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Why do Muslims get so fat during Ramadan, when they fast from dawn to dusk everyday for a month?

big-belly-e1373937431787Fasting for a month may renew the spirit but it often does little to reduce waistline. What happens between dusk and dawn – gorging, inactivity and disrupted sleep – Muslims often stay up until 4 a.m. to eat a last meal before sunrise, often packs on the pounds in a population already struggling with one of the highest obesity rates in the world.

LA Times Many Muslims  tend to overeat upon breaking their fast, and usually the meal involves heavy, fatty foods that are high in calories,” Dr. Al Madani, head of Emirates Diabetes Society, told TradeArabia, an online news site.


The breaking of the fast usually begins with fresh dates and lots of water, followed by soups and juices, including a popular one made from berries and topped with pine nuts. Soon after evening prayers, a large meal called iftar is shared. The feasting continues after dinner as Egyptians visit with family and friends. Special desserts such as creamy konafa and syrupy basboussa are served throughout the night. The next meal, or sohour, comes just before morning prayers; there are more sweets to supply fuel through the day’s fast.


This is repeated for 30 days.

Patheos  Not eating all day and having your stomach shrink in size is usually an effective way to shed a few pounds. Yet, many Muslims gain weight during Ramadan. Why? We become fat morons who stuff our faces senseless with the unhealthiest foods possible. There’s no better way to get in touch with your spiritual side then by eating yourself into a carb coma. Everything we consume is fried, breaded, greasy, or abnormally sweet. The craving for empty calories and saturated fats infects your decision-making process.


You start making odd demands: “I want French fries ON my slice of pizza.” You get creative in how you can cram the most food inside of you: “If I let the ice cream melt, I can use it as a drink to wash down my cheesesteak!”


It’s supposed to be a month of simplicity. The traditional food for breaking one’s fast is a date. It’s a sweet, refreshing fruit that is light, yet filling. But when you deep-fry it and cover it in bleu cheese? Now we’re talking!

Not being able to place anything in your mouth for 12 or more hours doesn’t exactly keep your breath fresh. On top of that, imagine the last thing you had in your mouth was some greasy fried amorphous blob, a glass of milk, or an onion stuffed with garlic. (OK, so no one would actually eat the last one, but that’s what most Indo-Pakistani Muslims’ houses smell like.) By not introducing new flavors and scents into the stale warmth of your mouth, a stagnant, toxic stank incubates within your jowls, creating a vapor of lethal toxicity that when released is capable of singeing the eyebrows of innocent bystanders.


If you’re around a fasting Muslim, keep your distance. As for hungry eyes, by no means am I referring to Eric Carmen’s hit from the ‘80’s. (Think Dirty Dancing. Actually, if you’re a fasting Muslim, don’t think of that at all.) I refer to that mile-long, off in the distance, unblinking stare that spontaneously appears on the face of a fasting Muslim. If you witness this, that means the person has stopped listening to you and is longing for the taste of anything – fantasizing about feta cheese and dark chocolate, together. In a bowl of mustard. With pickles.


Zombie: A being of the night bent on feeding its most primal hunger.

A Fasting Muslim: A being of the night heaven-bent on feeding its most primal hunger.

In other words, try not eating all day, stuffing yourself late at night, standing and prostrating in prayer for an hour or so afterward, waking up at 4:15 a.m. to stuff food in your face before the morning prayer, laying down afterward for just enough time to get extremely tired but not to fall asleep, and then getting up and ready for work to do your job without eating or drinking. Now do that for 30 days.


So, why do Muslims eat more when they’re fasting than when they’re not fasting? Why put a mask of piety on gluttony?

From David Wood of Answering Muslims

The answer, I think, lies at the very heart of Islam. Islam does not make people more holy or spiritual. Rather, it gives them a religious framework for carrying their desires to perverse extremes.


If a non-Muslim man hits a few clubs and somehow manages to have sex with ten women in one day, Islam will condemn him as a fornicator. But if this same man converts to Islam, marries four women, and takes six sex-slaves as his captives after a battle, he can be perfectly righteous before Allah, even if he has sex with ten women in one day.

Likewise, if a man hires a prostitute and sleeps with her, he has sinned, according to Islam. But if the same man sets up a “temporary marriage” (a practice called “Muta“), he can hire the same prostitute, for the same amount of time, have sex with her in the exact same way, and bear no shame whatsoever in the Muslim community.

If a psychopath goes on a killing spree, brutally murdering men, women, and children, he is surely going to hell, according to Islam—unless, of course, he is killing men, women, and children in a terrorist attack for the sake of Allah, in which case his violent massacre will earn him a one-way ticket to Paradise.

Even according to Muslim sources, the tribes of Mecca were violent, lascivious, and gluttonous. Muhammad didn’t change their behavior by forcing them to convert to Islam. He simply made their violence, lasciviousness, and gluttony pleasing to Allah. Should we be surprised that Ramadan is a month-long feast that Muslims call “fasting”?



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Mtume Petro alikuwa na imani yenye nguvu. Ni kwasababu gani tunasema hivyo? Kwa sababu wakati Yesu alimuita, alitoka katika mashua na kuanza kutembea juu ya maji. Aliamini kwamba Mungu angempatia uwezo wa kutembea juu ya maji kama vile Yesu. Vilevile, wakati Yesu alituita tuwe wafuasi wake, tulijitoa kwa Mungu katika sala na kubatizwa. Kwa sababu tulikuwa na imani katika Mungu, na tulitumaini kwamba Mungu atatusaidia.—Yohana 14:1; soma 1 Petro 2:21.
Petro alikuwa anajua vizuri sana kuogelea, kwa hiyo, angeamua kuogelea ili kurudi kwenye mashua. (Yohana 21:7) Lakini, sababu gani hakufanya hivyo? Kwa sababu hakujitegemea yeye mwenyewe ili kupata msaada. Alikaza tena akili yake juu ya Yesu na alikubali amsaidie. Ikiwa tunatambua kwamba imani yetu imeanza kuwa dhaifu, tunapaswa kumuiga Mtume Petro na kumtegemea Mungu wakati wa tumeshindwa au tunahitaji msaada.
Kama vile tu Mtume Petro alikaza tena akili yake juu ya Yesu, sisi pia tunapaswa kumtazama Yesu ‘kwa makini [kwa uangalifu].’ (Soma Waebrania 12:2, 3.) Lakini, tofauti na Mtume Petro, sisi hatuwezi kumuona Yesu kwa macho yetu leo. Kwa hiyo, namna gani tunaweza ‘kumtazama’ Yesu kwa uangalifu? Tunaweza kujifunza mambo yenye alifundisha na kufanya. Kufanya hivyo kunaweza kutusaidia tumuige kwa uaminifu. Hilo litatusaidia kutia nguvu imani yetu.
Usikate tamaa, simama imara katika Imani. Mtazame Yesu na amini kuwa alisha maliza yote pale Msalabani.
Max Shimba mtumwa wa Yesu Kristo


