Friday, August 4, 2017

Rocket Launcher Found Next to Quran School in France…

Par Philippe Bette Publié le ,France 3, Translation thanks to Alexandre
A rocket launcher was discovered by chance this morning in an abandoned warehouse in Caluire-et-Cuire. This demilitarized material was located in the immediate vicinity of a building that had until recently housed a Koranic school. The head of the school is placed in police custody.
It is quite fortuitously that two municipal employees made this stunning discovery this morning in a disused building on the avenue Barthélémy Thimonnier in Caluire-et-Cuire. A rocket launcher found in the former premises of a company specializing in Packing and packaging of military objects which worked for the national defense. The information was revealed by our colleagues of M 6.
The machine proved to be demilitarized, therefore totally inert, according to the expertise of a demining team. Now, what was the use of this material dedicated to the instruction of the troops? But it is especially the troubling coincidence with the presence, next door, of another place recently occupied by a Koranic school that has triggered a major police operation.
This Muslim school was run by the Association Nouvel Horizon. She organized courses of Arabic night for adults and courses in Arabic and religious education for children. It ceased operations in May. The founder and former director of the school was arrested and placed in custody to attend the searches. His school was adjacent to the building where the rocket launcher was found. The judicial police in Lyon has received the investigation for “breach of the law on weapons and criminal association.” For now the anti-terrorist prosecutor’s office has not been seized of this case.

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