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SOVEREIGN QURANIC STUPIDITY ( Sura 6:92;3:26-27;3:73-74 ;3:9-12 )

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To all muslims and non-muslims . There is no other religious book more corrupted than the Quran . It claims that Allah has sovereignty over all . But it is depraved . The short note is proof enough .

SURA 6 : 92
And this is a Book
Which We have sent down,
Bringing blessings, and confirming
(The revelations) which came
Before it: that thou
Mayest warn the Mother
Of Cities and all around her.
Those who believe
In the Hereafter
Believe in this (Book),
And they are constant
In guarding their Prayers.

SURA 3 26.
Say: "O God!
Lord of Power (and Rule),
Thou givest Power
To whom Thou pleasest,
And Thou strippest off Power
From whom Thou pleasest:
Thou enduest with honour
Whom Thou pleasest,
And Thou bringest low
Whom Thou pleasest:
In Thy hand is all Good."
Verily, over all things
Thou hast power.

27. "Thou causest the Night
To gain on the Day,
And Thou causest the Day
To gain on the Night;
Thou bringest the Living
Out of the Dead,
And Thou bringest the Dead
Out of the Living;
And Thou givest sustenance
To whom Thou pleasest,
Without measure."

SURA 3 : 73
And believe no one
Unless he follows
Your religion."
Say: "True guidance
Is the guidance of God:
(Fear ye) lest a revelation
Be sent to someone (else)
Like unto that which was sent
Unto you? Or that those
(Receiving such revelation)
Should engage you in argument
Before your Lord?"
Say: "All bounties
Are in the hand of God:
He granteth them
To whom He pleaseth:
And God careth for all,
And He knoweth all things."

74. For His Mercy He specially chooseth
Whom He pleaseth;
For God is the Lord
Of bounties unbounded.

THE CONTRADICTION STUPIDITY is found in Sura 3 : 9 - 12

SURA 3 : 9
Our Lord! Thou art He
That will gather mankind
Together against a Day about which
There is no doubt; for God
Never fails in His promise."

10. Whose who reject Faith,—
Neither their possessions
Nor their (numerous) progeny
Will avail them aught
Against God: they are themselves
But fuel for the Fire.

11. (Their plight will be)
No better than that
Of the people of Pharaoh,
And their predecessors:
They denied our Signs,
And God called them to account
For their sins.
For God is strict
In punishment.

12. Say to those who reject Faith:
"Soon will ye be vanquished
And gathered together
To Hell,—an evil bed
Indeed (to lie on)!.."

THE Quran states that it is confirming what came before it , namely the Bible ; and then it says to believe in this book . ( 6 : 92 )
It claims sovereignty , and that -
"All bounties
Are in the hand of God:
He granteth them
To whom He pleaseth:
And God careth for all,
And He knoweth all things." ( 3 : 73 )
For His Mercy He specially chooseth Whom He pleaseth; ( 3 : 74 )
And then the judgment day comes .
Obviously this Allah is responsible for causing rejection of IT'S own self . Contradictions provide proof that Muhammad was not a prophet .
So why the hell would anyone burn as their own fuel ? How is this a religion ? There is no godly sovereignty here at all but sovereign stupidity at its best !
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