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Elisha (kwa Kiebrania אֱלִישַׁע, Elisha, yaani "Mungu wangu ni wokovu", kwa Kigiriki Ἐλισσαῖος, Elissaios au Ἐλισαιέ, Elisaie, kwa Kiarabu الْيَسَع Elyasaʿ) alikuwa nabii anayetajwa katika Biblia.
Elisha alikuwa mwana wa Shaphat kutoka Abel-meholah aliyepata kuwa mfuasi wa nabii Elia (Kitabu cha kwanza cha Wafalme 19:16–19).
Sasa tusome simulizi zake kidogo:
Mfalme wa Siria alikuwa akimwinda Elisha, nabii wa Mungu, na kumfuatilia hadi Dothani, jiji lenye ukuta lililo mlimani. Wakati wa usiku, mtawala huyo wa Siria alipeleka farasi, magari ya vita, na wanajeshi huko Dothani. Asubuhi, majeshi yake yalikuwa yamezunguka jiji hilo.—2 Falme 6:13, 14.
Mtumishi wa Elisha alipoamka na kutoka nje, akawaona watu waliokuja kumkamata nabii huyo. Basi mtumishi huyo akalia akisema: “Ole, bwana wangu! Tutafanya nini?” Elisha akamjibu hivi: “Usiogope, kwa maana wale walio pamoja nasi ni wengi kuliko wale walio pamoja nao.” Kisha nabii huyo akasali hivi: “Ee Mungu, tafadhali fungua macho yake, ili aone.” Simulizi hilo linaendelea kusema hivi: “Mara moja Mungu akafungua macho ya yule mtumishi, hivi kwamba akaona; na, tazama! lile eneo lenye milima lilikuwa limejaa farasi na magari ya vita ya moto kumzunguka Elisha pande zote.” (2 Falme 6:15-17) Tunaweza kujifunza nini kutokana na tukio hilo na mengine yaliyompata Elisha maishani mwake?
Elisha alikuwa mtulivu walipozingirwa na Wasiria kwa sababu alimtegemea Mungu naye akaona ulinzi Wake. Ingawa leo hatutarajii miujiza, tunatambua kwamba Mungu huwalinda watu wake wakiwa kikundi. Kwa njia fulani, sisi pia tunazungukwa na farasi na magari ya vita yenye moto. ‘Tukiyaona’ kwa macho yetu ya imani na tukimtegemea Mungu siku zote, ‘tutakaa kwa usalama’ na kupata baraka za Mungu. (Zaburi 4:8) Acheni tufikirie jinsi tunavyoweza kufaidika kutokana na matukio mengine katika maisha ya Elisha.
Pindi moja Elisha alipokuwa akilima shamba, nabii Eliya alimkaribia na kulitupa vazi lake rasmi juu yake. Elisha alijua maana ya tendo hilo. Akafanya karamu, akawaaga baba na mama yake, na kuondoka nyumbani ili kumhudumia Eliya. (1 Falme 19:16, 19-21) Kwa kuwa Elisha alijitolea kwa utayari kumtumikia Mungu kikamili iwezekanavyo, Mungu aliweza kumtumia kwa njia nyingi na baadaye akatumikia akiwa nabii baada ya Eliya.
Elisha alimtumikia Eliya kwa miaka sita hivi. Wakati huo, Elisha ndiye “aliyemimina maji juu ya mikono ya Eliya.” (2 Falme 3:11) Katika siku hizo, ilikuwa desturi ya watu kula kwa kutumia mikono yao badala ya uma, visu, au vyombo vingine vya kulia chakula. Baada ya mlo, mtumishi angemimina maji juu ya mikono ya bwana wake ili kuisafisha. Hivyo, kazi fulani za Elisha zilikuwa za hali ya chini. Hata hivyo, aliliona kuwa pendeleo kuwa mtumishi wa Eliya.
Leo, Wakristo wengi wanatumikia katika aina mbalimbali za utumishi wa wakati wote. Kwa kufanya hivyo, wanachochewa na imani na tamaa ya kutumia nguvu zao kikamili iwezekanavyo katika kumtumikia Mungu. Wengine wanalazimika kuondoka nyumbani ili kutimiza migawo fulani kama utumishi wa Betheli, miradi ya ujenzi, na kadhalika, jambo ambalo huenda wengine wakaliona kuwa la hali ya chini. Mkristo yeyote hapaswi kuona utumishi wa aina hiyo kuwa duni au wa hali ya chini kwa kuwa Mungu anauthamini sana.—Ebrania 6:10.
Kabla Mungu ‘hajamchukua Eliya katika dhoruba ya upepo kwenda juu kuelekea mbinguni,’ alimtuma nabii huyo kutoka Gilgali ili aende Betheli. Eliya alipendekeza kwamba mwandamani wake asiende naye, lakini Elisha akamjibu hivi: “Mimi sitakuacha.” Walipoendelea na safari, Eliya alimsihi mara mbili zaidi Elisha abaki lakini akakataa. (2 Falme 2:1-6) Kama Ruthu alivyoshikamana na Naomi, ndivyo Elisha alivyoshikamana na Eliya. (Ruthu 1:8, 16, 17) Kwa nini? Kwa sababu Elisha alithamini pendeleo alilopewa na Mungu la kumhudumia Eliya.
Elisha anatuwekea mfano bora sana. Tukipewa mapendeleo fulani ya utumishi katika tengenezo la Mungu, tutayathamini sana ikiwa tutakumbuka kwamba tunamtumikia Mungu. Hakuna heshima kubwa zaidi kuliko hiyo.—Zaburi 65:4; 84:10.
