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Hebrew origins and what the word faith originally means

Hello, wrote and pasted some of this very fast. but, it is ground breaking knoweledge about the origins of the hebrew in the bible..

Sorry about the mess in the alphabet below, but its good to use when you are filled witht the holy spirit to guide you. I know some of the meanings are contradictiary, its because.. when they found the dead sea scrolls and so on.. there was no alphabet that explained the meaning.. so people disagree you know…

:1.  Aleph(first letter of hebrew alphabet)=ox- Bertie Brits: Leader, strength, Sacrifice (Frank T. Seekings: strength, leader, first)
:2.  Beth=house- Dwelling place, household, acceptance (in, into, family)
:3. Gimel=camel- Uplift, carry, exultation, ascend (pride, animal)
:4. Dalet=door- Way, passage, entrance/exit access (pathway, to enter)
:5. Hey=man with two hands stretched up- revelation, to reveal, grace (the, to reveal)
:6. VAV=nail- Join together, nailed (and, to add, to secure)
:7. Zayin=weapon- Sword, cut off, word, tounge (cut, to cut off)
:8. Chet=fence- Separate, private, fence, protect (private, to separate)
:9. Tet=snake- Twist, surround, snake (to surround)
:10. Yood=hand- Extended, giving/receiving, power, ruling (work, a deed, to make) 
:11. Kaf=palm of hand- Cover, protect, work, feed, power (to cover, to open, allow)
:12. Lamed=cattle goad-Teaching, correct, direct, authority (control, authority, tounge)
:13. Mem=water- Reflection, Spirit, fullness of life (liquid, massive, chaos)
:14. Noun=fish(seed darting trough the water)- activity, life, multi directional, man (activity, life)
:15. Samech=prop- support, fortress, uphold, spine (support, twist, slowly, turn) Other inter: =Thorn- Grab, Hate, Protect
:16. Ayin=eye- understand, to know, experience, to see (to see, know, experience)
:17. Pey=mouth- speak, eat, drink, a word, open (to speak, word, open)
:18. Tsdik=fish hook (host insect) – harvest, hooked, change (Metamorphosis)) (catch, desire, need)
:19. Koof=back of head(priest cast)- Kingdom, ruler, behind, last (behind, the last, the least) Other interp:=Sun on the Horizon- Condense, Circle, Time
:20. Resh=Head of man- To think, meditate, the head, the boss (a person, the head, the highest)
:21. Sheen=Teeth- Gods Glory, shining, radiance, pressure (to consume, to destroy)
:22. Tuv=Cross- Cross, sealing of a covenant (to seal, to covenant) 
:23. Rope- Rope of twisted fibers Crooked, dark, goat, silent

The interpretation of the ancient hebrew letters above are based on Frank T. Seekings book "Hebrew Word Pictures" and videos by Bertie Brits on Youtube and Godtube.

Hebrew origins and what the word faith originally means:
To actually read the old hebrew testament in its original form and interprent the meaning of the hebrew word pictures, download E-sword with the user-addon: "Ancient hebrew lexicon". Also you need blueletterbible.org with strongs to know the strong number of the word which you can find in the ancient hebrew lexicon. There is disagreement about what the meaning hebrew word pictures are.

Okay an example what the word faith actually means.. ¨
Two words of faith are used in new testamen:
Strong's G4102 - pistis 


Strong's G4100 - pisteuō 
pē-styü'-ō (Key)

pē-styü'-ō (Key)

I’m pleased to inform you that there are two instances where this word refers to the word faith in old testament, in other words the Hebrew.. They both refer to the same rooth word aman, and emuwnah (that is an extension from the word aman) Then we can conclude: They both mean the same, and we have two sources from TWO different languages..How cool… And I’m also very pleased that my research conclude that both languages means the same, but before I reveal the answer, here is the old testament word for faith: 

Strong's H539 - 'aman 

Strong's H530 - 'emuwnah 
em·ü·nä' (Key)

Proof of what faith means from the new testament:

Example 1:

