Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Muhammadan Threatens to Blow Up Church in France Unless Quran is Read…

Ahmed, a recidivist, screams in the cathedral "it's the Koran that must be read" and threatens to blow up a grenade.

Saturday 28 april 2018, Ahmed X, 37 years old entered Saint Vincent cathedral in Chalon sur Saône. Drunk he still have a bottle in his hand.

In front of the priest he screams: "I have a grenade and I will blow everything up !", "it's the Koran that must be read"

According to Caroline Locks, substitute of the prosecutor, Ahmed X l is a recidivist, he already has 27 convictions, including 3 for death threats and crimes or offenses, and 7 for theft and violence.

The priest said that everyone remained calm in front of the irruption of the drunken Muslim.

But nobody has forgotten the terrorist attack in Normandy and the assassination of priest Jacques Hamel in the church of Saint-Etienne du Rouvray.

During the hearing audience, Ahmed X spits in the direction of the prosecutor's assistant, sketching a threatening gesture. He will be judged at the end of May.

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