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To all muslims and non-muslims .
Here again is the quranic text proof that the Quran is not the truth but just a mess of double talk . Lying is the major quranic character and an accepted feature of Islam .

Sura 3: 2.
God! There is no god
But He,—the Living,
The Self-Subsisting, Eternal.

3. It is He Who sent down
To thee (step by step),
In truth, the Book,
Confirming what went before it;
And He sent down the Law
(Of Moses) and the Gospel
(Of Jesus) before this,
As a guide to mankind,
And He sent down the Criterion
(Of judgment between right and wrong).

* The quran states that it confirms the Law of Moses : Torah and the Gospel of Jesus : Matthew , Mark , Luke and John .

Sura 6 : 34
Rejected were the Apostles
Before thee: with patience
And constancy they bore
Their rejection and their wrongs,
Until Our aid did reach
Them: there is none
That can alter the Words
(And Decrees) of God.
Already hast thou received
Some account of those Apostles.

* Nothing has been changed because " there is none that can alter the words ( and decrees) of God "

Sura 6 : 38
There is not an animal
(That lives) on the earth,
Nor a being that flies
On its wings, but (forms
Part of) communities like you.
Nothing have we omitted
From the Book, and they (all)
Shall be gathered to their Lord
In the end.

* Nothing omitted . So the Law confirmed . The Gospel confirmed . Nothing changed . So far so good .
O and just by way of interest verse 38 also says that even tiny bugs will be called to give an account of their lives to Allah All the 4 gospels state that Jesus was crucified and died and was placed in a tomb . And that death could not hold Him . Jesus rose from the dead . Resurrection confirmed !
But quran contradicts itself in denying the crucifixion , death , burial , and the resurrection of Christ :

Sura 4 : 157
That they said (in boast), .
"We killed Christ Jesus
The son of Mary,
The Apostle of God";—
But they killed him not,
Nor crucified him,
But so it was made
To appear to them,
And those who differ
Therein are full of doubts,
With no (certain) knowledge,
But only conjecture to follow,
For of a surety
They killed him not:—

* ' They ' meaning the people of the book . " killed him not nor crucified him " is the contradiction . First the quran confirms and then it denies . OMITTED ?

158. Nay, God raised him up
Unto Himself; and God
Is Exalted in Power, Wise;—

* Jesus was raised up to God . Another contradiction ! CHANGED ?

159. And there is none
Of the People of the Book
But must believe in him
Before his death;
And on the Day of Judgment
He will be a witness
Against them;—

* Here to top it all , the quran contradicts one verse with the very next verse . Verse 158 - Jesus raised to God .Verse 159 - death of Jesus .
CONCLUSION - Uncertainties , corruptions , contradictions , lying . This Quran
is not a confirmation of the true biblical scriptures . The quran is a lie . And the father of lies is satan . Muhammad never ever was a prophet .
Islam is not a religion proof # 4

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