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To all muslims and non-muslims . The Quran just can not be the truth . It boasts about itself , but is packed with nonsense .

Sura 10 : 37
. This Qur-ān is not such
As can be produced
By other than God;
On the contrary it is
A confirmation of (revelations)
That went before it,
And a fuller explanation
Of the Book—wherein
There is no doubt
From the Lord of the Worlds.

* Here the quran makes its boast .It claims authenticity riding on the Bible's back . And even greater
authority .

Sura 3 :124
Remember thou saidst
To the Faithful: "Is it not enough
For you that God should help you
With three thousand angels
(Specially) sent down?

* Here 3000 angels are to help in war against the unbelievers !

125. "Yea,—if ye remain firm,
And act aright, even if
The enemy should rush here
On you in hot haste,
Your Lord would help you
With five thousand angels
Making a terrific onslaught."

* Here the help is increased to 5000 angels !!

126. God made it but a message
Of hope for you, and an assurance
To your hearts: (in any case)
There is no help
Except from God,
The Exalted, the Wise:

127. That He might cut off
A fringe of the Unbelievers
Or expose them to infamy,
And they should then
Be turned back,
Frustrated of their purpose.

128. Not for thee, (but for God),
Is the decision:
Whether He turn in mercy
To them, or punish them;
For they are indeed wrong-doers.

* Here it becomes idiocrasy . Why would this Allah promise to help ? And then say something else ?
Obviously because Allah's so-called prophet is lying about his divine revelation . Covering his ass in case he fails !

129. To God belongeth all
That is in the heavens
And on earth.
He forgiveth whom He pleaseth
And punisheth whom He pleaseth
But God is Oft-Forgiving,
Most Merciful.

* And so the mad fake prophet disclaims responsibility as is evident in verse 129 .
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