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Death is a tragedy. It brings unbearable pain and sorrow when someone we love dies. As Christians, we will never take pleasure in the death of anyone – not even the death of our enemies. This is in line with the teachings of Jesus Christ who taught us to love our enemies:

Matthew 5:44: However, I say to you: “Continue to love your enemies and to pray for those who persecute you.”

The Bible also teaches that the true God does not take delight in the death of anyone – not even the death of someone wicked. Of course, as a righteous Judge it is incumbent upon the true God to judge and execute unrepentant evil-doers. Even then, he does not take pleasure in their deaths:

Ezekiel 18:23: “Do I take any pleasure at all in the death of a wicked person?” declares the Sovereign Lord Jehovah. “Do I not prefer that he turn away from his ways and keep living?”

In imitation of Jehovah their God, true Christians do not take delight in the death of any human being – not even the death of their enemies. In contrast, it is not uncommon to find Muslims rejoicing and celebrating the death of those outside their faith – especially Christians. Muslims in Islamic countries literally danced on the streets when the World Trade Center collapsed in the United States. This is just one example out of the many. However, their venom is especially reserved for those who are converts from Islam to Christianity. Death can come suddenly and for various reasons. No one is immune. But, if a convert from Islam were to die, say for example from cancer, we can instantly hear a chorus of Muslims singing: “His death is a curse from Allah for leaving Islam.” For this to be true, no Muslims should ever die from cancer. This same rule applies to all other causes. If a convert from Islam were to die in an accident and if Muslims view this tragedy as a punishment from Allah, then no Muslims should ever die in an accident. Only then Muslims can justify their claim as true.

Muslims are ignorant of the principle of consistency. Let us see what happens when we apply the same reasoning of the Muslims to the circumstances surrounding the death of their Prophet. Well, how did Muhammad die? The answer can be found in early Islamic sources. It may come as a shock for Muslims to learn that evidences from both the Qur’an and from authentic Islamic sources testify that Muhammad died an agonizing death as a result of Allah’s curse on him. Islamic sources confirm that Muhammad was executed by Allah. If you as a Muslim find this unbelievable, we encourage you to read this article carefully. Your salvation may depend on your taking the initiative to examine this article.


Let’s start at the very beginning. Muhammad and his men attacked and captured the Jewish settlement of Khaibar. A Jewish woman whose family had been killed by the Muslims invited Muhammad and his men for dinner. Besides seeking to avenge the death of her loved ones, she also wanted to test the legitimacy of Muhammad’s prophethood. She wanted to see if Allah would save him. Unknown to Muhammad, she poisoned the lamb which she served at dinner. Muhammad accepted her invitation and eventually died from the effects of that poison.

Numerous authentic Islamic sources confirm that Muhammad died as a result of the Jewish poison. When nearing death, Muhammad himself testified over and over again that the cause of his impending death was the poison he ate at Khaibar. And he repeatedly stated that he could feel his aorta being cut off from that poison. To understand the historical context of this event, we need to examine the Tafsir of Al-Baidawi. He was one of the greatest Islamic expositors of the Qur’an. His works are recognized by all contemporary scholars of Islam. Writing about the circumstances leading to the poisoning of Muhammad by a Jewish woman, he wrote:

When Khaybar was conquered, and the people felt secure, Zainab Bint al-Harith, Salam Ibn Mishkam’s wife, went about asking which part of the lamb was Muhammad’s favorite to eat. People told her, “It is the front leg, for it is the best part and the farthest from harm.” So she took a lamb, slaughtered it, and cut it up. Then she took a deadly poison that kills instantly and poisoned the lamb, putting more poison in the leg and shoulder. At sun set, Muhammad led the people in the evening prayer. When he finished he wanted to go, but she was sitting at his feet.

He asked her, and she said, “O Abu al-Qasim, here is a gift I have for you.” Muhammad ordered some of his friends to take it from her, and it was put before him in the presence of his friends, among whom was Bishr Ibn al-Bara’ Ibn Ma’rur. Muhammad said, “Come near and be seated.” Muhammad took the leg and ate, too. When Muhammad had swallowed his bite, Bishr swallowed his, and the rest of the people ate of it. (Abdallha Abd Al-Fadi, Is The Koran Infallible, pp. 378-381. Quoting from the Tafsir of Al-Baidawi)

The following Hadiths reveal how Muhammad reacted to this attempt on his life. But more importantly, they also disclose how the poison affected Muhammad adversely resulting in his death.