Wanaume hao wawili walipokuwa wakisafiri, Eliya akamwambia Elisha hivi: “Omba lile ninalopaswa kukutendea kabla sijachukuliwa kutoka kwako.” Elisha akatoa ombi lililohusu mambo ya kiroho kama alilotoa Sulemani miaka mingi mapema. Aliomba kwamba ‘sehemu mbili za roho ya Eliya zije kwake.’ (1 Falme 3:5, 9; 2 Falme 2:9) Katika Israeli, mwana mzaliwa wa kwanza alipaswa kupewa sehemu mbili za urithi. (Kumbukumbu 21:15-17) Kwa kweli, Elisha aliomba kutambuliwa kuwa mrithi wa kiroho wa Eliya. Zaidi ya hilo, ni wazi kwamba Elisha alitaka kuwa na roho ya ujasiri kama ya Eliya, aliyekuwa na “wivu kwelikweli kwa ajili ya Mungu.”—1 Falme 19:13, 14.
Eliya aliitikiaje ombi la mtumishi wake?
Nabii huyo akasema hivi: “Umeomba jambo gumu. Ukiniona wakati nitakapochukuliwa kutoka kwako, itakuwa hivyo kwako; lakini kama sivyo, haitakuwa hivyo.” (2 Falme 2:10) Inaonekana kwamba jibu la Eliya lilikuwa na maana mbili. Kwanza, ni Mungu tu angeweza kuamua ikiwa Elisha angepokea kile alichoomba. Pili, ili Elisha apokee alichoomba, alipaswa kudumisha azimio lake la kushikamana na Eliya hata jambo gani litokee.
Mungu alikuwa na maoni gani kuhusu ombi la Elisha la kupewa sehemu mbili za roho ya Eliya?
Simulizi hilo linasema hivi: “Ikawa kwamba walipokuwa wanatembea, wakizungumza huku wakitembea, tazama! gari la vita lenye moto na farasi wenye moto, nao wakawatenganisha hao wawili; na Eliya akaanza kupanda katika ile dhoruba ya upepo kuelekea mbinguni. Wakati huo wote Elisha alikuwa akiona jambo hilo.”* Hilo lilikuwa jibu la Mungu kwa ombi la Elisha. Elisha alimwona Eliya akichukuliwa kutoka kwake, akapokea sehemu mbili za roho ya Eliya na kuwa mrithi wa kiroho wa nabii Eliya.—2 Falme 2:11-14.
Elisha akachukua vazi rasmi lililokuwa limeanguka kutoka kwa Eliya na kulivaa. Vazi hilo sasa lilimtambulisha Elisha kuwa nabii wa Mungu. Uthibitisho zaidi wa kwamba amewekwa rasmi ulionekana wazi baadaye alipofanya muujiza wa kugawanya maji ya Mto Yordani.
Bila shaka, Elisha hangesahau kamwe kile alichoona Eliya alipokuwa akipaa katika dhoruba ya upepo. Kwa kweli, si jambo la kawaida kwa mtu kuona gari la vita lenye moto na farasi wenye moto! Mambo hayo yalithibitisha kwamba Mungu alikubali ombi la Elisha. Mungu anapojibu sala zetu, hatupati maono ya gari la vita lenye moto na farasi wenye moto. Lakini tunaweza kutambua kuwa Mungu anatumia nguvu zake nyingi kuhakikisha kwamba mapenzi yake yanatendeka. Na tunapoona Mungu akibariki sehemu ya kidunia ya tengenezo lake, ni kana kwamba ‘tunaona’ gari lake la kimbingu likiwa katika mwendo.—Ezekiel 10:9-13.
Elisha aliona mambo mengi yaliyomsadikisha kwamba Mungu ana nguvu nyingi sana. Kwa kweli, roho takatifu ya Mungu ilimwezesha nabii huyo kufanya miujiza 16, mara mbili zaidi ya miujiza aliyofanya Eliya.* Elisha aliona farasi wenye moto na gari la vita lenye moto kwa mara ya pili, walipokabili hali ngumu huko Dothani kama ilivyotajwa mwanzoni mwa makala hii.
Elisha alibaki akiwa mtulivu ijapokuwa alizungukwa na maadui huko Dothani. Kwa nini?
Kwa sababu alikuwa amesitawisha imani yenye nguvu katika Mungu. Sisi pia tunahitaji imani ya aina hiyo. Kwa hiyo, acheni tusali ili kupata roho takatifu ya Mungu ili tuweze kuonyesha imani na sifa nyingine za tunda la roho.—Luka 11:13; Galatia 5:22, 23.
Jambo lililotokea huko Dothani lilimpa pia Elisha sababu nzuri ya kumtegemea Mungu na majeshi yake yasiyoonekana. Nabii huyo alitambua kwamba Mungu aliwatuma malaika zake ili kulizunguka jiji na wale waliolizingira. Mungu alimwokoa kimuujiza Elisha na mtumishi wake alipowapiga maadui hao kwa upofu. (2 Falme 6:17-23) Katika kipindi hicho hatari, kama tu alivyofanya katika hali nyingine, Elisha alionyesha imani naye alimtegemea kabisa Mungu.
Kama Elisha, acheni tumtegemee Mungu. (Met. 3:5, 6) Tukifanya hivyo, “Mungu mwenyewe atatuonyesha kibali na kutubariki.” (Zaburi 67:1) Ni kweli kwamba hatuzungukwi kihalisi na farasi na magari ya moto. Hata hivyo, wakati wa “dhiki kuu” inayokuja, Mungu atatulinda tukiwa undugu wa ulimwenguni pote. (Mathayo 24:21; Ufunuo 7:9, 14) Kabla ya wakati huo, acheni tukumbuke sikuzote kwamba “Mungu ni kimbilio letu.”—Zaburi 62:8.
Max Shimba Mtumwa wa Yesu Kristo


