Monday, August 21, 2017

Islamist Tells His Own Mother: You Should Be Killed as an Infidel…

The detention of a Russian-born Daesh militant planning to carry out attacks in Turkey has revealed a family drama. The militant rejected his mother's pleas trying to convince him to leave the terrorist group and said she should be killed for being "an infidel."
Renat Bakiev, 23, was arrested on Aug. 10 in the southern city of Adana on charges of plotting an attack against U.S. warplanes and a bomb attack on an association of the Alevi community. He was under surveillance for some time by Turkish security forces who found out he met his mother Nail Bakiev at the hotel he was staying at. Turkish media outlets reported that his mother tracked him to Adana and told the young man to leave the terrorist group and return to Russia with her. "You are an infidel like the others. You dress improperly. You should be killed too," Renat Bakiev told his mother. When her repeated attempts failed to convince him to leave Daesh, she denounced her son and said "you are not my son anymore" and left.
The suspect was captured in the hotel soon after the meeting with his mother. He is currently in detention, awaiting a court appearance.
Police said Bakiev confessed to being a member of Daesh and being in Adana to carry out an attack for the terror group. He had been in contact with the terror group via the Telegram messaging app to raise TL 2,800 ($796) to buy an aerial drone, the statement added. Police said Bakiev had also targeted civilians and Alevi associations in the Adana area. Alevis practice a form of Shiite Islam.
The Russian was previously the subject of a charge of membership of a terrorist group by the Chief Public Prosecutor's Office in the southern province of Kilis. He had also appeared in court in Tekirdağ province, northwest of Istanbul, for making threats.
Recently in June, Adana counterterrorism police captured 11 Daesh suspects, including what the media called the Adana "emir" of Daesh, identified as 32-year-old Turkish national Abdulkerim Ç. for planning to carry out a truck bombing at the base. The U.S. Air Force uses Incirlik Air Base, near Adana, as a staging post for the air campaign against Daesh in Syria and Iraq. Daesh militants have used armed drones to deadly effect in Iraq and Syria, converting commercial drones to carry small explosives.
Daesh has become one of the most active terrorist groups in Turkey over a span of just two years. It has been blamed for a string of attacks in Turkey, ranging from suicide bombings to gun attacks. In January, a lone Daesh gunman stormed a popular nightclub in Istanbul where he killed 39 people during New Year's Eve celebrations. The gunman was apprehended a few weeks later.
Since the terrorist group's emergence, Turkey has detained over 5,000 suspects and last year launched Operation Euphrates Shield to back Syrian opposition groups fighting Daesh in Syria. The country has deported over 5,000 Daesh suspects and prohibited the entry of over 53,000 terrorist suspects so far.
On Saturday, two foreigners with links to Daesh were captured in Istanbul's Beylikdüzü district. Authorities said the two suspects whose nationalities were not disclosed illegally entered Turkey and were planning "sensational" attacks. Police found a shotgun and two pistols and a large cache of munitions in possession of the two suspects

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