Sunan Abu Dawud, Volume 5, Hadith 4512:

A Jewish woman in Khaibar gave him a roasted sheep that she had poisoned, and the Messenger of Allah ate from it, as did the people. He said: ‘Lift up your hands (meaning, stop eating), for it has told me that it is poisoned. Bishr bin A1-Barã’ bin Ma’rur AlAnsãrI died (of that poison), and he sent word to the Jewish woman: asking: ‘What made you do what you did?’ She said: If you were a Prophet it would not harm you, and if you were a king the people would have been rid of you.’ The Messenger of Allah ordered that she be killed, then he said during his final illness: ‘I continued to feel pain because of the morsel that I ate at Khaibar, but now it has cut off my aorta.” (Hasan)

It is important for Muslims to take careful note of the words of Muhammad. He said: “I continued to feel pain because of the morsel that I ate at Khaibar, but now it has cut off my aorta.” The aorta is also known as the life artery. Let us now examine another Hadith. Umm Mubashshir was the mother of Bishr who died shortly after eating the poisonous meat at Khaibar with Muhammad. When Muhammad was sick and dying, Umm Mubashshir visited him and asked: “O Messenger of Allah, what do you think is the cause of your illness?” Take careful note of Muhammad’s reply.

Sunan Abu Dawud, Volume 5, Hadith 4513:

Umm Mubashshir said to the Prophet during his final illness: ‘O Messenger of Allah, what do you think is the cause of your illness? I cannot think of anything that caused my son’s illness except the poisoned sheep that he ate with you at Khaibar.’ The Prophet said: And I do not think that there is anything wrong with me except that, and now it has cut off my aorta.’” (Sahih)

Once again Muhammad testified that his aorta has been cut off by the poison he ate at Khaibar. Thus, he repeatedly confirmed that he is dying because of the effects of that poison. We will now consider the historical records of Al-Tabari.

Al-Tabari, Volume 8, p. 124:

The Messenger of God said during the illness from which he died —the mother of Bishr b. al-Bara had come in to visit him— “Umm Bishr, at this very moment I feel my aorta being severed because of the food I ate with your son at Khaybar.”

As we can note, various Islamic sources testify repeatedly that Muhammad felt his aorta being severed from the poison he ate at Khaibar. Let us look at another Hadith. As death approached, Muhammad also confided to his favorite wife the cause of his impending death. Notice carefully the words of Muhammad to Aisha.

Sahih Bukhari, Volume 5, Book 59, Hadith 713:

Narrated ‘Aisha: The Prophet in his ailment in which he died, used to say, “O ‘Aisha! I still feel the pain caused by the food I ate at Khaibar, and at this time, I feel as if my aorta is being cut from that poison.”

It is important to note that the words “as if” in the above Hadith is not in the original Arabic text. The original Arabic text reads as follows: “I feel my aorta is being cut from that poison.” Once again Muhammad revealed that he felt his aorta being cut off from the poison he ate.

In all the above Islamic sources, Muhammad repeatedly stated that he felt his aorta being cut off from the poison he ate at Khaibar. Why are all these references about his aorta being cut off vital to our discussion on the subject of Allah’s curse on Muhammad? How are these two events related to one another? In the Qur’an Allah reveals exactly how he will kill Muhammad if he fabricates a false revelation. The startling fact is that Muhammad died exactly the way Allah said he would kill him if he fabricated a lie. Lets read the Qur’anic verses:

Surah 69:44-46: And if Muhammad had made up about Us some false sayings, We would have seized him by the right hand; Then We would have cut from him the aorta. (Sahih International)

And if he had fabricated against Us some of the sayings, We would certainly have seized him by the right hand, Then We would certainly have cut off his aorta. (Shakir)

The above Qur’anic verses need no explanation. Its meaning is crystal clear. Anyone reading these verses can easily understand them. The only ones who will not understand the clear meaning of these Qur’anic verses are the Muslims. From infancy the Muslim mind has been preconditioned not to see any evidences which discriminates their Prophet – not even if these evidences originate from their own sources. They will now assume that these Qur’anic verses mean something other than what it actually means. Therefore, we will let their own Islamic scholar explain the meaning of these Qur’anic verses to them. Al-Jalalayn is one of the preeminent scholars of Islam.