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Tuendelee kujifunza kuhusu Manabii wa kwenye Biblia. Kwenye hii Makala, tutajifunza kuhusu Nabii Isaya.
MAANA YA JINA ISAYA: “Wokovu wa Mungu”
FAMILIA YA ISAYA: Mtu aliyeoa, mwenye angalau wana wawili
MAKAO YA ISAYA: Yerusalemu
MIAKA YA UTUMISHI: Angalau miaka 46, kuanzia karibu mwaka wa 778 K.W.K. hadi wakati fulani baada ya mwaka wa 732 K.W.K.
Ni nini maana ya jina la Isaya?
Jina la Isaya lamaanisha “Wokovu wa Mungu,” na yaweza kusemwa kuwa hicho ndicho kichwa cha ujumbe wake. Ni kweli, baadhi ya unabii wa Isaya ni wa hukumu. Hata hivyo, kichwa cha wokovu chaonekana wazi. Mara kwa mara Isaya alisimulia namna Mungu, kwa wakati ufaao, angewafungulia Waisraeli kutoka utekwani huko Babiloni, akiwaruhusu mabaki warudi Sayuni na kuirejesha nchi kwa utukufu wake wa hapo awali. Hapana shaka kuwa pendeleo la kunena na kuandika unabii mbalimbali uhusuo kujengwa tena kwa jiji la Yerusalemu alilolipenda kulimpa Isaya shangwe kuu!
Katika mstari wa kwanza wa kitabu chake, Isaya ajitambulisha kuwa “mwana wa Amozi,”* naye atuambia kuwa alitumikia akiwa nabii wa Mungu katika “siku za Uzia na Yothamu na Ahazi na Hezekia, wafalme wa Yuda.” (Isaya 1:1) Hii ingemaanisha kwamba Isaya aliendelea kutumikia akiwa nabii wa Mungu kwa taifa la Yuda kwa angalau miaka 46, labda kuanzia mwishoni mwa utawala wa Uzia—wapata mwaka wa 778 K.W.K.
(a) Sababu gani twapendezwa na kitabu cha Isaya leo?
(b) Kitabu cha Isaya huelekezaje uangalifu kwa Mesiya?
Lakini, ujumbe huu mbalimbali wa hukumu na wokovu unatuhusuje?
Kwa kupendeza, Isaya hatoi unabii kwa faida ya ufalme wa Yuda pekee wa makabila mawili. Kinyume cha hilo, ujumbe wake mbalimbali una maana ya pekee kwa siku yetu. Isaya atoa ufafanuzi mtukufu wa jinsi Ufalme wa Mungu utakavyoleta baraka kuu kwa dunia yetu. Kwa hiyo, sehemu kubwa ya maandishi ya Isaya yakazia Mesiya aliyeahidiwa, ambaye angetawala akiwa Mfalme wa Ufalme wa Mungu. (Danieli 9:25; Yohana 12:41) Basi si ajabu kwamba majina Yesu na Isaya yanadokeza jambo lilelile, jina Yesu likimaanisha “Yehova Ni Wokovu.”
Ni wazi kuwa Yesu alizaliwa karne saba hivi baada ya siku ya Isaya. Hata hivyo, unabii mbalimbali unaohusu Mesiya ulio katika kitabu cha Isaya ni wa kinaganaga sana na sahihi kwelikweli hivi kwamba yaonekana kana kwamba ni masimulizi ya mtu aliyejionea kwa macho maisha ya Yesu duniani. Chanzo kimoja kilisema kwamba kwa kuzingatia hilo, mara nyingine kitabu cha Isaya huitwa “Injili ya Tano.” Basi, haishangazi kwamba Yesu na mitume wake walikinukuu mara nyingi zaidi kitabu cha Biblia cha Isaya ili kutambulisha waziwazi Mesiya alikuwa nani.
Isaya atoa ufafanuzi mtukufu juu ya “mbingu mpya na nchi mpya” ambamo “mfalme atamiliki kwa haki [“uadilifu,” NW]” na wakuu watatawala kwa haki. (Isaya 32:1, 2; 65:17, 18; 2 Petro 3:13) Kwa hiyo kitabu cha Isaya huelekeza kwenye tumaini linalosisimua la Ufalme wa Mungu, chini ya Mesiya Yesu Kristo akiwa Mfalme aliyetawazwa. Ni kitia-moyo kilichoje kwetu kuishi kila siku tukitarajia kwa shangwe “wokovu [wa Yehova]”! (Isaya 25:9; 40:28-31) Basi, na tuchunguze kwa hamu ujumbe wenye thamani katika kitabu cha Isaya. Tufanyapo hivyo, tumaini letu katika ahadi za Mungu litaimarishwa sana. Pia tutasaidiwa kusitawisha usadikisho wetu kwamba Yehova kwa kweli ndiye Mungu wa wokovu wetu.
Ni jambo gani ambalo lazima lilikuwa kweli kuhusu maisha ya familia ya Isaya, na kwa nini?
Tukilinganisha yale tujuayo kuhusu manabii wengine, twajua machache juu ya maisha ya kibinafsi ya Isaya. Twajua kuwa alikuwa mwanamume aliyeoa na kwamba alimwita mkewe “nabii mke.” (Isaya 8:3) Kwa mujibu wa kichapo Cyclopedia of Biblical, Theological, and Ecclesiastical Literature cha McClintock na Strong, jina hilo huonyesha kuwa maisha ya ndoa ya Isaya “yalipatana na kazi yake, na kushikamana nayo vilevile.” Yawezekana kwamba mke wa Isaya, kama vile wanawake wengine wenye kumhofu Mungu katika Israeli ya kale, alikuwa na mgawo wake mwenyewe akiwa nabii mke.—Waamuzi 4:4; 2 Wafalme 22:14.
Isaya na mkewe walikuwa na angalau wana wawili, kila mmoja alipewa jina lenye maana ya unabii. Mzaliwa wa kwanza, Shear-yashubu, aliandamana na Isaya alipowasilisha ujumbe mbalimbali wa Mungu kwa Mfalme Ahazi mwovu. (Isaya 7:3) Ni wazi kwamba Isaya na mkewe waliifanya ibada ya Mungu kuwa jambo muhimu katika familia—kielelezo chema kwa wenzi wa ndoa leo!
Isaya na familia yake waliishi nyakati za ghasia katika historia ya Yuda. Msukosuko wa kisiasa ulikuwa umeenea, rushwa ilifisidi mahakama, na unafiki uliharibu mfumo wa kidini wa jamii. Vilele vya vilima vilijaa madhabahu za miungu isiyo ya kweli. Hata baadhi ya wafalme waliunga mkono ibada ya kipagani. Kwa mfano, Ahazi aliwaruhusu raia zake washiriki katika ibada ya sanamu na hata yeye mwenyewe aliabudu sanamu, “akampitisha mwanawe motoni” katika dhabihu ya tambiko kwa Moleki, mungu wa Wakanaani.* (2 Wafalme 16:3, 4; 2 Mambo ya Nyakati 28:3, 4) Hayo yote nayo yalitendeka miongoni mwa watu waliokuwa katika uhusiano wa agano na Mungu!—Kutoka 19:5-8.
(a) Wafalme Uzia na Yothamu waliweka kielelezo gani, na je, watu walifuata mwongozo wao?
(b) Isaya alionyeshaje ujasiri kati ya watu waasi?
Baadhi ya watu katika siku ya Isaya—pamoja na watawala wachache—walijaribu kuendeleza ibada ya kweli, nao wastahili pongezi. Mfalme Uzia, aliyefanya “yaliyo mema machoni pa BWANA,” alikuwa mmoja wao. Hata hivyo, alipokuwa akitawala, watu “wa[li]endelea kutoa sadaka na kufukiza uvumba katika mahali pa juu.” (2 Wafalme 15:3, 4) Mfalme Yothamu pia aliendelea kufanya “yaliyo ya adili machoni pa BWANA.” Lakini “watu waliendelea kufanya maovu.” (2 Mambo ya Nyakati 27:2, Biblia Habari Njema) Naam, kwa muda wote wa huduma ya unabii ya Isaya, hali ya kiroho na ya kiadili ya ufalme wa Yuda ilikuwa yenye kusikitisha. Kwa ujumla, watu walipuuza uvutano wowote mzuri kutoka kwa wafalme wao. Basi ni wazi kuwa haungekuwa mgawo rahisi kuwasilisha ujumbe wa Mungu kwa watu hao wakaidi. Hata hivyo, Mungu alipouliza, “Nimtume nani, naye ni nani atakayekwenda kwa ajili yetu?” Isaya hakusita. Aliitikia kwa sauti: “Mimi hapa, nitume mimi.”—Isaya 6:8.
Max Shimba mtumwa wa Yesu Kristo.

