Saturday, August 5, 2017

UAE: Mothers Loses Custody of Children for Leaving Islam…

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The court did not sentence this poor woman to death, as per Islam’s death penalty for apostasy. They must be moderates.
“UAE mother loses custody of children for changing religion,” by Ahmed Shaaban, Khaleej Times, August 2, 2017:
The Ras Al Khaimah Personal Status Court of Appeal has stripped an expatriate mother of her children’s custody rights.
The court has also ordered the defendant, an Asian, to hand over the two kids to her husband, who is staying in the country.
The higher court said that the mother lost the custody of her children on the basis of the fact that she changed her religion and became a non-Muslim.
“As such, the mother cannot keep her children, be they male or female, in her custody after they turn five years as they can understand the rites of religion.”
As per court records, the father filed a lawsuit against his wife at the Ras Al Khaimah Personal Status Court of First Instance….
Dissatisfied with the verdict, the father then approached the Ras Al Khaimah Personal Status Court of Appeal, which stripped his wife of the rights to custody of their children, and ordered them to be returned to their father’s care.

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