Tafsir Jalalayn on Surah 69:44-46:

And had he, namely, the Prophet, fabricated any lies against Us, by communicating from Us that which We have not said, We would have assuredly seized him, We would have exacted vengeance (against him), as punishment, by the Right Hand, by Our strength and power; then We would have assuredly severed his life-artery, the aorta of the heart, a vein that connects with it, and which if severed results in that person’s death.

What did Allah say he will do to Muhammad if he fabricates a false revelation?

We would cut off his aorta.”

And what did Muhammad say that the poison did to him?

It has cut off my aorta.”

Can anything be more clearer than this? The Qur’an clearly states that Allah will execute Muhammad by cutting off his aorta if he fabricates a false revelation. And as Muhammad was nearing death, he repeatedly admitted:

At this very moment I feel my aorta being severed because of the food I ate at Khaibar.”

He died exactly in the manner prescribed in the Qur’an if he fabricates a false revelation. The only thing that remains now is to prove that Muhammad did indeed fabricate a lie against Allah. If this can be proven, then we can be absolutely certain that he was indeed executed by Allah. Well, did Muhammad fabricate a false revelation? We will let Muhammad answer that.

Al-Tabari (839 C.E–923 C.E) was a well-respected early Islamic scholar who is recognized for his expertise in both the Tafsirs of the Qur’an and the History of Islam. His most influential work is “Tarikh al-Tabari.” The English translation is known as “The History of Al-Tabari.” In this highly valued historical document on the life of Muhammad, Al-Tabari recorded the following confession of Muhammad.

The History of Al-Tabari, Volume VI, p. 111:

That evening Gabriel came to him and reviewed the Surah with him, and when he reached the two phrases which Satan had cast upon his tongue he said, “I did not bring you these two.” Then the Messenger of God said, “I have fabricated things against God and have imputed to him words which He has not spoken.” (The History of al-Tabari –Muhammad at Mecca)

Muhammad clearly confessed: “I have fabricated things against God and have imputed to him words which He has not spoken.” Muhammad fabricated lies against Allah by assigning the verses of Satan to Allah. Muhammad passed on the verses of Satan as revelations of Allah.

The History of Al-Tabari, Volume VI, p. 107:

Satan cast a false Qur’an revelation on the Messenger of Allah’s tongue.”

As a result, Allah executed Muhammad exactly in the manner specified in the Qur’an. It is interesting to note that Islamic sources themselves acknowledge that Muhammad came under the influence of Satan. This episode which is known as the “Satanic Verses” is well documented in many authoritative Islamic sources. It is not an obscure event. (See Footnote Below)

It is important for Muslims to note that Surah 69:44-46 was revealed specifically for Muhammad. These Qur’anic verses were meant only for Muhammad and no one else. The punishment of cutting off the aorta as retribution for fabricating a false revelation was specifically directed to Muhammad. Therefore, to deny the execution of Muhammad at the hands of Allah for fabricating a false revelation is to accuse Allah of failing to carry out the very punishment that he himself specified in the Qur’an. There are a hundred ways a person could die. Yet Muhammad died exactly the way that Allah said he would kill him if he fabricated a false revelation. When we take all these evidences into consideration, it becomes absolutely certain that Muhammad was executed by Allah. He was cursed by Allah to die an agonizing death.

All the above evidences are based on the earliest and most respected Islamic sources. However, Muslim apologists deliberately deny all these evidences even though they are based on their own Islamic sources. In defiance, they tell Muslims that Muhammad could not have died from that poison since he lived on for some three years after that incident. This is a desperate attempt by Muslim apologists to protect the image of Islam at all costs. We will now expose their lies.

For sure, if you eat a sufficient amount of the type of poison that could kill a person, you will die instantly. But, if you eat less than the amount that could kill a person, you will survive. However, the poison will cause internal damages that will kill you slowly over a period of time. And that is exactly what Muhammad said happened to him.

Sunan Abu Dawud, Volume 5, Hadith 4512:

I continued to feel pain because of the morsel that I ate at Khaibar but now it has cut off my aorta.”