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Allah naye anawathibitishia waislamu kuwa wakristo ni wapole.

Thibitisha katika sura ya 57:27 Surat Al-hadyd Twasoma:-
“Kisha tukawafuatisha nyuma yao mitume wetu na tukamfuatisha Issa bin Mariam na tukampa Injili na tukaweka upole na rehema katika nyoyo za wale waliomfuata.
Wakristo Allah anasema ni wapole sana.
Upole wao nataka ujue kuwa si kwa sababu Allah amesema bali ni vema ujue kuwa wamefudishwa na Yesu mwenyewe kuenenda kama kondoo kati ya mbwa mwitu.
Tena tukafundishwa upole na upendo. BWANA Yesu alitufundisha haya kwa kinywa cha mtume Paulo.
Tunasoma katika Rumi 12:17-21 maneno haya: “Msimlipe mtu ovu kwa ovu. Angalieni yaliyo mema machoni pa watu wote. Wapenzi, msilipize kisasi bali ipisheni ghadhabu ya Mungu maana imeandikwa kisasi ni juu yangu mimi. Mimi nitalipa asema BWANA. Lakini adui yako akiwa na njaa mlishe, akiwa na kiu mnyweshe maana ufanyapo hivyo utampalia
makaa ya moto kichwani pake. Usishindwe na ubaya,bali uushinde ubaya kwa wema.
Lakini pia katika Mathayo 5:44 Bwana anatuhimiza maneno haya: “Lakini mimi nawaambia, wapendeni adui zenu, waombeeni wanaowaudhi ili mpate kuwa wana wa baba
yenu aliye mbinguni. Kwa mafundisho haya ya kiroho wakristo wakazingatia ndiyo maana ni vigumu kusikia eti wakristo wameandamana na kutia fujo, kisamakanisa
yamechomwa moto. Tena hutasikia hata mara moja kwamba wakristo wameandamana kisa eti tunalaani vurugu, dhidi ya wakristo, Misri,Iraq,Saud Arabia au Somalia.
Tumefundishwa na Bwana Yesu tusisumbuke kwa jambo lolote ila kwa kufunga na kuomba.
Nikisema kweli utasikia waislamu, sijui niseme wasiosoma dini yao wanakasirika. Je hakuna mwislamu yeyote asiyejua kuwa
Muhammad hakuwapenda adui zake hata mara moja? Kama hujui kwa nini unakasirika ninapofanya ujue? Na kama wewe unajuakwanini uchukie ninapokusaidia kuwajulisha
waislamu wenzako wajue?
Basi nataka ujue Muhammad uwezi kabisa kumfananisha na Yesu katika upole, upendo, uvumilivu na kadhalika. Maana hiyo
ndiyo hali ya Mungu. Lakini Muhammad Nabii wa Allah alikuwa na kisasi kibaya mno.
Katika sahihi muslimu vol III hadithi no 106 na sahihi Bukhari vol V hadithi no 400 zote kwa pamoja zimeelezea jinsi Muhammad alivyomuua kwa mikono yake mtu aliyemvunja jino hilo Uhud.
Kitabu al TAbakat al – kabir, sahihi al-Bukhary na mizanu al hagg Tunayaona majina kadhaa wa kadha ya watu ambao Muhammad aliwatuma wafuasi wake ili awaue.
Miongoni mwao ni ka’l lbn Ashrafu salam Ibn Abi’l hugaig (AbuRAfi). Sufiani Ibn Khalid al- hadhali. Wagid Ibn Abdallah ali
– Tamim.
Wengine ni AbuAfak,mzee wakiyahudi aliyekuwana umri wa miaka 120. Asma binti Marwan, mke wa Yazid bin Zayd ambaye alikuwa mtumzi mzuri wa mashahiri. Majina mengine yawatu aliowaua Muhammad yanapatikana katika Surat Rasul allah.
Mauaji makubwa kabisa aliyoyafanya kwa mkono wake ni ya wayahudi 800 wa jamiiyaQurayza ambao walipangwa kwenye mstari na kuchinjwa mmoja baada ya mwingine na kutupwa kwenye shimo kubwa lililochimbwa karibu na soko la Madina. Kazi hiyo iliendelea mpaka usiku wa manane.
Sababu za kuuawa kwao Ukweli bila kuficha hazikuwa na msingi wowote. Kwa mfano ka’b Ibnul Ashrafa aliuawa kwa kosa la kuwasifia wanawake wa kiislamu kwa umaridadi wao. Mzee Abu’Afak na Asma binti Mawan waliuawa kwa kuandika maneno yaliyompinga Muhammad.
Amri alizotoa Muhammad za mauaji hazikuwa na haki. Kwa mfano katika sahihi muslamu vol iv hadithi no 2771 inaelezea jinsiMuhammad alivyomshukuru mtu mmoja kwamba anajamiana na mtumwa wake.
Muhammad aliamuru Ali bin Talib amuue mtu huyo. Kwa bahati tu alipokaribia Allai kumpiga upanga aligundua kuwa yule mtu ni towashi.
Umm Qirfa- Bi kizee wa miaka 100 aliuawa kwa kuchanwa vipande viwili, baada ya miguu yake kufungwa kwakama mbili tofauti ambazo zilifungwa kwa ngamia wawili tofauti walioswagwa kuelekea pande mbili tofauti.
Katika kitabu cha kitab al tabakat al-kabir imeelezwa kuwa siku moja Muhammad alipoletewa vichwa vya watu wawili waliokatwa vichwa kwa kuchinjwa alifanya sherehe kubwa hapana mfano wake.
