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One of the most troubling verses in the Qur’an for Muslims is Surah 10:94. This Qur’anic verse reveals that Muhammad had serious doubts as to whether he was indeed receiving genuine revelations from God. This Qur’anic verse expressly states that as a result of these doubts, Allah had to swiftly take counter measures to address this serious problem. He commanded Muhammad to consult those who read the Scriptures that were revealed before the arrival of the Qur’an. In order to verify the truth, Muhammad had to consult those who read the Holy Bible. Three different translations of this Qur’anic verse are provided below:

Surah 10:94: “And if thou (Muhammad) art in doubt concerning that which We reveal unto thee, then question those who read the Scripture that was before thee. Verily the Truth from thy Lord hath come unto thee. So be not thou of the waverers.” (Pickthall)

“But if you are in doubt as to what We have revealed to you, ask those who read the Book before you; certainly the truth has come to you from your Lord, therefore you should not be of the disputers.” (Shakir)

“So if you (O Muhammadare in doubt concerning that which We have revealed unto youthen ask those who are reading the Book (Torahand the Injeel (Gospel) before you. Verily, the truth has come to you from your Lord. So be not of those who doubt it.” (Hilali-Khan)

“Ask those who read the Book before you.” Those who have been reading the “Book” before the time of Muhammad were the Jews and the Christians. And the only “Book” that the Christians have been reading is the Holy Bible. What was revealed to Muhammad was the Qur’an. To paraphrase, this verse is simply saying, “Muhammad, if you have doubts about the Qur’an, seek out the people who read the Bible to clear your doubts.”

Let us now carefully analyze the full implication of this single verse in the Qur’an. This Qur’anic verse is clearly stating that the Bible functions as the standard for Muhammad to determine whether the Qur’an is true or not. It also tells us that the Bible functions as the judge to determine whether Muhammad’s revelations are genuinely from God or not. Thus, this Qur’anic verse reveals that the Bible’s evidence is critical for the confirmation of the authenticity of the Qur’an.

Since the Bible is the standard of truth with which the Qur’an must agree, it stands above the judgment of the Qur’an. It is the Qur’an and not the Bible that has to be viewed in the light of previous Scriptures for verification purposes. It is the Bible that evaluates the Qur’an and not the other way round. This substantiates the indisputable truth that the Bible is far greater in authority than the Qur’an. How can the Qur’an evaluate the Book that evaluates it? Therefore, contrary to the claims by Muslims that the Qur’an was sent to replace the Bible, Allah urges Muhammad to consult the Bible when he is in doubt. Surah 10:94 not only confirms the credibility of the Bible as the authoritative Word of God, but it also reveals the fact that the Qur’an is not meant to supersede the Bible.

Allah commands Muhammad to confer with the Bible when he has doubts. In order for Muhammad to consult the Christians to overcome his doubts, it is absolutely essential, mandatory, crucial, vital, and compulsory for the Bible to remain pure. It would be meaningless for Muhammad to seek clarification from a people who read corrupted Scriptures or Scriptures which could be corrupted. This divine commandment would not have been given to Muhammad if the Bible is altered in any way. It would not have been given if the Bible is to be replaced by the arrival of the Qur’an. This shows that the Bible is the standard of gold by which the Qur’an is to be examined. As Muslims are not above Muhammad, they must also similarly submit to the direction given in this Qur’anic verse.

Here we have Allah’s final Prophet who is advised to clear his doubts by learning from ordinary Christians. Why? Because the Bible – the authentic Word of God – eliminates doubts and restores faith. It would make no sense for Allah to command those who are in doubt to consult with the Christians if the Bible in their possession is corrupted in any way. Christians themselves would certainly be plagued by many misconceptions if what they were studying are distorted Scriptures. Hence, the Scriptures given before Islam – the Holy Bible – must have remained pure and uncorrupted for Allah to command Muhammad to seek its support to eliminate his doubts. Muhammad’s life hangs in the balance if he does not heed this commandment. He will be among those who perish. After the directive in Surah 10:94, the Qur’anic verse that immediately follows reveals the stern warning of Allah to Muhammad.

Surah 10:95: “Be not of those who deny Our Revelations and become losers.” (Shabbir Ahamed)

“And do not be of those who reject the Signs (Verses) of Allah, or you shall be of those who will perish.” (Syed Vicar Ahamed)

The Chapter name for Surah 10 is Surah Jonah or Surah Yunus as it known in Arabic. What should be troubling for Muslims is the fact that this Surah is a late Meccan Surah. For the Prophet of Allah to have serious doubts about the revelations he was receiving – almost a decade after receiving them – is indeed troubling. The nature of Muhammad’s doubt is serious because he was having doubts about the validity of the Qur’an itself, the very source that is supposed to build faith in Allah. Read once again the words of Allah in Surah 10:94:

“And if thou (Muhammad) art in doubt concerning that which We reveal unto theethen question those who read the Scripture (that was) before thee… And be not thou of those who deny the revelations of Allah, for then wert thou of the losers.

The only solution to resolve Muhammad’s serious lack of faith in the Qur’anic messages was the Holy Bible. That is the only solution Allah could think of to remedy the volatile situation. If the claim by Muslims that the Qur’an was sent to replace the Bible is true, would Allah make such an urgent appeal to the Bible to deal with a crisis as serious as this? The restoration of Muhammad’s faith rested on the Bible. Why was Allah unable to remove the doubts of his Prophet by inspiring a faith-strengthening verse in the Qur’an? Repeatedly, the Holy Bible came to the support of Allah to deal with matters which otherwise could not be solved.

The success of Muhammad’s prophethood depended very much on his submission to the teachings of the Bible. Will not Allah protect such an essential Book from becoming corrupted? Will he not protect the very foundation upon which the credibility of the Qur’an depends on? The Muslim claim that only the Qur’an is preserved with the exclusion of the Bible means the destruction of the very foundation on which the Qur’an builds its dependability. If you destroy the foundation, you destroy everything that is built on it.

Well Muslims, does it not come as a shocking truth to learn that your infallible Prophet – the very recipient of the Qur’an – had serious doubts about the revelations he was receiving – years after he began to receive them? Does it not astound you to learn that the only available source for your Prophet to overcome his doubts is the Holy Bible? For Muhammad to trust the Qur’an, he had to first trust the Bible.

It is also essential for Muslims to note that while the Prophet of Islam was told to go to the People of the Book when he had doubts, the Jews and Christians were never instructed to consult Muhammad. In fact, the opposite is true. They were even admonished by Allah for consulting Muhammad. Instead, they were told to consult their own inspired Scriptures. The following Qur’anic verses clearly testify to this truth:

Surah 5:43: “How come they unto thee for judgment when they have the Torah, wherein Allah hath delivered judgment (for them)?” (Pickthall)

Surah 5:47: “The followers of the Gospels (the New Testament) must judge according to what God has revealed in it. Those who do not judge by the laws of God are evil doers. (Muhammad Sarwar)

The above two Surahs can still be found un the Qur’an today. This means that even today, Allah is telling Christians that Holy Bible is the only guide for Christians. As such, it has to remain pure. Muslims, if you truly believe in Allah and the Qur’an, you will not allow yourselves to be deceived by those who falsely suggest that the Bible has become corrupted. Read the Qur’an for yourself. Then, as you will be directed to do so by the Qur’an, read the Holy Bible.

Psalms 119:160: “The very essence of your Word is Truth.”

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