Muhammad is clearly saying that the poison hurt him right from the beginning. And for years he continued to feel pain from that poison. But now it is killing him. Reputable scholars of Islam recognized the fact that even though Muhammad lived on for a few years more, it was the poison that eventually killed him. They knew this for a certainty because Muhammad himself acknowledged this fact. Actually there is no need for speculation. As we have noted, Muhammad repeatedly confided to those close to him that the actual cause of the illness leading to his death was the poison he ate at Khaibar. Can anyone be a more reliable witness than Muhammad? Can anyone be a more reliable witness than the victim himself?

It is important to note that all Muslim apologists of today came centuries after the time of Muhammad. These apologists themselves have to rely on the documented evidences written and compiled by the early scholars of Islam. These early scholars of Islam hold the key to the true understanding of the history of Muhammad. These early scholars have dedicated their entire lives to the understanding of Islam. It is the knowledge of these early scholars that we need to seek to know the truth. Though there are numerous documented evidences from early reputable scholars of Islam to utterly destroy the lies of present-day Muslim apologists, we will consider just one to prove our point.

Ibn Sa’d (784 CE-845 CE) was one of the greatest scholars of Islam. In “Kitab al-Tabaqat al-Kabir” (Book of the Major Classes), Ibn Sa’d documented vital details on the circumstances surrounding the death of Muhammad.

Ibn Sa’d, Book of the Major Classes, Volume Two, page 252:

The apostle of Allah lived after these three years till in consequence of his pain he passed awayDuring his illness he used to say, “I did not cease to find the effect of the poisoned morsel, I took at Khaibar and I suffered several times (from its effect) but now I feel the hour has come of the cutting of my jugular vein.”

Dispelling the lies of the Muslim apologists, early Islamic scholars confirm the fact that Muhammad died as a result of the poison he ate at Khaibar. Their documented evidences prove that Muhammad died from the effects of that poison. He died slowly but surely from that poison. How much pain did the Prophet of Islam suffer before he eventually succumbed to that poison? We will let his wife answer that.

Sunan Ibn Majah, Volume 1, Book 6, Hadith 1622:

Aishah said: “I never saw anyone suffer more pain than the Messenger of Allah.”

Muslims must decide who they want to believe. Do they want to believe the testimony of Muhammad or the lies of the Muslim apologists? We would like to ask the Muslims the following questions:

Why do you reject the testimony of Muhammad and believe the lies of the Muslim apologists?

If you really accept Muhammad as a true prophet, should you not believe what he himself testified about the cause of his own death?

It is a lose, lose situation for Muslims. What choice do they really have? Either Muhammad died at the hands of Allah or at the hands of Jewish woman. Either option proves that Muhammad was a false prophet. Our main purpose for writing this article is to educate Muslims to appreciate the divine quality of exercising love and sympathy towards the death of others. However, in retrospect, this article also serves to prove that Muhammad died the death of a false prophet. He was a false prophet both from the perspective of Allah and from the perspective of the Jews.

Sahih Bukhari, Volume 4, Book 53, Number 394:

The Jews were collected and the Prophet said to them, “I am going to ask you a question. Will you tell the truth?” They said, “Yes”… He asked, “Have you poisoned this sheep?” They said, “Yes.” He asked, “What made you do so?” They said, “We wanted to know if you were a liar in which case we would get rid of you, and if you are a prophet then the poison would not harm you.”

According to the Jews, a true prophet would have either refrained from eating the poison or the poison would not have affected him. Thus, according to their test, Muhammad was a false prophet. With the legitimacy of Islam at stake, Muslim apologists choose to conceal the shameful fact that Muhammad died of poisoning. If ever there is someone who is cursed by Allah to die a tragic death, it is Muhammad. Therefore, before celebrating the death of Christians or that of any others, Muslims will do well to contemplate on the death of their Prophet at the hands of Allah. Speaking of death, the Qur’an mentions three momentous days in the life of Jesus Christ:

(1) The day of his birth.

(2) The day of his death.

(3) And the day of his resurrection.

