Saturday, April 28, 2018

Elohim is comprised of the Hebrew letters ALEPH .......

One of my very first posts ever (The Lord Is My Shepherd) got stumbled upon by (apparently) the right stumbler recently with pleasant results. Within a matter of a few hours, it received over 300 hits and, after a few days, it is about to cross the 1500 hit mark. I have had posts stumbled before with considerably less dramatic results, but I suppose the stars aligned for one of my favorite posts even if it was 15 months late.
I realize that to real bloggers, 1500 hits for a single post in a short period of time probably doesn't register as anything abnormal, but from my little area of the blogosphere, it's something to write home about (rather, to write you about).
I am particularly partial to that post because it was my first "discovery" (for lack of a better word) of the extra-textual content contained in the ancient Hebrew alphabetic pictographs. In it, I showed Elohim, Hebrew for "God," as depicting Psalm 23.
To summarize, the word Elohim is comprised of the Hebrew letters ALEPH (similar to our letter "A," and pictured in the ancient Hebrew as an ox head, signifying strength or God - as in the Lord is my strength); LAMED ("L," pictured as a shepherd's staff, meaning to shepherd or lead); HEY ("H," pictured as a man with outstretched arms, meaning God's grace or to behold); YOD ("Y," pictured as the arm from the fist to the elbow, meaning my or my hand or works); and MEM ("M," pictured as waves of water, meaning water or peoples/nations).
Thus, the LORD is my SHEPHERD by GRACE MY needs are provided for (I SHALL NOT WANT), he takes me by MY HAND and LEADS me by still WATERS. Here is the visual:

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