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Largest Ramadan Attacks on NONE MUSLIMS


The most of the world does not know this brutal Ramadan Attacks on Buddhists and Hindu Tribal people in Islamic Bangladesh……

In Tripura, Bihar (India)  and Dhaka (Bangladesh) people stage massive protest against Islamic violence on Religious-Linguistic-Ethnic minority people in Chittagong Hill Areas.

Following the brutal Islamic attack on indigenous Jummas including Chakmas Buddhists and Hindu tribals in Chittagong Hill Tract (CHT) of Bangladesh by illegally settled Bengali speaking Muslims on 2nd June, Chakma Buddhists and Hindu tribals took to the streets in several parts of India.
On Monday (5th June), Chakma Buddhists comprising monks and students staged peaceful protests in Bodh Gaya in Bihar. The protest led by Venerable Priyapal Bhikkhu, Founder & Chief Abbot, Chakma Buddhist Temple, Bodh Gaya condemned the attack and demanded security and justice for minority Buddhists in CHT.
On Thursday (8th June), the Chakma National Council of India (CNCI),Tripura State Committee and Tripura Chakma Students Association (TCSA) organised a massive rally and protested in front of the office of the Assistant High Commissioner of Bangladesh along with Chakma Samajik Rajya Parishad” and Tripura Separatist Party IPFT youth wing.
On 2nd June 2017, on the pretext of protest March for an alleged murder crime, instead of going to police station the Muslim Settler mob attacked the Chakma (Indigenous) villages under Langudu Sadar of Rangamati District of CHT and torched many houses selectively targeting the Buddhist households. The Muslim Settlers mob looted the households before setting them on fire as the Buddhist Chakma families fled by for their lives by then. It is learnt that a belligerent procession of the Muslim Settlers was organized from Battya Para of Longadu  Upazila took to street under coverage of Bangladesh Army and Police forces at around 9.00 A.M. When the procession reached at Longadu upazilla headquarters the settlers from within the procession started looting sitting fire in the innocent indigenous houses and shops without any provocation.  At this, More than 300 indigenous houses were burnt to ashes, many innocent indigenous people are missing 6 people were reportedly burnt to death and targeting the innocent people to loot.
The protest rally organised by the Chakma National Council of India, Tripura State Committee and Tripura Chakma Students Association have witnessed thousands of outraged participants comprising both Hindu Tripuris and Chakma Buddhists.
Sending a memorandum to the Prime Minister of Bangladesh, Tripura unit of CNCI and TCSA stated that the Buddhist Community in India is sadden and enraged to learn that the racially and religiously motivated incident of killing, looting and arson were committed by illegal Muslim Settlers allegedly in connivance with Bangladesh Army and Police force in order to permanently uproot and eradicate the Buddhist communities from Chittagong Hill Tracts.
“We the people of India played a major role and immensely contributed in your struggle for the liberation of Bangladesh from the tyranny and atrocities of Pakistan, so that every citizen in your country could live with honour, dignity and rights irrespective of their race and religious belief. However, it has been observed that more heinous atrocities of targeted Killing of innocent Buddhists, Forcible Land grabbing of innocent Buddhist villagers, Rape of Buddhist women have been committed for decades, against the founding vision of your country as well as breaking all norms of human rights very often with alleged connivance of Bangladesh Army, Police force and Govt. Officials”, TCSA and CNCI Tripura Unit through the memorandum reminded the Prime Minister of Bangladesh.
Meanwhile, a separate deputation was made by the youth forum Tripura separatist Party before the Deputy High Commissioner Shakhawat Hossain. “This is to express our serious concerns on the incident of large scale atrocities committed upon the innocent indigenous (tribal) people of Bangladesh in Chittaging District of Rangamati on June 2nd. “ This incident in heinous and barbaric attack on the minority tribal people by the religious majority fundamentalist with the sole objective of ousting the religious minority from Bangladsh permanently”, said in the deputation.

UNFORTUNATELY, the world is mostly unaware about this unbelievable Ramadan attack by the Jihadis upon the non-Muslim hill people in Chittagong Hill Track in Islamic Bangladesh.
When the numbers of casualties figure between 7-10 including babies, injured are more than 100 and the victims lost their properties and wealth of more than 100 crores. Dozen of women were raped by the Bengali speaking Muslim settlers in Chittagong.
Though some Buhhist organisations and Human Rights Groups in India took the streets to protest, the leading political party of India BJP and Central Govt of India led by BJP did not show any concern on the severe plight on the people of Chittagong in recent times.
Narendra Modi, the great PM of India, was very much busy with his Europe tour in these days and he found no time to take some information about Burning Rangamati and Chittagong Hill areas where hundreds of Indigenous people were bare victim of Radical Islam in Bangladesh. His great FM Sushma Swaraj was busy to count the numbers of rescued Indians from Middle East. But, she never count the Hindu-Chakma dead bodies in Bangladesh.
Govt of India is yet to issue any statement on this havoc on indigenous people of Bangladesh taking the matter is a violation of Human Rights and peace and harmony in the serene of Chittagong area.
On Friday (9th June), Jago Hindu Parishad and many Hindu and Human Rights organisation made a Human Chain in front Dhaka Press Club in Bangladesh in protest of the “Attack on Rangamati’s Langudu People” and “Fake police case against Rakesh Roy (a minority teacher of Sylhet)”.
The protesters including many Saints and HR activists demanded bail of jailed Rakesh Roy and severe punishment on the Rangamati-Langudu attackers.
On 9th June, at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi, Buddhist monks, Chakma students, youths and many HR activists gathered in huge numbers to protest against Jihadi atrocities and Ethnic cleaning on religious and linguistic minorities at Chittagong Hill Track by Bengali Muslim settlers in Islamic Bangladesh.
Eminent Hindu interlocutor, Bangladesh Affairs Expert and Hindu Existence Editor, Upanada Brahmachari vehemently condemned the attack on the “Religious-Linguistic-Ethnic minority people in Chittagong Hill Areas” by the Bengali speaking Muslim settlers. He also raised an alarm in the social media about the apathy and antipathy of the Govts in both India and Bangladesh on the current issues in Chittagong Hill Tracks.
Pointing out the shameful indulgence of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj regarding the plights of minority people in Islamic Bangladesh, specially in Chittagong, Brahmachari exclaimed+ in a social media platform: “These days The Incarnation of Lord Krishna (as said by M Venkaiah Naidu) Shriman Narendra Modi — the Greatest PMO India [as said by all Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) cadres and Bhakts] was very much busy with his Europe tour. He had no time to take some information about Burning Rangamati and Chittagong Hill areas where hundreds of Indigenous people were bare victim of Radical Islam in Bangladesh. His great FM Sushma Swaraj was busy to count the numbers of rescued Indians from Middle East. But, she never count the Hindu-Chakma dead bodies in Bangladesh.
__inputs from Eastern Today and Agencies.

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