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Allah has a body (Part 2)

He says from Omar a woman came to the Prophet (PBUH) and she said: “Pray to Allah for me to enter heaven”

So then he (Prophet) began to exalt the Lord and said: “His throne is above the skies and earth and HE SITS ON IT (the chair) [the word “alayhi” is used] on the throne. And then 4 fingers away from him, then he (Allah) said while raising his four fingers altogether while his throne had a seat similar to the of a seat for a new camel to ride on.

This hadith is SAHIH, on condition of Bukhari and Muslim.

Ref: “Ithabaat al Had Lillah”, ("Proving the limitation of God”) by the theory of al-Dashti, page 149.

A woman came and asked the Prophet PBUH: “Pray to Allah for me to enter heaven” So then he (Prophet) began to exalt the Lord and said: “His throne is above the skies and earth and HE SITS ON IT (the chair) [the word “alayhi” is used] and only four fingers from him is seen.”

Ref: The book of “Arsh” from “al-Thahabi” studied and investigated by: Mohammad ibn Khaleefa al-Tameemi, the teacher in association from the Islamic University in Medina. In volume 2, under section “Athwa’ al-Salaf”, page 116.

The Prophet (PBUH) said: “Praises to Allah, praises to Allah, praises to Allah” and so he praised Allah until it was shown about it in the faces of the companions. And then he said: “Woe unto you do you know who Allah is. He is more greater than what it is. Because I don’t intercede without Allah. He (Allah) is above the skies and on top of his kingdom and he Allah (SWT) is on it in this way (demonstrating with hands as a picture). And Wahab indicated to us with his fist like a dome and the kingdom which is like a dome is on top of the skies and Allah sitting on top of the kingdom. And Abu Azhar describes: He goes ontop of it the same way how a rider embarks on his ride.

Ref: The book “Ithbaat hadd Lillah”, ("Proving the limitation of God”), and that he sits on his kingdom, page 138, by al-Dashti.

He says: “The entire earth will be on his GRIP in the Day of Judgment FOLDED ON HIS HAND, and THROWS it like how a young MAN THROWS A BALL.”

And in another say, the Most Powerful (Allah) will take the skies, and the earth with his hand and places it on his palm, then says it in a way similar to how young men say: ”It is me I am the One Allah.” Ibn Abbas says: “He will hold it in a way that not even the sides (of the skies) will show from his hands.”

He also says: “The 7 skies and the 7 earths and what is in them and between them on the hand of the Most merciful, is like a mustard seed on one of your hands (referring to human beings).

Ref: "Arsh al-Rahman” published in Saudi Arabia. “Celebration of the 100th year of the Saudi Arabian establishment” (Arsh al Rahman and including the verses and hadiths). Author: Sheikh of Islam ibn Tamiyyah there is three sections of this book. In section 1, volume 1, page 26.


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Introducing Imam Mahdi (AJ)

The Prophet (PBUH) said: "al-Mahdi is one of us, the members of the household (Ahlul-Bayt)."

Note: Hadith is graded HASAN (Good) 

Ref: Sunan Ibn Majah, volume 5, tradition #4085, page 277-278 english-arabic version. 

The Prophet (PBUH) said: "Mahdi will be one of the descendents of Fatimah."

Note: Hadiths is graded HASAN (Good)

Ref: Sunan Ibn Majah, volume 5, tradition #4086, page 278, english-arabic version.

Abu Saeed narrates that: The holy Prophet (PBUH) said that Qayamat (i.e the day of judgement) will not come till the time a man from my ahlulbayt with broad forehead and balanced nose does not become caliph. He will fill the earth with justice like it was filled with injustices before, he will be there for 7 years.

Note: The hadith is graded as SAHIH by Ibn Haban, and al-Hakim. 

Ref: Musnad Ahmad ibn Hanbal, volume 5, page 54, Urdu version.

Also we find in (Musnad Ahmad ibn Hanbal, research of Sheikh Shoaib al-Arnaut, volume 17, page 210, hadithnumber 11130.) he states: Hadith is SAHIH, except for the part which says 7 years.

