Saturday, April 28, 2018

Muslim Incest: Imam and Syrian Terror Commander caught on video having sex with his granddaughter


Grandpa and morality commander for the future Caliphate killing people in Syria, Sheikh Al Nasouh, is seen mounting his own granddaughter on the video below. Until he gets caught and scramble to put his pants on. How about that. Grandpa is mounting her like he would mount his camel or donkey! She’s obviously endured this virginity test since she was six years old, like baby Aiysha. So grandpa blames her in the end (see transcript below) and makes sure she takes the blame/bullets.
Following the footsteps of the pedo-prophet of Islam.
Had it been someone else he would have ordered their execution to comply with Allah’s laws. But when it is himself, he suddenly feels remorseful and wants to be pardoned. This is how Muslims are all the time. Complete hypocrites. And they can never let other people lead their own lives without always trying to control them.
A video of a bearded man allegedly raping his own grand daughter has went viral on YouTube, recording more than 150 thousand hits in a few hours. The video claims that the man is Sheikh Mohamad Kassem (or Qasim) Al Nasouh, an Imam in Deir El Zour, Syria, and a leader of the Ahbab Al Sahaba Islamist brigade. Arabic News websites have widely reported on the video, while the Egypt Today website quoted activists saying that the man is indeed an Imam.
This is what Sheikh Mohamad Qasim Al Nasouh and his jihadis are doing in Syria when they’re not bare-assed. Just like prophet Muhammad, the early medieval terrorist. This picture is the murder of Christian priests and Shiite cleric Sheikh Jamaan al Khafagy – the kafirs of Syria – by Sunni invaders and terrorists. Syria is infested with foreign invaders trying to turn the country into a Wahhabi stronghold to create a Caliphate of the entire middle east.
The video shows the man from a distance with the grand daughter, who seemed to be begging her allegedly maternal grandfather to stop. Seconds later, the man shooting the video surprises the grandfather, shouting “you are having sex with your grand daughter”, and then starts an interrogation, leading to the man’s confession. The grandfather claims that this is the first time this has happened.  [hm…yeah right. We believe you. Not.]
The victim granddaughter, Yosra Mohamed Rashid, was roughed by the men, and heard begging them to leave her. She confessed that he was getting “pleasure” from her; the men showed no mercy or sympathy to her case. No sympathy for incest victims.

YouTube has always been an endless mouthpiece for terrorists and always tried to block any criticism of Islam or Muslims. They have suspended our account over this video so we are providing a new link to it.

We believe this translation is pretty close to correct, however may not be word for word. It is unknown who the camera man or his friend are.
Camera man: Congratulations, Abu Fateh, you are now big in my eyes (respected), you are a real man, you’re fucking your daughter’s daughter??
Old man: No, I’m not fucking
Camera man: Oh yeah, that’s right you’re not.. I just have everything on video… here’ I’m coming down.. is this you or not you?
Girl: Please, for god’s sake!
Other man to old man: What are you doing here you son of a bitch.. (slap, slap).. you are not fucking her?
Old man begging
(They order him to sit)
Camera man: Really.. congratulations.. hands behind your back.. shoot him… (gun cocked)… you know what. Wait.. put your hands behind.. don’t shoot him, don’t shoot him, don’t shoot him, your back.
Camera man to girl: How are you related? Look at the camera, look at the camera, how are you related? Sit next to him, look at the camera.. (slap)
Girl: He’s my grandpa.
Cameraman: What are you doing here?
Girl: He’s just enjoying himself, but he doesn’t mean anything by it
Cameraman to old man: Leave those clothes alone, put your hands behind your back.
Cameraman: No really, you guys did something very honorable.
Old man: This is the first time in my whole life.
Camera man: How many times have you done this?
Old man: I swear this is the first time (slap).
Old man: Look, it is the first time.
Camera man: What’s your name, then he states his name (Mohamad).
Camera man to girl: Look at the camera, what’s your name?
Girl: Yusra.
Here I think the other man asks the old man: Who took her virginity?
Old man: (getting slapped) I swear not me I swear… she wanted it… she wanted it..

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