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ALLAH THE LYING GOD (Sura109:1-6; 3:83-89 ,149-151;8:59-60;48:29;9:73 )

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Sūra 109
1 . Say: O ye That reject Faith!
2. I worship not that Which ye worship,
3. Nor will ye worship That which I worship.
4. And I will not worship That which ye have been Wont to worship
5. Nor will ye worship That which I worship.
6. To you be your Way, And to me mine.

BUT IS what ‘s quoted above really so ?
The following quoted below is what’s really so !

SURA 3 : 81. 
Behold! God took
The Covenant of the Prophets,
Saying: "I give you
A Book and Wisdom;
Then comes to you
An Apostle, confirming
What is with you;
Do ye believe in him
And render him help."
God said: "Do ye agree,
And take this my Covenant
As binding on you?"
They said: "We agree."
He said: "Then bear witness,
And I am with you
Among the witnesses."

82. If any turn back
After this, they are
Perverted transgressors.

83. Do they seek
For other than the Religion
Of God?—while all creatures
In the heavens and on earth
Have, willing or unwilling,
Bowed to His Will
(Accepted Islam),
And to Him shall they
All be brought back.

84. Say: "We believe
In God, and in what
Has been revealed to us
And what was revealed
To Abraham, Ismā’īl;
Isaac, Jacob, and the Tribes,
And in (the Books)
Given to Moses, Jesus,
And the Prophets,
From their Lord:
We make no distinction
Between one and another
Among them, and to God do we
Bow our will (in Islam)."

85. If anyone desires
A religion other than
Islam (submission to God),
Never will it be accepted
Of him; and in the Hereafter
He will be in the ranks
Of those who have lost
(All spiritual good).

86. How shall God
Guide those who reject
Faith after they accepted it
And bore witness
That the Apostle was true
And that Clear Signs
Had come unto them?
But God guides not
A people unjust.

87. Of such the reward
Is that on them (rests)
The curse of God,
Of His angels,
And of all mankind;—
88. In that will they dwell;
Nor will their penalty
Be lightened, nor respite
Be their (lot);—

89. Except for those that repent
(Even) after that,
And make amends;
For verily God
Is Oft-Forgiving,
Most Merciful.

90. But those who reject
Faith after they accepted it,
And then go on adding
To their defiance of Faith,—
Never will their repentance
Be accepted; for they
Are those who have

(Of set purpose) gone astray.
91. As to those who reject
Faith, and die rejecting,—
Never would be accepted
From any such as much
Gold as the earth contains,
Though they should offer it
For ransom. For such
Is (in store) a penalty grievous,
And they will find no helpers.


SURA 3 : 149
 O ye who believe!
If ye obey the Unbelievers,
They will drive you back
On your heels, and ye
Will turn back (from Faith)
To your own loss.

150. Nay, God is your Protector,
And He is the best of helpers.

151. Soon shall We cast terror
Into the hearts of the Unbelievers
For that they joined companions
With God, for which He had sew
No authority: their abode
Will be the Fire: and evil
Is the home of the wrongdoers!


SURA 8: 59
 Let not the Unbelievers
Think that they can
Get the better (of the godly):
They will never frustrate (them).

60. Against them make ready
Your strength to the utmost
Of your power, including
Steeds of war, to strike terror
Into (the hearts of) the enemies,
Of God and your enemies,
And others besides, whom
Ye may not know, but whom
God doth know. Whatever
Ye shall spend in the Cause
Of God, shall be repaid
Unto you, and ye shall not
Be treated unjustly.

SURA 9:73.
 O Prophet! strive hard against
The Unbelievers and the Hypocrites,
And be firm against them.
Their abode is Hell,—
An evil refuge indeed.

SURA 48: 28
 It is He Who has sent
His Apostle with Guidance
And the Religion of Truth,
To proclaim it over
All religion: and enough
Is God for a Witness.

29. Muhammad is the Apostle
Of God; and those who are
With him are strong
Against Unbelievers, (but)
Compassionate amongst each other.
Thou wilt see them bow
And prostrate themselves
(In prayer), seeking Grace
From God and (His) Good
On their faces are their
Marks, (being) the traces
Of their prostration.
This is their similitude
In the Taurāt;
And their similitude
In the Gospel is:
Like a seed which sends
Forth its blade, then
Makes it strong; it then
Becomes thick, and it stands
On its own stem, (filling)
The sowers with wonder
And delight. As a result,
It fills the Unbelievers
With rage at them.
God has promised those
Among them who believe
And do righteous deeds
And a great Reward.

AND OF COURSE all this in the name of the most gracious and most merciful
Allah is the sovereign god of contradictions .Allah does not know what It's talking about !
Contradictions prove that the quran is not to be believed .
Islam is not a religion proof # 13

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