Huyo ndiye Muhammad mtukufu wa daraja na kipenzi cha waislamu.
Na jambo lile lile linaendelezwa mpaka leo. Muislamu akiamua leo kuuacha uislamu na kuingia katika ukristo matamshi ya waislamu wengi katika midomo utasikia achinjwe huyo. Kisa kwa sababu ameuacha uislamu na kuwa mkristo. Baadhi ya watu wameona kwa macho yao katika nchi mbalimbali zile ambazo wanaamini uislamu walivyowaadhibu watu kwa kuchinjwa.
Somaria kule mkristo hana nafasi ya kuwa huru ukijulikana unatangaza ukristo maisha yako yatakuwa na mashaka.
Kuchinja mwanadamu mwenzio! Ukumbuke damu ya mtu hyo inalalama inamlialia Mungu je utapona ndugu yangu? Maana hiyo unafanya kazi ya Shetani.
Damu ya haberi ilimlilia Mungu na Mungu alimuuliza kaini utadhani kama alikuwa hajui. Tunasoma katika Mw. 4:9-11 Twasoma: “BWANA akamwambia Kaini yuko wapi Haberi ndugu yako? Akasema sijui mimi ni mlianzi wa ndugu yangu? Akasema umefanya nini? Sauti ya damu ya ndugu yako inanililia kutoka katika aridhi. Basi sasa umelaaniwa wewe katika ardhi iliyofumbua kinywa chake ipokee damu ya ndugu yako kwa mkono wako.
Mungu anasema kila amuuaye mwanadamu mwanzake amelaaniwa. Maana baada ya Yesu kuja hakuna nafasi yeyote ya mwanadamu kumuua mwanadamu mwenzako. Kazi ya kuua ni ya Shetani.
Katika Yoh 8:44 Yesu anasema mkiua ninyi ni wa Baba yenu Ibilisi. Kwa nini Yesu aseme hivyo? Yesu anajibu anasema. Yeye alikuwa muuaji tangu mwanzo wala hakusimama katika kweli. Kwa hiyo Shetani ni muuaji.
Katika sahihi Bukhary hadithi No 731 uk 219 na mishkat al- maswabih vol ya I hadithi no 2 uk 3. Aisha mke wa nabii wa
Allah, alimsikia Muhammad anasema nimetokewa na kiumbe mfano wa mwanadamu, mavazi yake yalikuwa meupe sana umezidi weupe wa kawaida. Na nywele zake zilikuwa nyeusi zimezidi weusi wa kaiwada akanionesha funguo za dunia hii akaniambia niakupa funguo hizi ukianguka na kunisujudia. Nami nikiwa katika maono nikaanguka nikamsujudia.
Mtume wa Allah anakiri katika hadithi hii kwamba alikusudia kiumbe ambacho ni mfano wa mwanadamu. Lakini kwa bahati mbaya hata kukifahamu kwa jina hakukifahamu ila alikisujudia kwa sababu aliambiwa angepewa funguo za duniani.
Maneno haya ya Muhammad yanafanana sana na maneno ya Bwana Yesu aliyoambiwa na Shetani wakati alipofunga siku arobaini (40). Katika mlango huu wa Mathayo 4: 8-11 twasoma: “ Kisha Ibilisi (Shetani) akamchukua mpaka mlima mrefu mno, akamuonesha milki zote za ulimwengu na fahali zake. Akamwambia haya yote nitakupa ukianguka na kunisudia.
Ndipo Yesu akamwambia nenda zako Shetani kwa maana imeandikwa msujudie Bwana Munguwako umwabudu yeye peke yake. Kisha ibilisi (Shetani) akamuacha.
Ndiyo maana kila mara nawaambia waislamu,mnachelewa, kukaa na kuumbeza ukristo tu wakati ninyi wenyewe. Imani
yenu ina utata mkubwa. Na ndiyo sababu kubwa inayonifanya nisiache kuwafundisha waislamu lakini pia kuwahimiza wasome kur’an yao pamoja na hadithi za Muhammad ili kupata ukweli wa imani atimaye upate nafasi ya kuingia mbinguni.
Shetani aliyemdanganya Yesu kuwa nitakupa milki yote ya dunia hakupata nafasi ya kusujudiwa na Bwana Yesu kwa sababu alimtambua kuwa huyu ni Shetani. Lakini alipokwenda kwa Muhammad na kwa sababu Muhammad hakumtambua akakubali kuanguka na kumsujudia,akampa funguo za dunia.
Muhammad akaipenda dunia. Alioa wake 11 na wengine waliojitoa wenyewe kwa mtume wa Allah Idadi yake haikusimuliwa.
Hii ni tofauti na mafundisho aliyotufundisha sisi Bwana wetu Yesu Kristo.
Katika IYoh 2:15-16 tunasoma haya:
“Msiipende dunia, wala mambo yaliyomo katika dunia. Mtu akiipenda dunia, kumpenda Baba hakumo ndani yake. Maana kilakilichomo duniani yaani tamaa ya mwili na tamaa ya macho na kiburi cha uzima havitokani na Baba bali vyatokana na dunia. Je kila muislamu analijua hili? Ndiyo maana nimesema njia pekee ya kuwafanya watu kufika peponi ni ukristo tu wala si uislamu. Katika ukristo ndiko kuliko na usalama war oho za wanadamu. Je unayajua mateso yaliyompata Muhammad baada ya kukisujudia kile kiumbe?
Basi fuatana nami wiki ijayo.