Let us now read the actual Qur’anic verse which mentions the three days in the life of Jesus Christ. Allah recorded the words of Jesus Christ in the following Qur’anic verse:

Surah 19:33: I was born with peace and I shall die and be brought to life again with peace. (Sarwar)

Here is the difference between Jesus and Muhammad. Jesus died and rose again – victorious over death. Muhammad died and remains dead. The Qur’an itself acknowledges that death is a certainty for Muhammad and his followers:

Surah 39:30: You Muhammad are destined to die and so are they. (Al-Muntakhab)

Contrast the above statement with the assurance that Jesus Christ gave his true followers:

John 14:19: “Because I live, you will live also.”

Jesus is alive. Muhammad is dead. While the tomb of Jesus is empty, the tomb of Muhammad is filled with his remains. Muslims may find it shocking to learn that the Qur’an itself teaches that while Jesus Christ ascended to Heaven to be in the presence of God, Muhammad descended into Hell. If you find this unbelievable please click the following link:


We would like to conclude by encouraging Muslims to read the following Qur’anic verse carefully. Two different translations are provided below:

Surah 3:55: When Allah said: O Jesus, I will cause you to die and exalt you in My presence and clear you of those who disbelieve and make those who follow you above those who disbelieve to the day of Resurrection. (Maulana Ali)

Behold! Allah said: “O Jesus! I will take thee and raise thee to Myself and clear thee of the falsehoods of those who blaspheme. I will make those who follow you superior to those who disbelieve until the Day of Resurrection.” (Yusuf Ali)

We will now analyze Surah 3:55 in detail. According to this Qur’anic verse, those who follow Jesus will be made “superior to those who disbelieve until the Day of Resurrection.” The “Day of Resurrection” refers to the time of the end. Allah spoke these words to Jesus while he was still on earth. Those who followed Jesus while he was on earth were known as Christians. In order for these Christian followers of Jesus to be made “superior until the Day of Resurrection,” there has to be a continuation of true Christians from the time these words were spoken to Jesus until the time of the end. In other words, there has to be successive generations of true Christians right from the time of Jesus until the time of the end. It is important to note that the Qur’an does not say that Christians will be made “superior” until the arrival of Muhammad or until the arrival of Islam but until the Day of Resurrection.”

Allah is clearly testifying in Surah 3:55 that the true Christian faith will prevail until the time of the end. In other words, there will always be the presence of true Christians on earth until the time of the end. Of course, this applies to the genuine followers of Jesus Christ. By saying that Christians will be made “superior” over the disbelievers, Allah is making a distinction between the Christians and the disbelievers. This proves that Christians are true believers. Since Allah himself judges Christians as true believers, will Allah then curse the Christians to die a tragic death as Muslims believe? It is time for Muslims to stop deceiving themselves and come to their senses.

We are using the above argument to prove that according to the Qur’an itself, Christians are recognized as true believers. However, this does not mean that we believe that Allah is the true God. Our God is Jehovah – the only true God. True Christians who die faithfully are not forgotten by Jehovah:

Luke 20:37-38: But that the dead are raised up, even Moses made known in the account about the thorn bush, when he calls Jehovah ‘the God of Abraham and the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob.’ He is a God, not of the dead, but of the living, for they are all living to him.

Revelation 21:4: He will wipe out every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore. The former things have passed away.”

The loving God whom true Christians worship will resurrect them back to life. He will reward them with everlasting life for their faithfulness.




Documented evidences on the subject of the Satanic Verses incident can be found in the very early Biographies of Muhammad. Provided below are the references to the documented evidences of the Satanic Verses episode by the most outstanding early scholars of Islam:

(1) Ibn Ishaq (704 C.E. – 767 C.E.) “The Life of Muhammad” is a translation of Ibn Ishaq’s “Sirat Rasul Allah” by Alfred Guillaume. (The Satanic Verses account is specified on pp. 165-167)

(2) Al Waqidi (747 C.E. – 823 C.E.) “The Life of Mahomet,” Volume 2, pages 150-152, by Muir. Quotations from “Kitab al-Wakidi”

(3) Ibn Sa’d (784 C.E. -845 C.E.) Ibn Sa’d’s “Kitab al Tabaqat al Kabir,” Volume 1, parts 1 and 2, pages 236 – 239, translated by S. Moinul Haq. Muhammad’s exultation of the idol goddess is recorded in Volume 1, p. 237.

(4) Al-Tabari (838 C.E. – 923 C.E.) “Tabari’s History,” translated by Watt. The Satanic Verses event is recorded in Volume VI, pages 170-178.

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