Thursday, August 10, 2017

AVALANCHE WARNING for Spain and Western Europe, hide your daughters

Video shows hundreds of wild-eyed African Muslim illegal alien invaders celebrating in the Spanish enclave of Ceuta, having successfully crashed through the border fences of Morocco into the Spanish territory early this morning. And this was less than a week after the last incursion into Spain’s North African enclave…never a woman or child in sight.

Gateway Pundit  The small city of Ceuta is one of two enclaves retained by Spain as part of its territory following the independence of Spanish Morocco in 1956. Along with Melilla, further east, it has become a focal point for those attempting to cross into Europe.

Whilst most of the illegal aliens attempt to climb over the border fence, Spanish daily El País described this morning’s tactic as ”an avalanche”, overwhelming border guards at the Tarajal crossing.

A 20-foot tall border fence separates the territory from Morocco but migrants are frequently successful in overcoming the barrier when a small section is attacked by large numbers.

After breaking through the Tarajal checkpoint around 5am, footage released this morning shows a large crowd of African illegals exuberantly celebrating their arrival into European territory, many in a frenzied state and reacting wildly for TV cameras as they run along the interior fence-line into the enclave.

Once in Ceuta, the Muslim invaders will be sent to reception facilities on the Spanish mainland. Few will ever face deportation, regardless of the outcome of their asylum applications.

 Police are helpless to stop them: 

The same thing is happening at Spain’s North African enclave of Melilla:


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