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Makafiri Waislam wamekuwa wakipotosha watu kila siku, kwamba YESU ni muislam kisa ALISUJUDU, hii ndio imekuwa hoja yao kubwa kwenye mitandao ya kijamii na katika mihadhara wanayofanya mitaani, na kweli kupitia njia hii, wamejipatia makundi ya waumini kwa hila, kuna watu wengi wameacha Ukristo na kusilimu, baada tu ya kuambiwa YESU ALISUJUDU, hivyo YESU ni muislam!

Inasikitisha sana, "Watu wangu wanaangamizwa kwa kukosa maarifa"

Hii yote inachangiwa na uzembe wa Wakristo wengi kutopenda kusoma Biblia wao wenyewe, na wengine hawana Biblia kabisaa! Sasa mtu wa hivyo akikujia muislam na hila zake, lazima akupate, maana huna ujanja, Biblia yenyewe hujui, unafikri utamshinda? Sio rahisi! 😎😎

Tuendelee na mada!

Sasa waislam wanasema YESU ni Muislam, kisa tu,ALISUJUDU!

(Yaani kwa Waislam, mtu akifanya jambo lolote ambalo nao wanalifanya, tayari mtu huyo ni Muislam, hata kama haujui msikiti wala Allah! 😂😂😂😂

Mfano YESU alipofuga ndevu na akavaa kanzu, pia wanasema alikuwa muislam!
Ina maana uislam ni Kanzu, uislam ni Ndevu, yeyote anaefanya hayo hata kama haendi msikitini nae ni muislam)

Na wanapokuja kukulaghai wanaanza,
"Oooh, unajua YESU ALISUJUDU, je akina nani wanasujudu?" Ukijichanganya tu ukajibu 👉"WAISLAM", Wanakwambia "umeona sasa, YESU alikuwa muislam, kwa sababu Waislam ndo wanasujudu, Wakristo hamsujudu!" 😵😵😵

Kisha, wanakuongeza na swali juu, YESU ALISUJUDU, nyie wakristo KUPIGA MAGOTI mmetoa wapi?
Teh teh! Hoja dhaifu kabisa hii

Sasa Cha ajabu in kuwa ukiwaomba andiko linalosema YESU ALISUJUDU, (hawana), eti wanakimbilia Mathayo 26:39.

"Akaendelea mbele kidogo, AKAANGUKA KIFULIFULI akaomba, akisema, Baba yangu, ikiwezekana, kikombe hiki kiniepuke; walakini si kama nitakavyo mimi, bali kama utakavyo wewe."

Hapo sasa ndo wanatumia kulaghai watu, eti YESU alikuwa muislam. 😂😂

Zingatia, hiyo aya haisemi YESU ALISUJUDU, ila inasema ."ALIANGUKA KIFULIFULI", Kuna tofauti ya KUSUJUDU na KUANGUKA KIFULIFULI {KIFUDIFUDI},
(kama picha hapo chini inavyoonekana).

Unaposujudu, kwanza unakunja magoti yanagusa chini, viganja vya mikono vinagusa chini, vidole vya miguu vinagusa chini, hali kadhalika Uso na pua vinagusa chini ambapo unasujudia. Ila tumbo, kifua havigusi chini, na Makalio yanainuka juu! (Kama unavyoona picha hapo chini ya muislam akisujudu)!

Lakini KUANGUKA KIFULIFULI, INA MAANA UNALALA CHINI KABISA, UNAKUWA FLAT, UNANYOOKA WIMA! Kuanzia uso, kifua, tumbo, mapaja mpaka miguuni, vyote vinagusa chini kabisa, kiufupi KUANGUKA KIFULIFULI Ni kulala chini, hapa makalio hayainuki juu kama wakati wa kusujudu!

(Tazama picha hapo chini Askofu alivyolala chini, amenyooka barabara, huko ndo kuanguka KIFULIFULI AU KIFUDIFUDI kama YESU alivyofanya).

Sijaona andiko linalosema YESU ALISUJUDU, kama lipo waislam leteni andiko lililopo linasema YESU alianguka KIFUDIFUDI, NA KUANGUKA KIFUDIFUDI SIO KUSUJUDU, au je ninyi Waislam mnaanguka KIFUDIFUDI kama YESU alivyofanya?

Hivyo YESU SIO MUISLAM, na YESU Hawezi kuwa muislam hata kama ANGESUJUDU, watu hawawi waislam kwa kusujudu, je mimi nikisujudu leo ntakuwa Muislam? Vitu vinavyosujudu ni vingi, je vyote hivyo ina maana ni Viislam? Hata Mbwa, Nguruwe, majini na viumbe wengine wanasujudu, je nao ni waislam?

Rejea Quran 16:49 inasema kila kitu
kinamsujudia Allah. 😂😂😂

"Na vyote viliomo katika mbingu na katika ardhi, tangu wanyama mpaka Malaika, vinamsujudia Mwenyezi Mungu, na wala havitakabari."

Ongezea na Quran 13:15 "Na viliomo mbinguni na katika ardhi vinamsujudia Mwenyezi Mungu tu vikitaka visitake. Na pia vivuli vyao asubuhi na jioni."⬅

☝☝☝ ⤴⤴ 👆👆
Ooh! Ina maana hata Mbwa, Nguruwe, kobe, kenge, Mijusi, n.k ni Waislam, kwa kuwa nao pia wanasujudu! Na kwa mujibu wa waislam kila anaesujudu ni Muislam
Waislam tuko pamoja?❔

Yesu alipoanguka KIFUDIFUDI mkasema ni muislam, ila pia kuna majini, nayo
yalianguka KIFUDIFUDI, 😀😀😀
Rejea Marko 3:11 ⤵⤵

➡"Na pepo wachafu, kila walipomwona (YESU) WALIANGUKA MBELE YAKE, wakalia wakisema, Wewe ndiwe Mwana wa Mungu."⬅, swali, pepo wachafu nao ni waislam?

Au huyu mwingine hapa, ambaye alimsujudia YESU, je nae ni muislam?
Marko 5:2-3,6

➡"2 Na alipokwisha kushuka chomboni, mara alikutana na mtu, ambaye ametoka makaburini, mwenye pepo mchafu;

3 makao yake yalikuwa pale makaburini...

6 Na alipomwona Yesu kwa mbali, alipiga mbio, AKAMSUJUDIA."⬅

Sasa ikiwa uislam ni KUSUJUDU, basi vitu vyote hapo juu,⤴⤴ ambavyo tumeona vikisujudu NI VIISLAM! 😀😀😀



Swali hili halina mashiko kabisa, KWANZA YESU HAKUSUJUDU!

