Saturday, August 13, 2022




These prophecies prove that Muhammadans are Satan's Antichrist followers in the book of Revelation.

🔴Satan and his army makes war on Israel (Muhammadans make war on Israel) - Rev 12:15

🔴Satan and his army make war on those who follow Jesus (Muhammadans make war on those who follow Jesus) - Rev 12:17

🔴AntiChrist and his followers will revive their dead empire (Mahdi and his Muhammadans will revive their dead Caliphate ) - Rev 13:3

🔴Once the Antichrist empire is revived it fights a war on Christians (Muhammadans say after the Caliphate is revived they will Conquer Rome as they conquered Constantinople) - Rev 13:7

🔴The AntiChrist is assisted by a false prophet that looks like a Lamb Jesus (Muhammadans say their Isa will return and assist the Caliph Mahdi in his war on the world, this is why Muhammadans must believe Jesus is a prophet, because Satan is sending a fake Jesus-the false prophet to preform fake Miracles and Satan wanted Muhammadans to follow this fake Jesus in his war on Christians) - Rev 13:12

🔴AntiChrist followers Mark their forehead and hands with a Mark/ Name/Number (Muhammadans are already wearing headbands with Islamic Symbols/names of Allah and Muhammad and Shia Muslims are tattooing the number of the Mahdi on their hands 313. 

All Muslims hope to take the Mark of the Daabat Al Ard on their heads) - Rev 13:16

🔴 AntiChrist followers behead the Christians because they follow the word of God and testimony of Jesus (Muhammadans are already beheading Christians because we follow the Bible and Gospel) - Rev 20:4

🔴The AntiChrist and his armies gather against Jerusalem to make war on the Word of God, Jesus (Only Muhammadans make war on the Word of God, their attack on the Bible will finally culminate in their attack on the physical Word of God which is Jesus himself. 

Muhammadans say they will gather their armies against Jerusalem to fight the Dajjal, they won't real

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