Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Somali Muslim invader posing as a “refugee” terrorizes local townspeople by threatening to kill them with a knife

The Faribault Daily News reports that a complaint filed in Rice County Court alleges that Somali Muslim, Abdinzak Ahmed Farah (below), 29, was pointing a knife and threatening to kill anyone who called police in downtown Faribault on July 12th.

WND  (h/t UT) According to an eye witness, Farah was eating raw beef with the knife and holding it out to patrons, asking them to “play games.” (It’s the inbreeding, folks)

Farah was asked to leave the area, which he did, only to return pointing the same knife at people as he spoke with them. Witnesses told police Farah was told to leave a second time, but later began chasing several people and threw the knife at them.

A male witness confronted Farah about chasing people, at which point he threatened to kill that person and threw the knife to the ground. The witness then told Farah police were on their way.

“I will kill whoever calls the police,” Farah reportedly responded. The man restrained Farah until police arrived. Farah was charged with two counts of second-degree assault and threatening violence, all felonies, and fourth-degree damage to property.

Catholic Charities and Lutheran Social Services resettle the majority of Somalis in Minnesota, working as contractors for the U.S. State Department.

And this is the garbage these religious groups bring in:

Minneapolis is home to the nation’s largest enclave of Somali refugees, with estimates putting their numbers at between 40,000 and 50,000. They control the city’s sixth ward politics and have a member of their community on the city council, with the possibility of a second council seat going to a Somali in this fall’s elections.

This isn’t the first time residents of Faribault have been terrorized by Somali refugees brandishing knives.

ISIS-backed Somali Muslim shot to death after stabbing 9 people in a Minnesota mall
Abdul Ali Artan, who went on a stabbing spree on the Ohio State University campus on Nov. 28, 2016, came to the U.S. from Somalia with his mother and six siblings as ‘refugees.

In June 2014, four Somali men threatened to rob a 15-year-old at knife point if he didn’t “lead me to the money” after conniving their way inside the boy’s house by offering to give him a ride home. All four were arrested and charged with felony attempted robbery.

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