren in Christ!
If one part suffers, every part suffers with it; if one part is honored, every part rejoices with it.” (1 Cor 12:26 (NIV)

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