"Beware, the arrival of al-Mehdi (AJ) is a known fact; and this will happen when the earth will be filled with "zulm" and "fasad"; so he will come and fill the earth with justice; even if just one day is left in his world, Allah (SWT) will lengthen that day till he becomes a khalifa; and he is from the progeny of Fatima (AS); and his forefather is Hussein bin Ali (AS), and his father Hassan al-Askari...."

Ref: al Yawaqiat wa al-jawaher, volume 2, page 128, Urdu version.

Famous sunni scholars about the birth of al-Mahdi (AJ)

Famous sunni scholar Imam al-Dhabai writes (talking about the people who died on this year): 

"....and in this year died, Ibrahim bin Harith al-baghdaadi, Ibrahim bin Hani, Saadan bin Nasr, Salih bin Ahmad bin Hanbal, Ali bin Harb, Abdullah bin Mohammad bin Ayub, Abu Hafs Neshburi, Haroon bin Suleiman, and MONTAZAR/AWAITED MOHAMMAD BIN HASSAN and Rafida (e.i. shia) say that he did not die rather got disappeared in Sardab (cellar).

Note: We see that al-Dhabai believe that he was born, but he died.

Ref: Siyaru al-Aalam al-Nubala', volume 12, page 391.

Imam al-Dhabi also writes: 

"As for his (Hassan al-Askari) son Mohammad ibn al-Hasan, who the Rawafidh call the Qaim al-Khalaf al-Hujja, he was born in the year 258 ,some say 255"

Ref: Tarikh Al-Islam, volume 19, page 113.

Famous sunni scholar ibn Arabi writes:

He is from the progeny of the Holy Prophet (PBUH), from the progeny of Fatima (AS). His ancestor is Husayn ibn Ali ibn Abi Talib (AS), and his father is Hassan al-Askari (AS)son of Imam Ali al-Naqi (AS)son of Imam Ali al-Rida (AS), son of Imam Musa al-Kadum (AS), son of Imam Ja'far al-Sadiq (AS), son of Imam Muhammad al-Baqir (AS), son of Imam Zayn al-Abideen (AS), son of Imam Hussain (AS), son of Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib (RA).

Ref: Futuhat Makkiyyah, quoted by Abdul-Wahab al-Sh'irani, in the second part of his book "Yawaqit wa Jawahir". Sheikh Mahdi Faqih al-Imani too has copied it in his "Al-Mahdi 'inda Ahl al-Sunnah", volume 1, page 410.

Also we read from Ibn Hajar al-Asqalani:

He (Ja'far al-Kadhdhab) is the brother of Hassan, called al-Askari, the eleventh Imam of the Imamiyyah and father of Mohammad (whom Sardab (cellar) is mentioned about) ...

Ref: Lisan al-Meezan, volume 2, page 119, in the section on Ja'far al-Kadhdhab.

Also from Mohammad ibn Abi Bakr bin Khalikan states:

Abu Qasim Mohammad bin Hasan Askari bin Ali al Hadi bin Mohammad al Jawad; who have been talked about before, 12th of those 12 imams whom imamia believe in. He is famous by the name of Hujjat; and He is the one regarding whom shia presume that he is Awaited; Qaim, Mehdi; and he is the man of Sardab in their opinion; they have many sayings for this. And they are awaiting for his appearence in the last times from sardab; he was born on Friday in mid shaaban, 255, and when his father died, whom we talked before, his age was five years; his mother's name was Khamt, and some say Narjis; and shia say that he entered sardab from his father's house and his mother saw that; and he did not come out then; and that was year 265, and he was nine years then;
and Ibn al Arzaq mentioned him in "History of Miafarqan" that he is the Hujjat and born in Rabi ul awal in year 258; and some say that in shaaban in year 255; and that is correct; and he entered sardab in year 275 and his age was 17; and Allah knows where he is; may Allah have mercy on him.

Ref: Waqfiyat ul ayan, volume 4, page 176.

