Sunday, April 1, 2018

Two Turkish Imams Lose Jobs for Trading in Bitcoin…

Two Turkish Imams Fired for Allegedly Investing in Bitcoin
Two imams in Zonguldak were dismissed from duty for allegedly trading the cryptocurrency bitcoin. The Directorate of Religious Affairs has also launched an investigation into the matter, according to reports yesterday.
Aziziye Mosque imam Mecit K. and Dereköy Mosque imam Satılmış B. in Mithatpaşa Quarter were reported to the provincial mufti's office with the allegations of trading bitcoin online.
The two imams were questioned within the scope of the investigation conducted by the appointed inspector.
According to the Doğan News Agency (DHA), Zonguldak Provincial Mufti Rüstem Can confirmed the dismissals following an investigation conducted about four months ago.
In a statement released last January, the Directorate of Religious Affairs announced that it is not permissible to use cryptocurrency because it does not have any guarantee and causes unfair and unjust enrichment of certain sections of the public, just like the sets of practices known as a "Ponzi scheme."

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