Pili, Hakuna aya ambapo MUNGU amewabana watu kumwabudu kwa aina fulani moja tu (ya kusujudu n.k)

Ni wewe tu utakavyopenda, ama upige magoti, usimame, uanguke KIFUDIFUDI, au USUJUDU kama waislam, yote sawa tu! Wakristo tunafanya yote hayo, ila waislam wameshupalia moja tu, la KUSUJUDU! Kwao kupiga magoti ni kama dhambi!

Wakati hata wafalme, manabii na mitume WALIPIGA MAGOTI KUOMBA,

Mfalme Sulemani aliomba amepiga magoti,✔ soma 1Wafalme 8:54

➡"Hata ikawa, Sulemani alipokwisha kumwomba Bwana maombi hayo, na dua hiyo yote, akasimama na kuondoka hapo mbele ya madhabahu ya Bwana, hapo alipokuwa AMEPIGA MAGOTI, na kuikunjua mikono yake kuelekea mbinguni."⬅

Mfalme Daudi anasema,

➡"Njoni, tuabudu, tusujudu, TUPIGE MAGOTI mbele za Bwana aliyetuumba."⬅
Zaburi 95:6 Hapo una ruhusa ya kuchagua kimoja, ↘kusujudu au kupiga magoti!

Nabii Danieli alipiga magoti,✔

➡"Hata Danieli, alipojua ya kuwa yale maandiko yamekwisha kutiwa sahihi, akaingia nyumbani mwake, (na madirisha katika chumba chake yalikuwa yamefunguliwa kukabili Yerusalemu;) AKAPIGA MAGOTI mara tatu kila siku, akasali, akashukuru mbele za Mungu wake, kama alivyokuwa akifanya tokea hapo."⬅ Danieli 6:10

Stefano pia alipiga magoti,✔

➡"Wakampiga kwa mawe Stefano, naye akiomba, akisema, Bwana Yesu, pokea roho yangu.

AKAPIGA MAGOTI, akalia kwa sauti kuu, Bwana, usiwahesabie dhambi hii. Akiisha kusema haya akalala. Na Sauli alikuwa akiona vema kwa kuuawa kwake."⬅
Matendo 7:59-60

Mwisho kabisa, hata YESU, Kiongozi wetu naye ALIOMBA AMEPIGA MAGOTI,✔✔
akatuachia mfano bora. 👇👇

➡"Mwenyewe akajitenga nao kama kiasi cha kutupa jiwe AKAPIGA MAGOTI akaomba"⬅ LUKA 22:41 👏👏 (Andiko hili LA YESU KUPIGA MAGOTI ,Waislam huwa wanajidai HAWALIONI), Na sisi basi tuseme YESU NI MKRISTO, kwa kuwa alipiga magoti! Haleluya! 😂😂😂

Wale mnaouliza Wakristo kupiga magoti tumetoa, wapi? Jibu ni kuwa, tunamfuata YESU, manabii na mitume wake. ✔

Kwanza MUNGU hana shida na Aina au namna ya kuabudu, ILA TU IWE YA HESHIMA, NIDHAMU, KICHO NA ADABU! Usikae ovyo ovyo kama uko baa! MUNGU si mtani wako.

Waislam wasikudanganye, YESU SIO MUISLAM NA HAITATOKEA YESU KUWA MUISLAM! Mwenye swali unakaribishwa!

MUNGU awabariki nyote! Ni mimi Zacharia Maseke, mtumwa wa Kristo YESU!

Zechariah Maseke

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Saudi-born singer, Shams Bandar Al-Aslami, wonders why the Arab world blames all its problems on the West?

“For 1,400 years we have been slaughtering one another, just because one of us prays one way and another prays a different way.” Shams Bandar says, “1400 years ago the USA did not exist, so why on earth is the Arab world blaming them for everything?”

“Why tell ourselves lies? The Syrians are scattered in the world’s oceans, dying by the millions on a daily basis… Iraqis are dying by the millions… All the Arab countries have closed their borders to them. Their own Arab brethren do not let him in.”

ISLAMIC TERRORISM STRIKES AGAIN…Christian children blown to smithereens while leftists rush to protect Muslims

“Nothing to do with Islam?”


His name is Salman Abedi, 23, and was already known to British security officials. The Islamic State (ISIS) claims he was working for them.

Monday, May 22, 2017

SHOCKING (if true): Turkey allegedly is harvesting organs of Syrian refugee children while they are still alive

h/t Kate G

The useless United Nations has been “monitoring” this situation in Turkey for the past three years.

AUSTRALIA: FED-UP neighbors bombard Sydney Muslim family of seven with vile anti-Muslim messages and leave severed pig’s head on their car as a warning NOT to build a house in their neighborhood

Adnan Ali, who left Iraq for Australia more than 20 years ago, knocked down his house in Toongabbie to rebuild a bigger home for his wife and five children. But the dream quickly turned into a nightmare as locals began leaving severed pig heads and threatening messages on his empty block of land.

UK Daily Mail  (h/t Sara S) Mr Ali claims he is the target of a “racist” (What ‘race’ is Islam?) hate campaign by neighbours who don’t want him living in their street.  ‘Why they are hating us, I don’t know,’ he told Channel Nine’s A Current Affair program. (I’ll give you 3 guesses)

Mr Ali says his neighbours have used timber off-cuts to write messages on the building site, including ‘f*** off wo*’. ‘I don’t know what they mean by wo*. In some areas they wrote ”this is your last warning”,’ Mr Ali said.  Another message, scrawled on a chair on his front porch, read: ‘Leave now, don’t waste your time and money you fat pig.’ 

Mr Ali claimed he and his wife have also been verbally abused by angry neighbours. ‘Lately they started calling me fat man. I think the pig heads are something against our religion,’ he said.

‘He came out there laughing and saying ”oink, oink, oink” and ”fat man”.’ His wife said: ‘(A neighbour) starts, ‘f****** Muslim – you refugee, you have two houses and I don’t have one house’.’ 

Now the builders of his dream home have reportedly told Mr Ali it is too dangerous for them to carry out the work. He says neighbours threatened tradesmen on the site with violence if the continued to build his home. 

A Masterton Homes spokesman told A Current Affair they were working with Mr Ali to find a solution.

‘We advise that the builder in this story has been working with the family to progress building works and is in no way involved with the racist activities discussed in the story.’  


Has Islam Improved to Become Better Than Christianity? Does Muhammad fulfill and complete the mission and purpose of Christ? Muhammad emphat...