Also from Mohammad Ibn Talha al-Halabi al-shafi’i 

He says “... the Mahdi the Hujja, the Muntathar (the awaited)... as for his birth, it was in "Sa mar ra’a" (Samara City in Iraq)...” He also said: “The Mahdi is the son of Aba Mohammad Hassan al-Askari, and his birth was in Samara...”

Ref: "Matalib Al-su’ul fee Manaqib Al-Alrasool", page 88, by Ibn Talha al-Halabi al-Shafi'i.

Also from Mohammad Bin Yousef al-Konji al-Shafi’i

He says: “The Mahdi is the son of Hassan al-Akkari, he is alive and present, remaining in a disappearance (ghaybat) until now.”

Ref: Al-Bayan fee Akhbar Sahib Al-Zaman, page 336, by al-Konji al-Shafi'i

Also from Mohammad Bin Ahmad Al-Maliki famous as "Ibn al-Sabbagh" 

He says: "Abul Qasim Mohammad the Hujja, the son of the pure Hassan al-Askari, was born in Samara in the middle of (month of) Sha’ban in the year 255 AH...”

Ref: Al-Fosool Al-Muhimma, page 273, chapter 12, by ibn al-Sabbagh. 

Also from Sibt Ibn al-Jowzy al-Hanafi

He says: “... and his sons (i.e sons of Imam Hasan Al-Askari): Mohammad the Imam.” Then he said under another chapter about Imam Mahdi): “He is Mohammad the son of Hassan the son of Ali... and he is known as Abul Qasim, and he is the remaining Hujja, Sahib Al-Zaman, Al-Qa’im, and Al-Muntathar (the awaited)...”

Ref: Tathkiratul Khawas, page 363 (page 88 in old edition), by al-Jowzy al-Hanafi.

Also from Ahmad bin Hajar al-Makki

He says: “And he had no children except his son: Abil Qasim Mohammad the Hujja, and his age at the death of his father was 5 years, Allah (SWT) gave him wisdom...”

Ref: Al-Sawa’iq Al-Mohriqa, "After mentioning Imam Hasan Askari", page 127, Egypt print 1308H, by bin Hajar. 

Also from al-Shabraqi al-Shafi’i

He says: “The 11th of the Imams is Hassan the pure, nicknamed Al-Askari... and it is enough honour for him that the awaited Imam Mahdi is of his children...” Then he said: “Imam Mohammad the Hujja, the son of Imam Hassan the pure, was born in Samara, in the night of the middle of Sha’ban, year 255...”

Ref: Al-Ithaf be Hoob Al-Ashraf, page 178, by al-Shabraqi al-Shafi'i. 

Also from Abd al-Wahhaab al-Sha’rani 

“And he is (the Mahdi) of the sons of Imam Hassan al-Askari, and his birth was at the night of the middle of Sha’ban in year 255, and remains until he gathers with Isa the son of Mary (PBUH)...”

Ref: Al-Yawaqeet wal Jawahir, after mentioning the signs of Judgement Day, such as the arrival of the Mahdi, page 145, by al-Wahhab al-Sha’rani.

Also from Muhammad b. Taiha Shafila

“Abu al-Qasim Muhammad b. Hassan was born in the year 255 AH in Samarra. His father's name was Hasan Kbalis Among the titles (of this last lmam) are: Hujjat, Khalaf Salih (the righteous offspring) arid Muntazar (the awaited one).” Following this statement he has related several traditions on the subject of the Mahdi, with the concluding statement: "These hadith - reports confirm the existence of Imam Hassan Askari's son, who is in concealment and will appear later. "

Ref: Matalib al-su'al (1287 AH edition), page 89.

Also from Muhammad b. Yusuf

Following his entry on the death of Imam Hassan Askari, writes: "He did not have any child beside Muhammad- It is said that he is the same as the awaited 'main (Imam Muntazar)."

Ref: Kitayat al-talib, page 312.

