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Seventh Day Adventism is Fatally Flawed!


Seventh Day Adventism is Fatally Flawed!

Seventh Day Adventism is a religious group founded by Ellen G. White, whom they consider a prophetess. They especially magnify the Saturday Sabbath command given to Israel. Regarding the Lord Jesus Christ, they wrongly teach Jesus is Michael the archangel (like Jehovah's Witnesses do), but the Seventh Day Adventists believe in his deity, unlike the JWs who wrongly deny the deity of Jesus Christ! In other words, the Seventh Day Adventists believe Michael the archangel is God!

seventh day adventistThe writings of Ellen G. White, their prophetess, are of extreme importance to them. Those same writings display her heretical and dangerous views of the mark of the beast and distort the atonement.

Strange as it might sound to Christians, Seventh Day Adventists think Sunday worship is the mark of the beast in the bible! The sinister effects of that single doctrinal error will not be manifested until the real mark of the beast is revealed, but its identity will be hidden from them because they have been taught the mark of the beast is something totally different!

Furthermore, they imply from their errant doctrinal view that if someone takes the mark of the beast, he can afterwards repent and be saved. That too is dangerous, for that is NOT the message of God delivered through the third angel in Revelation.

seventh day adventism Did The Early Christians Observe a Saturday Sabbath Until Constantine?

Over the years, zealous Saturday Sabbatarians, especially Seventh Day Adventists, have contacted our ministry about early Christianity and their alleged observance of the Saturday Sabbath until it was changed by the Catholic church under Constantine in the fourth century.
sabbath commandseventh day adventism Isa. 66:22,23 is Not a Solid Argument for Saturday Sabbath Keeping
The Isa. 66:22,23 argument for Saturday Sabbath keeping is common in Saturday Sabbath Keeping circles, but not a solid argument.
seventh day adventism Ellen G. White Fact Sheet
In Seventh-Day Adventist (SDA) circles, a vision that Ellen G. White (EGW) had in 1847 is important to their exaltation of the Sabbath command:
seventh day adventism Who Is Michael The Archangel
The SDA people have been WRONGLY taught Jesus is Michael the archangel!
seventh day adventism Seventh Day Adventism and The Mark of The Beast
Probably the strangest view of the mark of the beast can be found among the Seventh Day Adventists.
seventh day adventism The Wicked Dead - Will They Experience Annihilation or Eternal Torment?
As with any point of doctrine, one must carefully search the Scriptures for an answer to this important question (2 Tim. 3:16, 17). This cannot be stressed too much, for it is only in the Scriptures that we can learn God's truths.
seventh day adventism Six Facts For Saturday Sabbatarians To Ponder | Print this as a tract in pdf format (change your printer settings to legal and landscape).

seventh day adventism Ecclesiastes -- Almost Everything Is Vanity and Meaningless

Ecclesiastes is a book that Seven Day Adventists like to use when trying to teach soul sleep. You'll find out much in this review of that book.
seventh day adventism Seventh Day Adventists Think The Mark of The Beast Is Sunday Worship!
For a Saturday Sabbatarian to say Sunday worship is the mark of the beast is a GRAND and GLARING scriptural error. Read why this is so here.
seventh day adventism

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