Jesus told Peter he did not have enough faith when he tried to walk on the water..
In south korea people tried the same thing to walk on the water, but they sunk and died.. When their pastor asked God why: God said that Jesus TOLD PETER to walk on the water.. In other words Jesus spoke first…

Example 2:
Jesus rebuke his disciples for having to little faith in the storm when they got afraid.. Remember that Jesus told them to go to the other side… aha.. Same as example one

Example 3:
Jesus commends the lame man who came down from the hole in the roof.. But why didn’t these guys wait for when Jesus came out of the house after the meeting.. Because Holy spirit gave them the idea to make the whole in the roof


Example 4:
Jesus commend the centaurian for his great faith “never has I seen such faith In Israel” … The centaurian said: I have soldiers under me which I command and I am commanded by the leader above me.. 
He got the idea, to represent the commandment of the leader in a way which reflects the leader to the highest possible degree: to have faith God must have spoke to you first.. Yes I’m talking about hearing Gods voice throw the holy spirit.. The way Bethel church redding, IHOP, Morning star and so many other ministries focuses on today as central thing….

Final example from the new testament:
Rom 10:17 So then faith [cometh] by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.

Yes faith comes by hearing GOD SPEAK TO YOU THE WAY HE WANTS TO SPEAK! Faith doesn’t come by hearing your pastor preaching, if we use the original meaning of faith

Alrighty, so then the Hebrew…We will use the alphabet above and see if we can find out of this:

Enfma% (Enfma%A-MW-NH) - Firmness: [freq. 49] |kjv: faithfulness, truth, faithfully, office, faithful, faith, stability, steady, truly| {str: 530}
aAleph-Ox- Leader, strength, (also: sacrificial ox) Sacrifice (strength, leader, first)
mMem=water-Reflection, Spirit, fullness of life (liquid, massive, chaos)
fVAV=nail- Join together, nailed (and, to add, to secure)
nNoun=Fish(darting trough the water)-activity, life, multi directional, man (activity, life)
e Hey=window revelation, to reveal, Grace (Frank: the, to reveal)

Conclusion from the above:
Ok, Aleph, Ox stands for God… Why, cause all gods name, atleast that I know of starts with this letter.. And who is our leader,, God offcourse..
Conclusion: Faith HAS to start with God speaking/leading us

Water is spirit nailed to life/activity/action.. that’s an easy one… faith without works are dead.. we know that from new testament.. so hearing gods voice without acting on it is not faith…
And then we have revelation…
Spirit of revelation.. Isaiah 11:1

Ok there you have it..
A little bonus, what does God’s name mean on Hebrew: Yahweh and Elohim:
Yehovah 3068: Hand, :5. Hey=man with two hands stretched up- revelation, to reveal, grace (the, to reveal)
, nail, :5. Hey=man with two hands stretched up- revelation, to reveal, grace (the, to reveal)
: Th

First letter is hand, so basicly ruling or something, and then there is two letters for revelation… Revelation is a big thing in this name..

Okay.. what about elohim:
God/Elohim: Ox,Cattle Goad,Window,Hand,Water:

Ox and cattle goad and revelation and hand and spirit.. Okay allot about ruling us here, ruling throw revelation obviously, and throw our spirit.. Fascinating

Please spread this information around…
What can we conclude from all of this.. Yes: The just shall live from faith to faith.. and faith means acting on Gods leadership.. And faith comes by hearing.. in other words to get more faith, we need to hear Gods voice more often, we need to get more revelation..
And offcourse to get more revelation we need to get more filled up by the holy spirit, and the also practice a little.. faith without works is dead right
So, conclusion, go to the extreme in spending time in the holy spirits presence.. like 12 hours a day or something.. go to church less, read the bible less, work less, waste ur time less on spare time activities, spend more time with the holy spirit.. And then practice acting on what the holy spirit tells you.. Practice by asking him for road directon, and see if he gets you there.. Practice with prophetic evangelism.. And so on

Cheers.. that’s all.. We must stay obedient to the bible: FOR THE JUST SHALL LIVE BY FAITH!!!!

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