Also from Ibn Sabbagh Maliki

"Section Twelve on the life of Abu al Qasim Muhammad, Hujjat, Khalaf Salih, the son of Abu Muhammad Hassan Khalis: He is the twelfth Imam of the Shiat. Then he has recorded the history of the Imam and has related the traditions about the Mahdi.

Ref: Fusul al-muhimma (Second edition), page 273 and 286.

Also from Yusuf b. Qazughli

After writing his account of the life of Imam Hassan Askari, he writes: “His son's name is Muhammad, and his patronymic is Abu Abd Allah and Abu al-Qasim. He is the proof of God’s existence, the Master of the Age, the Qaim and the Muntazar. The Imamate has come to an end with him." Then he reports traditions about the Mahdi.

Ref: Tadlikirat khawass al-urnina, page 363.

Also from Shablanji

"Muhammad is the son of Hassan Askari. His mother was a slave girl by the name of Narjis or Sayqal or Sawsan. His patronymic is Abu al-Qasim. The Twelver Shi'ites know him as: Hujjat, Mahdi, Khalaf Salih, Qa'im, Muntazar, and Master of the Age.”

Ref: Nur al-absar (Cairo edition), page 342. 

Also from Ibn Hajar

Following the biography of Imam Hassan Askari, he writes: "He has not left a son besides Abu al-Qasim, who is known as Muhammad and Hujjat. That boy was five years old when his father died.”

Ref: al-Sawa1iq al-muhairiqa, page 206.

Also from Muhammad Amin Baghdadi

“Muhammad, who is also known as Mahdi, was five years old at the time of his father's death."

Ref: Saba'ik al-dhahab, page 78.

Also from Ibn Khallikan

After relating to his biographical dictionary: "Abu al Qasim Muhammad b. al-Hassan al- Askari is the twelfth Imam of the lmamiyya, that is the Twelver Shi'ites. The Shi’ites believe that he is the one who is the awaited Qa'im and the Mahdi."

Ref: Wafayat al-a’yan (1284 AH edition), volume 2, page 24.

Also from Mir Khwand

"Muhammad was the son of Hassan. His patronymic is Abu al-Qasim. The lmamiyya acknowledge that he is the Hujjat, the Qa'im and the Mahdi."

Ref: Rawdat al-safa, volume 3, page 143.

Also from Sha'rani

"Mahdi is the son of Imam Hassan Askari. He was born on the fifteenth night of Sha'ban, 255 AH. He is alive and will remain so until he will emerge with Jesus. Now it is 957 A.H. He is, thus, 703 years old."

Ref: al-Yawaqit wa al-jawahir (1351 AH edition), volume 2, page 143.

Also from Sha'rani, quoting Ibn Arabi's Futuhat makiyya, section 366

"When the earth will be filled with tyranny and injustice the Mahdi will rise and fill the earth with justice and equity. He will be among the descendants of the Prophet arid from the line of Fatimah. His grandfather will be Hussain, and his father will be Imam Hassan Askari, the son of Imam Ali Naqi, the son of Imam Muhammad Taqi, the son of Imam Ali Rida, the son of Imam Musa Kadum, the son of Imam Jafar Sadiq, the son of Imam Muhammad Baqir, the son of Imam Zayn al-Abidin, the son of Imam Hussain b. Ali b. Abi Talib."

Ref: Ibid, page 143.

Also from Khwaja Parsa

"Muhammad, the son of Hassan Askari, was born on fifteenth night of Sha'ban, 255 AH / 870 CE. His mother's name was Narjis. His father died when he was five years of age. From that time until now he is in occultation. He is the awaited Imam of Shi'a. His existence is well established among his companions, trusted associates and family. God will prolong his age as He has done in the case of Elijah and Eliash."

Ref: Yanabi al-mawadda, volume 2, page 126.

Also from Abu al- Falah Hanbali

"Muhammad is the son of Hassan Askari, the son of Ali Hadi, the son of Jawad, the son of Ali Rida, the son of Musa Kadum, the son of Ja'far Sadiq, Alawi, Hussayni. His patronymic is Abu as' Qasim arid the Shi'a know him as Khalaf Salih, Hujjat, Mahdi, Muntazar, and the Master of the Age (Sahib al- Zaman)."

