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 The Arabs worshipped 360 idols? 🤔

The Muslims understand Islam to be the religion of Abraham. The biblical figure of Abraham is mentioned by name in the Qur’an 69 times—more than any other person except for Moses (137 times)

The Qur'an is familiar with some of the biblical stories about Abraham, including his journey to the promised land ( Qur’an 21:71-73 )

Also, In the Qur’an, Allah calls upon people to "follow the religion of Ibrahim" ( Qur’an 3:95).

And According to the Qur'an, Ibrahim was made an imam, a "faithful leader" for the whole human race ~ Surah 2.124

And Ibrahim is the "model" of obedience to Allah ( Qur’an 16:120 ) and the "friend of God," and no one can be "better in religion" ( Qur’an 4:125 ) than those who follow him. .

Few Questions

If the Meccan Arabs were the true descendants of Abraham...

Why were they MISGUIDED for many years until Muhammad in the 6th and 7th Centuries?

Why did the Arabs worshipped 360 idols in the Kaaba Shrine for decades?

Final Question

The word Kabah simply means cube and can refer to any cube structure which was used by the pagans in their worship of their idols. 

Therefore, According to Muslim historians there were SEVERAL KABAHS IN EXISTENCE IN ARABIA:

Sahih Muslim, Book 031, Number 6052

Jabir reported that there was in pre-Islamic days a temple called Dhu'l-Khalasah and it was called the YAMANITE KA'BA or THE NORTHERN KA'BA. Allah's Messenger said unto me: Will you rid me of Dhu'l-Khalasah and so I went forth at the head of 350 horsemen of the tribe of Ahmas and WE DESTROYED IT AND KILLED WHOMSOEVER WE FOUND THERE. Then we came back to him (to the Holy Prophet) and informed him and he blessed us and the tribe of Ahmas.

Sahih Muslim, Book 031, Number 6053

Jarir b. 'Abdullah al-Bajali said: Allah's Messenger said to me: Can't one rid me of Dhu'l- Khalasah, the idol-house of Khath'am, and THIS IDOL-HOUSE WAS CALLED THE YAMANITE KA'BA. So I went along with 150 horsemen and I could not sit with steadfastness upon the horse. I made the mention of it to Allah's Messenger and he struck his hand on my chest and said: O Allah, grant him steadfastness and make him the guide of righteousness and the rightly- guided one. So he went away and HE SET FIRE TO IT. Then Jarir sent some person to Allah's Messenger whose Kunya was Abu Arta to give him the happy news about that. He came to Allah's Messenger and said: I have not come to you (but with the news) that we have left Dhu'l-Khalasah as a scabed camel. Thereupon Allah's Messenger blessed the horses of Ahmas and the men of their tribe five times.

My Question is

How can you prove from the Torah that Abraham built the Kaaba in Arabia?

Why didn't Allah accept his Supplication? Q. 14:35

Since Many Kaaba (idols) existed in Arabia

How can we trust ANYTHING coming from these IDOL WORSHIPPERS?

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