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If this site upset you, since the messenger is irrelevant, please review which part of the message it was that angered you. Then seek independent verification as to whether it is true or not. If you find an error we earnestly wish to be made aware of it. If it is simply presentation of the truth that angered you what does that indicate about what you have been taught to believe? Please inquire of your Imam. If like most of us you desire a peaceful world for your children and their children, what is it about the following verse from the Quran that you do not understand, that Muhammad and orthodox Muslims seem to have no trouble understanding?

Surah 9.111 Allah hath purchased of the believers their persons and their goods; for theirs (in return) is the garden (of Paradise): they fight in His cause, and slay ..... a promise binding on Him in ..... the Qur'an.....

So the question that you need to honestly ask yourself is, are the actions of fundamental followers of Muhammad that are consistent with that Surah, guided by Satan or by a God of love? What does your answer indicate about you, according to your own brethren?

Muhammad proclaimed the exact opposite of that revealed through all of the prophets and witnesses, in the 1600 year record of YHWH to mankind, whose people have followed Him through two covenants for 3500 years. So either Muhammad was a false prophet and his stand-alone, heavily abrogated, 23-year 7th century record was false, or all of the prophets and witnesses as revealed through the scriptures were false, with Jesus Christ being chief among them for having prophesied His own crucifixion, death and resurrection. Since they are direct opposites, one must choose between Muhammad, or Jesus Christ the Messiah, Yeshua, the sinless Lamb of God, the Prince of Peace.

The final and irrefutable nail driven into Islam's coffin is the very physical matter of fact, that there is not a shred of historical or archaeological evidence that suggests that Mecca ever existed prior to about the 4th century AD, when immigrants from Yemen initially settled the area and built their Kaaba in the 5th century AD for pagan Arabian moon, sun, star and jinn-devil worship. The absence of ancient record of Mecca - while other ancient Arabian towns are well attested in the historical and archaeological records - renders the entirety of Islamic so-called "tradition" regarding any pre-4th century Mecca or Kaaba, a provably unhistorical pure fiction, as well as demographical and geographical impossibility. Please don't take our word for it, but ask your Imam to direct you to some evidence of a pre-4th century Mecca, and compare it to the vast volume of historical and archaeological evidence available for Jerusalem in the Holy Land of the prophets and patriarchs. The actual history of Mecca verifies the late dating of its settlement and purpose behind the Yemeni immigrants building of their Kaaba.

If you believe any part of this site to be in error please point it out to us for correction. The best way to do so, or to discuss any of these subjects, is to join us here in the Islam/Muslim-Christian Forum at this link:


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