Ref: Shadlharat al- dhabab (Beirut edition), volume 2, page 141 and in al-Ibar fi khabar min ghabar (Kuwait edition), volume 2, page 31.

Also from Muhammad b. Ali Hamawi

"Abu as-Qasim Muhammad Muntazar was born in Samarra."

Ref: Ta’rikh mansuri, microfilm copy of the Moscow manuscript, folio number 114.

Also from Abu Abdullah Mohammad Yusuf Al-Quraishi 

He states: Al-Ganji-Shafei has devoted one entire chapter to this subject, which is fifteenth chapter of his book, the subject is "The proof for life, existence, seclusion and remaining alive of Mahdi uptil now" and in this chapter he has propounded some in controvetrible proofs in support of his claim.

Ref: Al-Bayan fi Akhbar Sahib ul Zaman, page 102. 

Also from Qazi Behlul Behjat

"The birth of Imam Mahdi (a.s.) occured on 15th Shabaan 255 A.H., his mother was Narjis Khatun, his father expired, when he was only 5 years old". He continues..... 'he had two occultations firstly Ghaibate-Sughra (Minor Occultation) and he will remain alive until Allah permits him to re-appear and fill with tyranny and oppression."

Ref: Tarikh Aale Mohammad, page 270.

Also from Shahabuddin Ibn Hajar Al-Hanafi 

He states that Mahdi age at the time of his father's demise was 5 years. He was bestowed with wisdom and erudition. He is known by the name of Al-Qaem, Al-Muntazar.

Ref: As Sawaequl Mohreqa, page 124. 

Also from Qazi Ahmed Ibn Khallakaan 

"Abul Qasim Mohammad bin Hassan Askari ... who according to the creed of Imamiyat is twelfth Imam, and is known by the name of Al-Hujjah. And Ibne Arzaq in his history (Mayafareqin) has also recorded the date of birth of Hazrart Mahdi (a.s.).

Ref: Wafayatul Aajen, volume 3, page 316. 

Also from Abdul Malik Usaami Makki 

He state that: "Mohammad Mahdi (a.s.) son of Hassan Askari (a.s.) son of Ali Taqi (a.s.) son of.....son of Ali bin Abi Talib (May Allah be pleased with all of them).

His birth took place of Friday on 15th Shabaan, 255 A.H. And this is most accurate year of birth. His mother's name was Susan or 'Nirjis'. His epithet is Abul Qasim and his agnomen are Al-Hujjah, Al-Khalafe - Saleh Al-Qaem - Al-Muntazar, Sahebu Zaman and 'Mahdi' And among these 'Hahdi' is the most famous title".

He writes further while explaining the matter in detail regarding his personality. ....broad and sturdy shoulders, with handsome and pleasing face, beautiful hairs and broad forehead. His father expired when he was only five year old."

Ref: Samatun Nujum il Awaali, volume 4, page 138.

 Ibn Sirin about Imam Mahdi (AJ)

First of all who was Ibn Sirin? He was among the tabi'een and Ibn Sa'ad writes about him:

He was MAWLA to Anas ibn Malik, and he was thiqah, secure, high-standing, knowledgeable, Imam with a lot of knowledge and piety.

Ref: Tabaqat, volume 7, page 193, by Ibn Sa'd.

Ibn Sirin used to state the following:

The Mahdi is superior to Abu Bakr and Umar. He is even superior to some Prophets. He also used to say: In this Ummah is a Khalifa, and Abu Bakr and Umar are not superior to him.

Note: Ibn Abi Shaybah has recorded it in his "Mussnaaf" with a SAHIH chain.

Ref: Al-Taqaah al-Musihayn fi Akhr Zamaan, page 102, by Sheikh Ahmad Abdul al al-Tahtahwi, head of the Ahl al-Qur'an wa Sunnah University.

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